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Memoir Review: Deep Salt Water

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Deep Salt Water Marianne Apostolides, 176 pgs, BookThug,, $20 The ocean is a vast home, to births and to deaths — a perpetual ebb and flow of fluid change and sandy permanence. It is also the setting Marianne Apostolides adopts to tell an epic saga of abortion and loss. In Deep Salt Water, Apostolides traces […]

Book Review: False Friends

False Friends Stephen Cain, 128 pgs, BookThug,, $18 As I read, I am propelled forward through Cain’s poetry, engrossed by never-ending enjambment and captivated by his vast collection of “false friends”: words that look or sound similar but differ significantly in meaning. Comprised of seven distinct sections, False Friends provides an often damning, but nevertheless […]

Toronto Art Book Fair Preview: Killer Acid

In anticipation of the upcoming Toronto Art Book Fair (June 15-18), we’re previewing some exciting artists to look out for! Here’s one to get you started. Killer Acid, a.k.a. Rob Corradetti, is a person/publishing imprint based in New York City whose self-described style is a “blend of head shop and punk rock.” Specializing in screen […]