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Chapbook Review: Three Bloody Words

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Three Bloody Words Chapbook, Stephanie Bolster, 23 pgs, above/ground press, abovegroundpress.blogspot.ca, $5 This is an anniversary publication, a reissue, twenty years after the original release, celebrating Stephanie Bolster’s chapbook Three Bloody Words­—a sequence of poems and short paragraphs aiming to rewrite well-known fairytales from the perspective of the princess. Now with an afterword by the […]

Chapbook Review: PTSD south beach

PTSD south beach Chapbook, Puneet Dutt, 24 pgs, Grey Borders Books, greyborders.com, $5 A finalist for the 2016 Breitling Chapbook Prize, Puneet Dutt’s is a fine collection of poems, coherently selected to straddle both a politically informed and nostalgically personal perspective. As the post-traumatic stress disorder of the title would suggest, PTSD south beach projects […]