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Fun with Crowdfunding: Emerging Indigenous Voices

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[image via the indiegogo page] In the wake of the #appropriationprize controversy, it’s more important than ever that we find ways to support Indigenous creators and people of clour in telling their own stories. While white media power elites were able to toss around large quantities of money to found a prize that is an […]

Jonathan’s Pick: Maximum Rocknroll Archive Project

Maximum Rocknroll is one of the most important and most popular zines of all time. Most North American punks or zinesters have encountered it at some point, whether your suburban grindcore band got a mention or you actually submitted an interview with a zinester for a recent issue. That’s why I was so super stoked […]

Fun with Crowdfunding: Black Leather Times 25th Anniversary

We’re not the only ones celebrating an anniversary! The infamous punk humour zine Black Leather Times is turning 25, and it’s time to put together a compilation of, well, the whole damn catalog! That’s 400 pages of wackiness, music reviews, opinion pieces, and of course silly and generally offensive magazine quizzes. Here’s a bit of […]

Fun With Crowdfunding: AK Press Still Needs Help!

It’s hard to overstate the importance of AK Press in the radical and anarchist publishing communities. Be they zinesters, community organizers, squatters, socialists, Occupiers, or any other flavor of leftist, people have been counting on AK Press for almost 30 years to print and distribute the best and most recent in radical thought. In March […]

Fun with Crowdfunding: Artificial Womb Zine

  [] Artificial Womb is a Scottish feminist arts zine created by Ana Hine and Alfie Pound. It takes up issues of sex, gender, and sexuality through writing and art. One of the things that makes AW so awesome is that they were founded not just as a platform for intersectional feminist discourse, but also […]

Fun with Crowdfunding: QueerofGender

[image via] QueerofGender (QofG) is an emerging grassroots organization and online transnational visibility project, for racialized folks, by racialized folks, dedicated to affirming, acknowledging and celebrating the genders of LGBTTQQ2SIAP+ Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. QofG has grown immensely over the last year and has become a powerful online resource and archive. In […]

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