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Zine Review + Excerpt: Camgirl

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Camgirl Art zine, Josephine Norman, Some topics are easily dismissed as controversial and cause folks to speak endlessly about them, even when they don’t understand what they’re talking about. Josephine Norman brilliantly subverts this tendency with her tidy, deceptively simple, and beautifully designed zine entitled Camgirl. In it, she illustrates to the reader the […]

Artzine Review: The Birth of Linda

The Birth of Linda Artzine, Tess Eneli Reid, The most intriguing quality of zines, that key aspect of the medium that zinesters like myself love, is the immense breadth in terms of how simple or elaborate a successful zine can look. Tess Eneli Reid’s The Birth of Linda excels at complexity, resulting in a stunning […]

Book Review: Broken Balloons

Broken Balloons Gail Prussky, 104 pgs, Exile Editions,, $19.95 If you’re in search of nightmarish illustrations, delightfully strange poems and spooky stories, you will find them in Gail Prussky’s beautifully executed volume. Broken Balloons starts with an interview with the author by filmmaker David Cronenberg. That even Cronenberg, the master of body horror, appears […]

Chapbook Review: Sex Made Me

Sex Made Me Chapbook, Elianna Lev,, $10 Elianna Lev explores intimacy, inadequacy, infatuation, infidelity, and other ins and out of sexuality in Sex Made Me, a book of poetry consisting of two chapbooks. The collection is diverse in form, its poems ranging from two lines to a page, the content spanning illustrations in pseudo-comic […]

Artzine Review: The Future is Now

The Future is Now Artzine, Katie Carey,, Pindot Press If you’d like to visually travel across time and space in the span of a few minutes, The Future is Now is the zine for you. The textural, colourful art in this slim volume is simultaneously retro and modern, blending a vintage aesthetic with futuristic […]

Zine Review: Through the Quiet Through the Dark

Through the Quiet Through the Dark Perzine, Manoela Martins,, $5 Manoela Martins masters a gestural, evocative style of illustration to create incredible depth in both her visual art and her painful story of paternal abuse in Through the Quiet Through the Dark. “How can I even begin to explain?,” asks Martins on the first […]

Book Review: Mooncop