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Announcing Canzine 2017, including our new zine fair in Calgary, AB!

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Hey, zinesters! Comic artists! Writers and creators! Canada’s largest festival of zines and underground culture returns this Fall to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg! Mark your calendars! Registration opens August 15, 2017 over at the BP online store!  Canzine Toronto will be taking place on Saturday October 21, 2017, 1pm-7pm, Art Gallery of Ontario (317 Dundas St. […]

Canzine West Portraits: Vancouver Public Library Zine Collection!

We are really excited to welcome the Vancouver Public Library as a vendor this year at Canzine West. They will be bringing selections from their zine library to borrow as well as library info and giveaways! Don’t have a library card? No problem – they can issue you one on site. Librarian Dana Putnam will […]

Canzine Portraits: Dakwakada Warriors

Dakwakada Warriors is a Southern Tutchone sci fi comic about the two protectors of earth, Wolf and Raven, flying through space and defending earth from Cyber Sasquatch and the Space Pioneer or whatever else comes their way. Two colour risograph, 20 pages with 25 Southern Tutchone words. Created by Tahltan First Nation artist Cole Pauls. […]

Canzine West Portraits: Statements of Incredulity

Pick up the latest zine by Joni Taylor at Canzine West! Statements of Incredulity is a necessary, yet simple, read. Some things are just head scratching in their stupidity and this little zine gives the reader some suggestions on how to express their Statements of Incredulity. 

Canzine West Portraits: The Decadent James Brandi

It’s hard work being a glamorous, extravagant individual, and literally no-one HAS to do it, but James Brandi does anyways. The Decadent James Brandi is a character exploring comic experience like none other, and it also has a tiger named Garfield. Find out more about this charming strange comic by Jasmine Schuett by visiting them […]

Canzine West Portraits: Anna Bron

  The Gilded Idol is about a wealthy and distinguished man who finally meets an unrivalled equal in the form of a fantastical creature. Inspired by Persian miniature painting and tessellations, this 48-page story is set against rich ornamental backgrounds and borders. Anna Bron is an illustrator, designer, and animator who also came up with […]

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