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Book Review: As If

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As If Alban Goulden, 140 pgs, Anvil Press,, 18.00$ Alban Goulden provides a series of short stories set in Vancouver and the prairies. The stories centre on the subtle, crucial ways that these settings interact with the people who populate them. There’s a strong focus on technology and how it affects users that Goulden […]

Book Review: Rockets Versus Gravity

Rockets Versus Gravity Richard Scarsbrook, 200 pgs, Dundurn Press,, $19.99 Richard Scarsbrook’s novel starts with a lumberjack named Stan. I very quickly grew fond of Stan, only for him to die right off the bat. (It’s in the first ten pages, so I don’t think this is a spoiler.) Anyway, said lumberjack is very […]

Up the Disabled Punx

The internet’s newest wave of stylish shit-disturbers — the Cripple Punks — are making noise about equality and accessibility in the scene by Sidney Drmay What is Cripple Punk? Plug the term into Google and you’ll see an explosion of hits: people taking Instagram-style selfies with their walkers and canes in full view, confessional text […]