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Poetry Review: Feel Happier in Nine Seconds

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Feel Happier in Nine Seconds Linda Besner, 81 pgs, Coach House Books,, $18.95 The poems in this collection travel a lot of ground but are united in their welcoming whimsy and sarcasm. In short order, Linda Besner becomes your favourite grumpy poet. In the poem “On Body,” Besner declares: “Art irritating life,” which is […]

Poetry Review: Throwing the Diamond Hitch

Throwing the Diamond Hitch Emily Ursuliak, 105 pgs, University of Calgary Press,, $18.95 Two independent and intrepid women buy a beat-up Ford and drive it from Victoria to Alberta where they promptly buy two horses and ride back to Victoria. Oh, and they do it all in the 1950s when people think women ought […]

Book Review: For Your Own Good

Leah Horlick, 96 pgs, Caitlin Press,, $18  Leah Horlick was 19 years old when her girlfriend first sexually assaulted her. This violent relationship bred trauma, shame, and more abusive partners. For years, Leah feared talking about the abuse in the face of callous rebukes (“it’s not like she hit you”) and an internal voice […]