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Berlin Chronicles: Teller and Fire & Knives

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To round up my chronicles of cool places  in Berlin, I give you  two very cool publications picked up at the city’s English-language bookstore Dialogue Books. Both pubs are originally produced in the U.K., although the Dialogue bookseller told me that Teller was brought in by one of the mag’s staff who lived in the […]

Berlin Chronicles: Open Design City

Just off Moritzplatz, a distinctive roundabout in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, there’s something to fit every niche creative interest. To your right is Prinzessinnengarten, a downtown farming project, complete with trailer restaurant, where diners munch on ethical salad amidst a grove of sprouting saplings. To your left and round a corner is the newly established Etsy […]

Berlin Chronicles: Renate Comics Collective & Library

Germany’s only comic library is, unsurprisingly, awesome. Starting, as all awesome things do, as a zine, Berlin artists Atak, CX Huth, Peter A. Bauer and H. Lau first banded together in 1989 to produce Fanzine Renate #1, a discussion and showcase of cutting-edge comics. Over the years, the zine collected other artist members and contributors […]

Berlin Chronicles: Papiertiger Archiv & Bibliothek

Walking along Curvystrasse, a side street in the fast gentrifying district of Kreuzberg, you could easily miss Papiertiger. Thick vines almost completely cover the archive’s front  and there’s little signage, save for a painted yellow 2-by-4 sign hidden in the brush.  A passerby might feel intimated by the mysterious and somewhat distinguished facade, with its […]