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Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story

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Sea Change: A Choose-Your-Own-Way Story Comic, Caitlin Skaalrud,,$10 Remember those book club circulars from primary school? [To say “yes” continue reading. To say “no,” skip to next review.] Whenever one of them came home I begged my mom to order as many of Troll or Bantam Book’s Choose-Your-Own Adventure books as her purse could […]

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: xrisville 5

Xrisville Zine, Xris, issue 5, ABM Publishing,, Free This printed humour zine is very silly, bursting with content like fake advice, phony ads, goofy letters, and an interview with Toronto-based international touring noise artist, Roman Pilates. It also contains a tribute to a place dear to my heart: Toronto’s Geary Street Rehearsal Factory! I […]

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Wholly Shit

Wholly Shit Review Zine, Stéphane,‎, $3.00  Rough looking zines usually signal one of two things: that the contents were just as rushed as the outside appearance, or the author simply doesn’t give a shit because it was a damn fun zine to make. The latter is definitely the case for the volume 1 of […]

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Quickening

Quickening Perzine, Heidi Burrowes, issue #1, 719 John St. W, Ustowel, Ont. N4W IB6,, $3 Heidi Burrowes, is a mother of three. This zine tells the tale of her path to shamanism, a story which starts with employment in restaurants and going back to school to become a massage therapist. After a skin affliction […]

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Le fond de l’air est rouge

  Le fond de l’air est rouge Zine, Stefan Christoff, Howl Arts Collective, Montreal, Quebec, The other day I was sewing a patch onto my black hoodie. As I opened up my sewing box looking for a needle and thread I discovered a small, red, felt square. Immediately I was reminded of the student […]

Zine Month Zine-a-Day: Community Ritual and Transformative Change

Community Ritual And Transformative Change: A Primer For Activists DIY Zine, Sabrina Scott,, $7.97      Ever find yourself feeling stale, out of control or negative towards your community or household? Sabrina Scott addresses this issue from a fresh, educated perspective with options to help you break free of your personal negaverse. Community Ritual […]

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