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How to be a Nine-to-Five Zinester

By Liz Worth So maybe you’ve just recently joined the nine-to-five set on the morning commute and the daily grind of the office job. Or maybe you’ve been slugging away at it for several years. Either way, you might be wondering how this is affecting your true passion–zines. Worried that a 40-hour workweek will drastically […]

Goldstein on Goldstein

Variations on a theme By Heather O’Neill #1 When I was little, I lived in the woods of Virginia. I wore rubber boots, an undershirt with Kermit the Frog on it and the same pair of jeans every day for about a year. Some Saturdays we would drive into Richmond to see my cousin who […]

Zine Philosophy

Microcosm: A backbreaking labour of love By Joe Biel I have a lot of natural luck. As a result, my ventures have often been successful. I think this is important to emphasize that success has little to do with skill or persistence much of the time. I share a name with a mid-level fine artist […]

The Sweet Taste of Slavery

By Christoph Meyer Little Jimmy spent too much time pondering the Human Condition. At the tender age of 10, he arrived at a decisive and final philosophical conclusion: Humans have free will and it is a horrible curse. In that glorious moment of revelation and understanding he threw back his head, clenched his fists and […]


By Dave Smulders His best friends, Batface and The German Issue, told him to go for it. Gangbusters, man, gangbusters. It was like a janitor’s job or something. Not really a janitor, there was some name for it, but it amounted to the same thing. Wandering around at night, cleaning up. They punctuated their advice […]

Giraffes and Everything

The Popular Demographic Groceteria

Attention All Typewriters

Expozine November 2005

Artist HelpLine

Fuck This Job (.com)

Just Give Me Kindie Rock!

Writers: Get it Together

I Don’t Want To Go Back

The Office Hours of the Creative Class

Please Don’t Die

Peripheral Produce

Linda Linda Linda


The Wayward Cloud

The District


White Ninja Comics

Monster Blog

Mega Man Pregnant

The Void

Block Structure Porn

The Urban Beast Project

Young Canadians – No Escape

You Say Party! We Say Die! – Hit the Floor

Wolf Parade – Apologies to the Queen Mary

The Vulcan Dub Squad – Just Watch Us

The Violet Archers – The End of Part One

The Vertical Struts

Vailhalen – Pop Violence

Eric Terdjman – Rebirth

Swank – The Survival Issue

Shuyler Jansen’s Hobotron


Precious Fathers

Pocket Universe – Primal

The Parades of Noises 2004

North Atlantic Explorers – Skylines

The Modernettes – Get It Straight

Miriodor – Parade

Mena – Hand Me Over a Home

Holy Fuck

The High Dials – War of the Wakening Phantoms

The Guest Bedroom – We Like Accidents

Matthew Grimson – A Life Played for Keeps

Good Evening – I saw the sun explode

Funkservice International – A Post Modern Life

Flophouse Jr. – Houseboat

Eden Ants – Hole. Punch. Litter

Steve Dawson – We Belong to the Gold Coast

Crouched Head

Cougar Party – Heartbreakers/Homewreckers

The Constantines – Tournament of Hearts

Chixdiggit! – Pink Razors

Beats for Beginners – Don’t Fly into the Sun

The Banditas

Aidan Baker – Songs of Flowers and Skin

Ass Machine – We Are Changing Our Name

Mary Ancheta – Live Life

Air Traffic Control

AA Soundsystem – Lily Plain…You’re Hardly Poor

Complete Control Anthology

The City Man

Pilot Pocket Book Number One

American Tatts

Access All Areas

The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism

The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege

Michael Moore

Portable Altamont

Unfamiliar Weather

The Jill Kelly Poems

Report of the 2nd Half of the Twentieth Century, Books 16-22

Theatre of War

Glass Psalms

Anything but the Moon

I Should Never Have Fired the Sentinel


North Country




Loose End

The Sundog Season


To Be Continued…

Ever Your Servant or How Retail Really Sucks

I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes


We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Used to It