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Catching Up with Deathmatch 2016 Winner Madeeha Hashmi

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While the dust has settled on the Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2016 battlefield, things are just kicking up for winner Madeeha Hashmi. Recently, we caught up with Madeeha to see what life’s been like since she entered the winner’s circle. If you haven’t yet, check out her winning story, Moulting, in issue 71 Broken Pencil Magazine. […]

Interview with Deathmatch 2016 Champ Madeeha Hashmi

A WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN! Madeeha Hashmi has emerged victorious, becoming The Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2016 grand champ! She recently stopped by the Broken Pencil office and took the time to answer a few questions. You can check out Madeeha’s winning story, Moulting, in Broken Pencil Magazine Issue 71. Read more of Madeeha’s work on […]

The Deathmatch is Over!

Deathmatch 2016 has crowned its winner! Congratulations to Madeeha Hashmi for emerging from the rubble with Moulting – a story about shedding a lover like dead skin. And Hashmi shed her competitors like dead skin. After leading the qualifier, and towering in the finalist rounds, no one could match her fan base. She was nicknamed vote-dragon. […]

Deathmatch 2016: THE FINALS

Go To DEATHMATCH.CA ! WATCH THE FINAL TWO STORIES DUKE IT OUT IN OUR ONLINE ARENA! Deathmatch 2016 is nearly at an end. Vote for our final two contestants – “Moulting” by Madeeha Hashmi and “Jean Claude Van Damsel in Distress” by Ryan Power – HERE. There can only be one winner!!! YOU DECIDE. Miss previous rounds? You […]

Deathmatch 2016 starts SATURDAY!

VISIT DEATHMATCH.CA STARTING SAT FEB 6 AT 12:01 AM! WATCH 16 SHORT STORIES DUKE IT OUT IN OUR DEADLY ONLINE ARENA! Get ready….‪#‎bpdeathmatch‬ starts this Saturday at 12:01am! For two days, all 16 stories are put through the wringer of a fast-paced lightning round — when the voting closes at 11:59pm on Sunday night, only 8 […]


By Andi Schwartz On a lazy Tuesday afternoon, I’m sprawled on my couch as my cat rubs his fuzzy grey cheeks against my ankles. Scrolling through images posted by friends, people I know, people I wish I knew, I pause on an image. God, why does she always wear a side pony? That’s so 80s, […]

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