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Zine Review: 10 Poems

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10 Poems Chapbook, Christian Bök, 16 pgs, above/ground press,, $4 Christian Bök has become, since the popularity and critical success of his 2001 Eunoia, something of a (divisive) house-hold name in Canadian poetry. It is likely that anyone already familiar with his work has a strong opinion on it, and it is equally likely […]

Home Zine — Issue Three: People

  Home Zine — Issue Three: People Art/Lit. Zine, Tallulah Fontaine & Carla McRae (curators), 74 pgs, Home Zine,, $15 Featuring the multi-medium work of 39 contributors, this third and final edition of Home Zine is a brilliantly compact feat. Carla McRae’s design work, here, is dynamic — a balancing act between art, photography, […]

Poetry Zine Review: 6×6: they say triangle

6×6 #35: they say triangle Poetry Zine, Kim Hunter, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Judith Goldman, Bridget Talone, Ted Dodson, & Katy Lederer, 56 pgs, Ugly Duckling Presse,, $6 This penultimate issue of Ugly Duckling Presse’s long-running magazine is as much a treat in its physical assembly as it is in the poetry contained. The magazine, which […]

Litzine Review: Shoot the Freak

Shoot the Freak Litzine, Jeff Tompkins, 32 pgs, Jeff Tompkins,, $5 Tomkins’s speaker feigns a highfalutin’ voice whilst bumping shoulders among old New York’s most ratty carnival barkers. What results is a constant, creeping snap-shot of what he would call ‘low’ New York, in all its freakshow (sometimes literally) glory. This short story is […]

Chapbook Review: We Are All Just Animals & Plants

We Are All Just Animals & Plants, Chapbook, Alex Manley, 62 pgs, Metatron,, $12 This debut collection of poems adds to Metatron’s growing list of well-designed little chapbooks, but does not command the same level of recommendation as did ones from the recent past. Alex Manley’s verse is personal, personable, and light-hearted when it needs […]

Chapbook Review: Shiftless (Harvester)

Shiftless (Harvester) Chapbook, Buck Downs, 24 pgs, above/ground press,, $4 Buck Downs’s poetic method has been outlined in Broken Pencil’s review for “Touch the Donkey #11”, as his work is briefly featured there, but it is worth noting here again for this interview, where the advantages and disadvantages to this approach are emphasized more […]

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