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Things Don’t Break

Category: Fiction, Issue 29, Richard Rosenbaum

People always ask me about Vincent Van Gogh. Everything I know about that man I learned from random people on the street coming up to me and asking. Nineteenth Century expressionist painter. Epileptic. One time during a seizure he went nuts and cut his ear off and mailed it to some prostitute or something. Is […]


This is one punk little music zine. Its pages are punctuated with stories about various bands and their photos. I found many of the pages too busy, making them a challenge to read. When forced to try to make out black marker on a dark background, I lose interest in the whole, because I know […]

The Infinity Project Catalogue

This art zine is a little memento of an art show that took place-for a brief six-day period in February 2005-at Vancouver’s Helen Pitt Gallery. The Infinity Project Catalogue acts as just that: a chronicle of the event, and a record of the artwork produced by a hundred people working in a variety of media, […]


I have all three issues of Spunk here. In my head they all kind of roll into one big spunky mass, which is either a good or a bad thing. See, I’m really undecided about Spunk. It is a very well-crafted, well-written, well-illustrated magazine (in zine format) that really should catch my interest, but somehow […]

Saint Elsewise

I’m reminded of a self-published highschool yearbook, but with photocopies instead of pretty paper. There’s everything in here: quotes from Dante’s “Inferno” (teenage favourite for reasons various), and a poem that rips off both Billy Corgan and Aretha Franklin lyrics. Eek. And the spelling… The only thing I really applaud are the drawings: I think […]

S/He’s Got Labe

Producers and contributors to She’s Got Labe #9 share the dirty jokes and fantasies that they can’t bear to keep secret. The light-hearted issue of this established zine is about sex of all descriptions. It’s is a cut-and-paste extravaganza of playful black and white photos, drawings, true stories and silly games riddled with cliché euphemisms. […]

Murder Can Be Fun

Media Whore

Legal Underage Pornography

Journal Song

Infiltration: Military Leftovers

Elephant Mess

Dragon Mythologist

Breaking the Underground

aroupa Fish Blues


yclone #11

Leper Dance

Charged Hair, Distorted Riffs, Bullet Belts, & Circle Pits


Isadora Blue

Hammered Out

Contemporary Ghazals

All the More Born

Artella: The Waltz of Words and Art

Bread and Salt

Not My Small Diary


Squa Tront

Shuck: The Sulfurstar

Scream of the Love Police

Magic Teeth Dailies

Love and Rockets



Debris: A Comic Book Collection By Various Artists

Assassin and the Whiner

Angry Youth Comic

How to Push Your Political Agenda Using Your Bod

The Jesus

One Month Ago

What Globalization Can’t Touch

Burlesque Not Dead

Reluctant provocateurs

Issue 29