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Flamingo Rampant’s Diverse Queer Kids Books Centre Joy, Not Injury

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S. Bear Bergman (left) and j wallace skelton with their children, Stanley Bergman (front) and Solomon Bergman (on shoulders). (Photo by Sara Elisabeth)   by Anisa Rawhani One evening, while reading a bedtime story to his three-year-old son, S. Bear Bergman noticed an alarming pattern. It seemed like every LGBTQ-themed picture book he read was riddled with […]

The Deathmatch Hall of Fame

Not everyone has the stomach for it, but these indie writers reigned victorious in their years in the Deathmatch pit. With Deathmatch 2018 now open for submissions until December 31, 2017, we’re taking a look back at the past winners of the ruthless short story contest. Click here to submit your story.

Round-up of Zines and Comics About Women’s Mental Health Issues

Words by Lauren Kirshner Illustrations by Jenn Liv This round-up offers a very brief glimpse into the rich world of comics and zines about mental health issues. If you read just one, you will be led to many others. By writing and drawing out (literally and figuratively) difficult stories, these creators offer sincere and courageous […]

Print Heals: Women and Trans Zinesters Challenge the Mental Health Status Quo

Words by Lauren Kirshner Illustrations by Jenn Liv In 2009, Dani Abram, an animator and comics creator from the UK, began getting stomach pains. She changed her diet, but the pain got worse and so did the feeling that something was very wrong. At work, she became a perfectionist and in the bath she scratched […]

And the Zine Awards winners are…

  Congratulations to the winners of the first-ever Broken Pencil Zine Awards, and a special thanks to all the amazing zinesters who submitted this year! For those who missed it, here’s the livestream of the Zine Awards! Here’s a list of the winners in each category!

Read and Distribute: Chapter 2

Read and Distribute is back with an all-new episode! This week, Read and Distribute is sharing an interview from Colombian artist Marco Noreña, podcasting tips from Katie Jensen, and monsters!

Podcast: Read and Distribute

Black and QTPOC Artists (Re)Claim Space

Everyday Superheroes: Anti-Corporate Cosplay & the DIY Multiverse

Staff Pick: Protest 101

Staff Pick: Xinona

Protect Your Neck:
 Think your art has been stolen? Here’s what to do next (and how to keep it yours in the first place)

The Sad Ballad of Pepe the Frog: When Great Indie Art Gets Ripped Off

The Future in Colour: POC Sci-fi Blasts Off into the Multiracial Multiverse