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Music Review: Noli Timere by Construction & Destruction

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Construction & Destruction Noli Timere, Independent, Who are they trying to fool, with that title? Noli Timere — Latin for “Don’t be afraid” — opens with what can only be described as horror movie chase music that’s repeatedly interrupted by Colleen Collins screeching “Peace! Agency!” You could call Construction & Destruction’s 2013 album, Dark […]

Chapbook Review: Astral Projection

Astral Projection Chapbook, Kyle Flemmer, 22 pgs, above/ground press,, $4 Reading this collection tends to produce the sensation that you’re in the thick of that old Atari game, Asteroids. Stanzas — fragments, really — are spread around the page like tumbling space rocks.

Chapbook Review: Pioneer 10, I Hear You

Pioneer 10, I Hear You Chapbook, Donna Kane, 18 pgs, Jack Pine Press,, $30 Jack Pine typically produces uniquely-covered chapbooks, and they, Donna Kane, and designers kit fast and mary mottishaw have raised the bar with this one. Pioneer 10, I Hear You is coated in the gold foil of a Space brand emergency […]

Chapbook Review: Born to Rant, Coerced to Smile

Born to Rant, Coerced to Smile Chapbook, Philip Kienholz, 32 pgs, New Roots Press,, $10 That title sounds like it should be on a Jewel album, but it’s apt; Philip Kienholz’s ranting days are clearly behind him: “I loaf at my ease,” he announces. “I could rise / and go now, but / there […]

Music Review: Memorial Ten Count by Jon McKiel

Jon McKiel Memorial Ten Count, You’ve Changed, Jon McKiel is a divided man. He has mellowed considerably over the course of three full-lengths, and often approaches the contemplative territory of the Two Minute Miracles, but he still lingers on the verge of launching into Constantines-like outbursts. On Memorial Ten Count, songs waver between resignation […]

Chapbook Review: Anno Zombie Dance

  Anno Zombie Dance Chapbook, Spencer Gordon, 24 pgs, The Emergency Response Unit,, $10 Spencer Gordon is clearly not concerned that he may be dating his work. He uses the current vernacular with relish: “Baby Huey shows more natural dexterity than a bored Gen-Z tween / illuminating a Snapchat face-swap.”

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