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Bust: The Voice of the New Girl Order

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Bust: The Voice of the New Girl Order It’s the 110-page fat issue of Bust, stomping all over body-image and stereotypes. Cute grrrl Janeane Garofalo’s smilin’ on the cover, and Bust just keeps getting impossibly juicier. There’s voluptuous body talk including “Hostile Makeover” by Kiley, “Take This Bra and Stuff It” by Nicki Miller, and […]

Cad’s Jizz Magazine

Cad’s Jizz Magazine Egads. Our man Cad is a hipster beatnik gangsta misogynist, and a self-hating Jew to boot. All of which would be fine, if he could write like Norman Mailer or Allen Ginsberg, two others who can be described as such. Unfortunately, he cannot. An example: “I was still in the phonebooth gettin […]

The Assassin & the Whiner

The Assassin & the Whiner In a lot of ways this comic reminds me (no offence to Carrie) of those Cathy cartoons, but it’s a whole lot edgier. It revolves around a young gay woman and her adventures (or lack of) in Maryland. With such stories as “When Did My Boobs Get Bigger?” and “Porn” […]

Chainsaw Teddybear

Chainsaw Teddybear In this small book of excellent poetry, one extraordinary work jumps out. “Elegy for TS”: “TS knew we behave like all fluids / Rain to the gutter / Like the air, moving toward areas / of lower pressure / He knew to respect the perfect fool / Articulated many an unspoken rule / […]


Cakewalk A fine-art and pop-culture magazine started by the disgruntled former employees of such publications as New Art Examiner and the Chicago Reader. This is an excellent examination of contemporary artists and the modern art scene, attempting to explain the work in an intelligent way without over-conceptualizing. Issue #3 includes such interesting tidbits as a […]

The East Village Inky

The East Village Inky Ms. Halliday and her three-thumbed two-year old live in my old neighborhood, and everything she says about it is absolutely true. Her teenytiny apartment (where Stiv Bators used to live, apparently) is suddenly on the boutiquiest block in the area, and if anyone would know about neighborhood re-gentrification, it would be […]

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