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Chapbook Review: Shiftless (Harvester)

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Shiftless (Harvester) Chapbook, Buck Downs, 24 pgs, above/ground press,, $4 Buck Downs’s poetic method has been outlined in Broken Pencil’s review for “Touch the Donkey #11”, as his work is briefly featured there, but it is worth noting here again for this interview, where the advantages and disadvantages to this approach are emphasized more […]

Chapbook Review: Reframing Paul Cadmus

Reframing Paul Cadmus Chapbook, John Barton, 24 pgs, above/ground press,, $5 Printed 7” x 8.5”, John Barton presents, here, a sizable—not to mention memorable—collection of ekphrastic poetry. Each of Barton’s eleven poems printed herein demonstrates not only an intense familiarity with the visual work of Paul Cadmus, but a unique ability to transform his […]

Chapbook Review: The Great Hoop Dance

The Great Hoop Dance Chapbook, Shannon Berg, 24 pgs, Big Pond Rumours,, $12 Sharon Berg’s private press, Big Pond Rumours, re-prints a poetic essay from 1988 which, in her own words, “is meant to interpret the teachings [she] received on First Nations Ontology from James Dumont,” a professor at Laurentian University. “The Great Hoop […]

Book Review: Babbling Corpse

Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts Grafton Tanner, 84 pgs, zero books,, $14.95 US zero books has become well-known for its quick-to-consume pop-critical texts, and this is likely for good reason. Running against ECW Press’s formidable Pop Classics series, or Bloomsbury’s widely-successful 33⅓, zero has managed to stake ground in a contested […]

Zine Review: Touch The Donkey #11

Touch the Donkey #11 Lit. Zine, Various Authors, 32 pgs, above/ground press,, $7 The eleventh incarnation of rob mclennan’s poetry journal presents a few writers familiar to those well-acquainted with above/ground press’s prolific output (including Buck Downes, lary timewell, and Kemeny Babineau). However—in addition, the little journal features double the number of fresh faces […]

Book Review: Whelmed

Whelmed, Nicole Markotić, 97 pgs, Coach House Books,, $18.95 It is unclear exactly how whelmed expects itself to be read. Formatted like a dictionary or encyclopedia, but devoid of that form’s usual utilitarian purpose, Markotić utilizes a dictionary’s layout without taking advantage of that layout’s primary purpose. The alphabetically-organized dictionary structure is near-perfect for […]

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