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Zine Review: Patch Sewing Guide and Sew Sew Sew

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Patch Sewing Guide and Sew Sew Sew Zine, Michelle Margaret,, $5 Don’t you hate it when you’ve spent hours covering your favourite hoodie or denim vest with sick patches, only to have them fall off the first time some well-meaning friend or relative is able to wrestle the garment away from you and run […]

Zine Review: Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Don’t Tell Me to Smile Comic, Dana Kearley,,, $5 I don’t know what it is about summer (maybe it’s the pollen, maybe it’s the 99 cent fountain drinks, maybe it’s the way my face and body are not wrapped in layers of down, wool and Gortex) but every year around this time, I […]

Zine Review: Nourish #2

Nourish #2 Perzine, Sabrina Scott, I’ve been making and reading zines for a long time, and I think this is the most personal perzine I’ve ever encountered. All the hits are here: sexual assault, self-harm, mental illness, sexual orientation, and gender identity. These are well-trod topics in the zine world, but what makes Sabrina’s […]

Comic Review: Pizza Punks II

Pizza Punks II Comic, Cole Pauls,, $5 Here is a comic all about pizza, punks, and punks who love pizza. The first section is made up of a series of multi-panel comic strips about the everyday tribulations of being a pizza punk – like when your significant other kisses you with a mouthful of […]

Zine Review: Pancakes!

Pancakes – An Illustrated Recipe Zine, Brianne Tweddle, Tucked inside a trading card sized Mylar pouch, this tiny zine has a single purpose: to provide readers with a basic recipe for pancakes from scratch. I like butter in my pancake batter and while this recipe doesn’t call for any, I enjoyed that it does […]

Zine Review: Sub

Sub Comic, Daryl Seitchik, In this half-size comic, Daryl Seitchik uses simple line drawings and watercolours to create a careful transition from a detailed account of mundane tasks into a murky dream world. An ordinary day quickly becomes an absurdist story about vulnerability and the feeling of slipping away. In the beginning we find […]

Zine Review: Urban Archaeology

Today’s Zine Review: My Cat is Punker Than Yours

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