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Zine Review: Sober Queers Do Exist

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  Sober Queers Do Exist Zine, Clementine Morrigan and geoff (eds.), out of print Note: This zine is from 2016 and the project is no longer underway. “It’s kind of like playing Minesweeper with my life.” That’s how one contributor describes sober dating in the queer scene, where it can seem like everyone, at the […]

Zine Review: WoRMHoLE

WoRMHoLE Zine, worm, Issue 46, 2601 Old Rt 14a, Penn Yan, NY 14527, USA,, free “Best local zine!!!!!” “totally rules!!!” “Love it + support the Print (sic)!!” These are excerpts from the zine reviews in the 46th issue of WoRLMHoLE, a fanzine about fanzines that might be the most enthusiastic thing I’ve ever read. […]

Zine Review: Static Zine #14 The Sex Issue

Static Zine: Sex Compilation zine, Jessica Lewis, Aviva Cohen, Melody Lamb (ed.), Issue 14, Picking up where Salt-N-Pepa left off, the latest issue of this popular D-I-Y magazine says, “Let’s talk about sex, baby!” As a hopeless prude, I braced myself and kept some Pepto on hand in case this mag was about to […]

Radical Montreal: A City Guide

Zine, Thank goodness for the Sheenas of the world who do all the cultural legwork so that we don’t have to. Originally conceived as a gift for friends, now a full-blown resource and blog, Radical Montreal’s City Guide is a collection of alternative, sustainable and activist resources, all in one place for our convenience. […]

Vanilla White and Friends of Friends

I’m dating myself here, but growing up in the ’80s I used to read my friend Daniel’s Mad magazines. We both agreed that apart from the fold-in, our favourite feature was Spy vs. Spy, the comic about the two pointy-headed men that blow each other up. Vanilla White and Friends of Friends reminds me of […]

Yard Sale!

This quarter-sized perzine reads like sketches of journal entries complete with dates. Author Harley R. Pageot describes a job coordinating Oshawa buskers, arts festivals, crushes, fundraisers, hopes and doubts. Most passionately, perhaps, are his description of the work and complications that go into organizing the Broken Arts Fest. It resonated with me because putting on […]

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