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What strikes me about Loserdom, off the bat, is how jam packed it is. Issue 20 opens with a scene-report listing radical things going on in Ireland. This issue included a write up about a recently disbanded Kidd Blunt (though I would have appreciated more info about the band’s sound/influences/genre, as I had never heard […]

Let’s Make A Zine!

I love this zine more than I think I can ever explain. Based on the cover I figured it would be the basic how-to zine, but in reality it is a witty and hilarious farce about the cookie-cutter aspect of unimaginable zines. Playing off zine essentials such as boring vegan recipes, Ian MacKaye quotes and […]

Gender Fuck What

Gender Fuck What is both a classic and innovative queer zine which I really enjoyed reading. The entire zine seems to be made using a black pen, an aesthetic reminiscent of a really thoughtful note you’d get in junior high from the coolest friend you have. I thought the maze/colourby-numbers-esque centrefold about the author’s feelings […]


Dad is Timothy’s Fun-A-Day project, where for every day in January he wrote something about his father. Timothy’s father was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1970s. This quarter page zine uses both typewritten and computer typed pages to tell stories of grief, loss, denial and the regret we sometimes feel when we […]

Zine Philosophy

column: Zine Philosophy Calgary’s Got Rad Womyn, Okay? By Samantha Trees Ever since I moved to Calgary, Alberta two years ago, I have met countless womyn who have inspired me beyond words. Within a week of my arrival there were radical cheerleaders drunkenly performing on the lawn at my welcoming party, Food Not Bombs was […]


zine review: Grit I’m gonna get my bias out in the open right off the bat. I get bummed out when chapbooks sneak into the zine community unnoticed and hit you smack in the face with a ridiculously high price. Eight dollars? Really? The poems in this half page sized chapbook take up about five […]

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