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Signs You Were Born to Enter The Indie Writer’s Deathmatch

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The Deathmatch deadline is coming up on December 31, 2017, and even though the prize this year is bonkers some people might still be on the fence about entering. So Broken Pencil has broken down a life history of probably all Deathmatch competitors to help anyone with their hemming and hawing. 1. As an infant, you were a […]

Deathmatch Poster Post-Mortem

Deathmatch contestants have come and gone, some clawing their way to glory, while others tumble in the pits of the comment section. Here’s a look at some of the posters that inspired writers to submit since the short story contest started back in 2008.

Enter the Indie Writers Deathmatch Short Story Contest and Win!

Stories from the Deathmatch that Will Mess Up Your Head

Over the past decade, Deathmatch writers have brought a new level of weird to the world of writing! Unicorns, PBS documentarians, rogue human organs, fur coats, Instagram stalkers, space traveling kittens, cockroach weddings and so much more! Here are some stories that have messed with our heads! SUBMIT YOUR STORY TO THE DEATHMATCH! Tiny Girls by Sofi […]

This Year’s Deathmatch Prize: $$$ and the Ultimate Literary Makeover

Broken Pencil‘s annual Deathmatch is back and open for short story submissions. This year, the winner gets: Their story published in Broken Pencil: the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts. $400 cash The Ultimate Literary Makeover: in-depth consultations with an independent press editor, literary agent and an acclaimed fiction editor. They will give you feedback […]

The Deathmatch Hall of Fame

Not everyone has the stomach for it, but these indie writers reigned victorious in their years in the Deathmatch pit. With Deathmatch 2018 now open for submissions until December 31, 2017, we’re taking a look back at the past winners of the ruthless short story contest. Click here to submit your story.

Deathmatch 2018 is now open!