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A Month of Zinesters: Nicki Sabalu

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Back down in the States we visit with zinester mastermind Nicki Sabalu of DIY or Don’t We. Based in: Washington State, USA Bio: Sabalu is a hands-on zinester with a heavy focus on the influence of community: she created one of her first major zine projects, Crescent City Stories, after two months of volunteer work […]

A Month of Zinesters: Andrea Manica

Next up, we ask Kitchener’s own Andrea Manica about the inspiration behind her prolific and award-winning zine-making. Based in: Toronto, ON Bio: Andrea Manica currently lives in Toronto, where she bakes vegan treats and creates wise-and-whimsical zines and illustrations. Andrea teams up with zinester/Broken Pencil contributor Harley R. Pageot to create Summer Tears, an award- […]

A Month of Zinesters: Aaron Moran

Next, we shift our focus to the West Coast, and ask Aaron Moran of Smoke Signals Press why he makes his breathtaking art zines. Based in: Vancouver, BC Bio: Aaron Moran, the man behind self-publishing collective Smoke Signals Press, creates heartstoppingly beautiful art zines. An accomplished visual artist who has conducted shows in Vancouver, Moran’s […]

The Necrophiliac

Gabrielle Wittkop’s The Necrophiliac was first published in France in 1972. Now, thanks to author and filmmaker Don Bapst’s deft translation, Anglophones can explore this world of blossoming bruises and unrequited love. The diary of Lucien, our titular necrophiliac, is filled with restrained prose that often bursts into beautiful poetry. Fitting for the poncy Parisian […]

Horizontal Surfaces

Horizontal Surfaces, the latest from the wildly prolific Canadian poet George Bowering (look him up – you’ll stay off Facebook for a week) offers 48 prose pieces that defy easy classification. Strung together in alphabetical order, the poems shift from musing memoir-style reflections to mini-essays. Topics range from witnessing the passage of time through photographs […]

Lady Lazarus, Mantic

Lady Lazarus knows the power of minimalist beauty.  The one-woman band consists of nothing more than Savannah, Georgia musician Melissa Ann Sweat at a stand-up piano, teasing out her thoughts. Her debut album, Mantic, produced in true DIY spirit through her label Apartment Life Records, layers her distant, smoky voice over simple piano chords and […]

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