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Book Review: Oh Honey

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Oh Honey Emily R. Austin, 141 pgs, Holland House,, $14.80 “Hi, my name is Pat. I’m calling on behalf of Broken Pencil to rev—” You hang up. Thank God I don’t have to call anyone to review this book. Jane, the heroine of Emily R. Austin’s debut novella is not so lucky. She works […]

Comic Book + Album Review: Why is the Path to Nowhere

Why is the Path to Nowhere Michael McGlennon, seven songs and 72 pgs, self-published,, $15 You’ve heard of the visual album. Now, get ready for the comic album. This psychedelic folk record comes with a comic book companion, which can be enjoyed alongside the music or separately. I read along while listening to the […]

Linocut Biography Review: Daddy Hall

Daddy Hall Tony Miller, 173 pgs, The Porcupine’s Quill,, $22.95 At TCAF this year, I passed by The Porcupine’s Quill table, was thoroughly impressed, and made a mental note to return. Instead, I blew my cash on other books and never made it back. Having now read Daddy Hall, I’ve come to regret my […]