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Power Up! Personal Politics in Indie Gaming: The Zine Fair Lady

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  Zine Fair Lady By Al Donato This issue, we’re introducing a new column by the Hand Eye Society’s Al Donato about indie games and the ways they can teach and enlighten. This issue we’re turning the virtual pages of “Zine Fair Lady,” a Choose-Your-Own-Microaggression by Morgan Sea.   Zine fairs are generally havens for […]

Editor’s Pick: The Weird World of Interactive Cinema

Everyone knows that moment: you’re sitting on your couch, watching a movie, and you find yourself marveling at the poor decisions made by the characters. Who hasn’t desperately wished they could control the outcome of a film? There was a time when movie fans could do just that — by engaging in the now mostly-forgotten phenomenon […]

WordPlay 2015 This Saturday!

Are you a gamer who values episodic stories and play-throughs over random violence and explosions? Are you interested in games that explore issues like gentrification and growing up through woodland animals? Are you tickled by the idea of a Choose Your Own Adventure-styled series featuring….cats? Are you a writer curious about the world of indie interactive […]

Broken Pencil at Fan Expo 2015!

For the last few years, Broken Pencil has been bringing you live coverage, mainly via our Twitter, of Fan Expo Toronto – the third-largest comic book, science fiction, gaming, horror, and anime convention in the world. In addition to all the big deal mainstream creators and projects, Fan Expo is also a venue for independent […]

Vector Game + Art Convergence 2014 Coverage – Part Two

As the Vector Game + Art Convergence 2014 festival comes to a close, I’m left with a sense of curiosity mostly piqued by the events of its final day. Throughout the weekend’s events, a number of games have been on display in several Vector-hosted exhibits.  Sunday’s events included a panel discussion among curators, game developers […]

Vector Game + Art Convergence 2014 Coverage – Part One

Our intern Paul Rocca is covering the 2014 Vector Game + Art Convergence – a yearly festival of workshops, exhibitions and panels all related to independent gaming, game-related art and all the intersections in between. The fest runs until this Sunday, Feb 23. Keep an eye on this space for more info and recaps, and […]