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Broken Pencil at Fan Expo 2015!

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For the last few years, Broken Pencil has been bringing you live coverage, mainly via our Twitter, of Fan Expo Toronto – the third-largest comic book, science fiction, gaming, horror, and anime convention in the world. In addition to all the big deal mainstream creators and projects, Fan Expo is also a venue for independent […]

Broken Pencil at Fan Expo 2014!

Fan Expo Toronto is now the third-largest comic and scifi and horror and gaming and anime convention in the world, but it would be a mistake to write it off as a forum just for the Big Guys. You’ve got your Marvel and your DC, of course, but you’ve also got hundreds of independent creators […]

Things Don’t Break

People always ask me about Vincent Van Gogh. Everything I know about that man I learned from random people on the street coming up to me and asking. Nineteenth Century expressionist painter. Epileptic. One time during a seizure he went nuts and cut his ear off and mailed it to some prostitute or something. Is […]

Fun With Crowdfunding: Dave Sim’s High Society Digital

This past June, Dave Sim of Kitchener, Ontario – arguably the father of independent comics – began a Kickstarter to solicit funding to finance the conversion of his best-selling black and white 1982 graphic novel “High Society” into Audio Digital format. In addition to digitally remastering all 500 pages from the original artwork, original negatives, […]

Shag Carpet Action

This book was supposed to be called “Dog Fucker Blues.” The marketing department axed that idea, unfortunately. That excellent title is great not just for the swearing, but because it’s the last and longest story of this collection that truly encapsulates what all the stories are about. The phrase doesn’t refer to depression caused by […]

Wolf Maiden Book Tour: a conversation with Tamara Faith Berger

Ahead of Saturday’s kick-off to the Wolf Maiden Book Tour (the launch of Tamara Faith Berger’s Maidenhead and Daniel Allen Cox’s Basement of Wolves), Broken Pencil‘s fiction editor Richard Rosenbaum spoke with Faith Berger about the sexual themes in her work and her relationship with Canadian independent presses. The openness and acceptance of the Canadian […]

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