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Music Review: River God by Century Egg

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Century Egg River God, Independent, There’s something familiar about Century Egg, but it’s difficult to pinpoint. They manage to sound like several bands at once, and identifying a single stylistic cousin is a maddening exercise (perhaps Cub comes closest). That vague familiarity does tend to enhance enjoyment of their sophomore EP, a set of […]

Music Review: Good Night, Tomorrow by Needles//Pins

Needles//Pins Good Night, Tomorrow, Mint Records/Dirt Cult Records, A few years’ experience and a good amount of studio polish has dulled the punk edges of Needles//Pins, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Good Night, Tomorrow’s pop-leaning “Violet” is their most beguiling tune yet. Three albums in, the Vancouver trio is less scrappy and […]

Music Review: Family Hangover by Walrus

Walrus Family Hangover, Madic Records, There’s a distinct British flavour radiating from these songs. Maybe it’s the reverb. Maybe it’s the way Justin Murphy’s singing summons memories of Suede and The Byrds. Walrus’ affinity for 1960s rock is well documented, but their approach is more modern than that foundation might suggest. This is woozy […]

Zine Review — Quitter: Good Lucky Not Dying

Quitter: Good Luck Not Dying Zine, Trace Ramsey, 64 pgs, Pioneers Press,, $6 Trace Ramsey’s Quitter zine is still being produced — in defiance of its name — 12 years after it started. Good Luck Not Dying collects the first six editions in a quarter-size paperback. With several issues side by side, it’s easy […]

Music Review: Noli Timere by Construction & Destruction

Construction & Destruction Noli Timere, Independent, Who are they trying to fool, with that title? Noli Timere — Latin for “Don’t be afraid” — opens with what can only be described as horror movie chase music that’s repeatedly interrupted by Colleen Collins screeching “Peace! Agency!” You could call Construction & Destruction’s 2013 album, Dark […]

Chapbook Review: Astral Projection

Astral Projection Chapbook, Kyle Flemmer, 22 pgs, above/ground press,, $4 Reading this collection tends to produce the sensation that you’re in the thick of that old Atari game, Asteroids. Stanzas — fragments, really — are spread around the page like tumbling space rocks.

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