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Book Review: Adultescence

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Adultescence, P. D. Walter. 171 pgs,, $14.99 Adultescence is something like a television script treatment for a series resembling a cross between Seinfeld and Reality Bites. It’s set in a mid-sized city with a small group of millennials drifting and figuring out what to do with their lives. A fortuitous twist leads the protagonist, […]

Book Review: A Legend of the Future

Agustìn de Rojas, 240 pgs, Restless Books,, $15.99.  In his 1985 science-fiction novel, Cuban author Agustìn de Rojas evokes the political and existential anxieties of a mid-eighties communist nation on the skids. The year is 2038, and space exploration has expanded to Saturn and beyond. These high-stakes exploits require the formation of “cosmogroups”: people matched […]

Book Review: Speculation Now

Vyhayanthi Venuturupalli Rao (editor), 272 pgs, Duke University Press and the Vera List Center for Art and Politics, $29.95  The Vera List Center for Art and Politics, part of the New School in New York, has produced this experimental political almanac on the theme of speculation out of one its recent series of exhibitions […]

Book Review: The Inspection House

Emily Horne & Tim Maly, 160 pgs, Coach House Books,, $13.95  Since the ‘80s, the social sciences and the art world have been somewhat enchanté by Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, a history of prisons and surveillance, using it as a means to understand the origins and operations of social control. One of the […]