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Book Review: False Friends

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False Friends Stephen Cain, 128 pgs, BookThug,, $18 As I read, I am propelled forward through Cain’s poetry, engrossed by never-ending enjambment and captivated by his vast collection of “false friends”: words that look or sound similar but differ significantly in meaning. Comprised of seven distinct sections, False Friends provides an often damning, but nevertheless […]

Toronto Art Book Fair Preview: Killer Acid

In anticipation of the upcoming Toronto Art Book Fair (June 15-18), we’re previewing some exciting artists to look out for! Here’s one to get you started. Killer Acid, a.k.a. Rob Corradetti, is a person/publishing imprint based in New York City whose self-described style is a “blend of head shop and punk rock.” Specializing in screen […]