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Canzine Calgary: Free Chapbook Creation & Binding Workshop

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Derek Beaulieu, an award-winning teacher and 2014-16 Poet Laureate of Calgary, is leading a free workshop at Canzine Calgary this Saturday! The hour-long, free workshop will focus on do-it-yourself chapbook creation and binding, and all materials will be provided by Canzine Calgary. The workshop will be at the Memorial Park Library and Arts Space (1221 2 St. […]

For the first time ever, Canzine is coming to Calgary!

Canada’s largest festival of zines and underground culture is coming to Calgary this Saturday! With hundreds of zines, comics and art to peruse, be sure to stop by to enjoy browsing, trading, buying and chilling.

Guide to Canzine

What is Canzine? Canzine is a festival of zines and underground culture. This year, Broken Pencil Magazine is hosting the festival in four different cities: Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Is there an entry fee? No! Admission to all Canzines is free! You’ll also get a free copy of Broken Pencil‘s upcoming fall issue.

Canzine Vancouver: Pizza Punks Party with Zine Awards Winner Cole Pauls

                Zine Awards winner and general cool guy Cole Pauls is throwing a killer Pizza Punks Zine Party at Canzine Vancouver this Sunday at 5 pm! Pauls is the creator of the legendary Pizza Punks strip as well as the incredible Dakwäkãda Warriors, which won Best Comic/Art Zine and Best Overall Zine […]

Canzine & The Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair 2017: Vendors List

Who’s going to be tabling at Canzine and the Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair 2017? Check out our vendors list! There’s still time to register here!

Canzine Calgary Vendors List

Who’s going to be tabling at the first ever Canzine Calgary? Check out our vendors list! There’s still time to register here!

Canzine Vancouver Vendors

And the Zine Awards winners are…

Guide to Canzine TO and the Zine Awards

Gorgeous tweets by Canzine Toronto vendors

Who’s coming to the Zine Awards?

Canzine Toronto Vendors

Announcing Canzine 2017, including our new zine fair in Calgary, AB!

Canzine West Portraits: Vancouver Public Library Zine Collection!

Canzine Portraits: Dakwakada Warriors

Canzine West Portraits: Statements of Incredulity

Canzine West Portraits: The Decadent James Brandi

Canzine West Portraits: Anna Bron

Canzine West Vendors List

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Canzine Portraits: Jessica Bromley Bartram & Otter Days

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Canzine 2016 Vendor Information

Canzine Portraits: e. war

Canzine Events: BIPOC Genre Writing Panel in Jackman Hall!

Canzine Kid Collective: Make Yarn Meatballs with Elly!

Canzine Portrait: Chelsea Belrose

Seneca College’s Comics Jamathon at Canzine Toronto!

Canzine Portrait: Sabrina Scott

Canzine Portraits: Stolen Ground

Canzine Portrait: Sad Haus Press

Canzine Portraits: Cockroach Zine

Canzine Portraits: Learn how to draw cute things with Sid!

Volunteer for Canzine!

Broken Pencil LIVE! At Canzine Toronto

Canzine 2016: Enter the 1-2 Punch Live Book Pitch and Win!

Canzine West and Canzine Central Happening Now!!

Canzine Central Vendor Profile: Robert Pasternak

Canzine West: Vendors to Look For

Canzine Central Vendor Spotlight: Of Course You Can! Distro

Canzine Central Vendor Spotlight: Cockroach Zine

Canzine West and Canzine Central this Saturday!

Canzine Toronto 2015: Broken Pencil Thanks You!

Canzine is Today at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Ted Rall: Keynote Speaker at Canzine Toronto’s Radical Reading Series

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Tin Can Forest

Canzine Winnipeg Vendors

Canzine Vancouver Vendors

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Harley R. Pageot

Canzine Toronto Vendors

Canzine Toronto Vendors: DAYTRIP

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Ad Astra Comix

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Lido Pimienta

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Canzine 2015: Enter The 1-2 Punch Live Book Pitch and WIN!

Help Promote Canzine!

Canzine Toronto & Toronto Queer Zine Fair

Presenting the Winner and Finalists of the Canzine 2014 Diorama Contest

Canzine West Radical Readers: Leanne Prain

Canzine West Vendor Profile: Homeless Quatchi & Friends

Canzine West Vendor Info!

Canzine West Vendors: Emily McGratten

Canzine West: Ho Tam

Indie Events Nov 3-9

Canzine Vendors: Vancouver

Canzine West Vendors: Colin Upton

Canzine West: fiona fruitfly/Spartacus Books

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Pei Wei Li

Canzine Toronto Vendors: From The Root Zine

Nina Bunjevac and Andrew Hunter at Canzine Toronto!

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Musterni

Canzine Vendors: Toronto

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Jenn Woodall

Canzine Toronto Vendors: Super Baby Jesus

Creative Politics: Creating a DIY Newsletter for Rural Punks

Canzine Winnipeg Vendors!

Canzine Central (Winnipeg) Location Info

Canzine Central (Winnipeg): Junto Library

Canzine Central: 3 Questions for Tim Runtz

Canzine Toronto: Art Rooms!

Canzine Toronto: Jess Taylor

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Canzine and Canzine West: Melissa Fong and Kim Katrin Milan

Canzine Toronto: Ian Rogers

Canzine (Toronto) : sem-o distro

Canzine 2014: Submit to the 1-2 Punch Book Pitch!

Canzine (Toronto): Elija Montgomery

Canzine Central (Winnipeg): Roewan Crowe

Canzine Central (Winnipeg): Wholly Shit!

Promote Canzine!

Presenting: Mimi Pond at Canzine West!

Call for Art Rooms: Canzine Toronto

Canzine West Portraits: Sarah Leavitt

Canzine West Vendors: Sarah Davidson

1-2 Punch at Canzine West

Canzine West Vendors: Kimiwan Zine