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What Globalization Can’t Touch

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A tingle starts in my fingertips every time I pick up a zine. Sometimes the heavy grit of a screen-printed cover or the warm feel of delicate handmade pages will start it off. If the echo of a typewriter’s smack-clack-smack-clack is still bouncing around the pages, even better. And delicate drawings that peek out from […]

In Profile: The Raven’s Call

In the fall of 2007, a print zine titled The Raven’s Call made its debut on countertops in select shops throughout Toronto. It was easy to spot not only because it didn’t have much competition at the time, but also because its subject matter – a goth zine with a strong historical slant – made […]

One Plastic Person Roams the Universe – An interview with Paul Wilson

One Plastic Person Roams the Universe An interview with Paul Wilson By Liz Worth How blurred are the lines between politics and rock n’ roll? When living under a regime that harnesses monoculture and perceives music as a potential threat, dissonance can fast be transformed into dissidence. This is something that Paul Wilson learned when […]

Magical Almanac

Bob Makransky’s Magical Almanac is a free, monthly ezine “for thoughtful, intelligent people who are seeking something deeper than the usual New Age – astrological fare.” But it’s not inherently about astrology, nor is it about paganism or wicca or any one specific subject or belief, but actually about getting beyond belief systems. There is […]


Holly Fleming writes poems that have a strong visceral quality to them. She often incorporates raw overtones of fleshy imagery and brazen statements. In “Meat Dress,” she writes, “I’ll share my snacks/I’ll be naked under the meat/The residue of dress is what you remember.” Each poem is set across a different piece of artwork that […]

Fickle Muses: An online journal of myth and legend

Fickle Muses is a stunning online literary and arts journal that draws inspiration from myth and legend. It has a strong penchant for marrying beautiful contemporary turns of phrase with ancient mythology and tradition, and features writers that have a distinct ability to immediately connect with readers. Fragile lines and strong imagery weave trails that […]

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