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Zine Review + Excerpt: A texting interview with… Peter Birkemoe

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A texting interview with… Peter Birkemoe Interview zine, Kawai Shen, 6 pgs, Cute Juice Comics,, $1 Kawai Shen continues, in this zine, her cheeky series of texting interviews, in which she offers readers a quick, casual glimpse at some of the comic scene’s most interesting characters. Encompassing just the single side of an A4 […]

Chapbook Review — The Gorge: A Cartographer of Sorrows

The Gorge: A Cartography of Sorrows Chapbook, Wendy Donawa, Leah Fowler & Terry Ann Carter, 64 pgs, JackPine Press, This chapbook aims to capture not only the history of a significant West Coast water-way, flowing inland from Victoria and through a multitude of culturally-charged districts, but simultaneously to grapple with its contemporary effect on […]

Zine Review — Raw: Who are You to Tell Me Who I Am

Raw: Who are You to Tell Me Who I Am Poetry Zine, Mirae Lee & Amy Wang, 27 pgs, Issue 1,, $5 In their short introduction to this inaugural issue, Mirae Lee and Amy Wang ask “Who holds authority over narratives about my identity? Am I who I decide to be, or am I […]

Compilation Zine Review — Feels: The Lovesick Issue

Feels: The Lovesick Issue Compilation zine, Hannah Browne & Sarah Vardy, issue 2, 56 pgs, Feels Zine,, $18 Approaching such a nebulous subject as “feels” seems a risky endeavour for any creative magazine — especially one willing to accept submissions in such diverse media as poetry, prose, photography, drawing, calligraphy, collage, etc. A collection […]

Chapbook Review — PSL: Poetry is Our Second Language

PSL: Poetry is Our Second Language Chapbook, 15 Workshop Participants, 25 pgs, Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts + Culture,, $5 Formatted as a five-week workshop, the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts + Culture led 15 young poets through the fundamentals of traditional and contemporary Filipino poetry. The result — “PSL: Poetry is Our Second […]

Litzine Review — Subliminal White Trash: Neglected Writings

Subliminal White Trash: Neglected Writings Litzine, Kevin C. Pearce, 3 pgs,, price not listed Pearce attacks these three copy-sized pages with surprising variety: “Neglected writings” contains three pieces of flash-fiction, 21 proverbs, and seven scenes of dialogue — which he calls “comedy skits.” The zine throws everything at the wall, no matter how absurd […]

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