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Graphic Novel Review — Kru Jac: A Year in Thailand

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Kru Jac: A Year in Thailand Jacqueline Lai, 150 pages, self-published,, $20 Jacqueline Lai introduces us to the vibrant life of rural Thailand in her graphic novel Kru Jac: A Year in Thailand, composed of 150 pages of colourful hand-drawn illustrations. There is so much to love about this book. Lai switches seamlessly between […]

Poetry Review: Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe

Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe Marcus McCann, 96 pages, Invisible Publishing,, $16.95 Toronto is about as peaceful as my lactose-intolerant stomach after drinking milk. The city is synonymous with bombardment, overstimulation, and squeamishness. Does calm exist here? And if she does, how do we find her? Marcus McCann plays with answering this […]

Journey to Meet the Staple God: Grant Me Thine Rare and Unusual Staplers

Seeking Staple-Man: A Zinester’s Journey by Jean Mathew Deep within the concrete vastness Torontonians call Etobicoke lives an unassuming shop at 668 The Queensway. On the outside, the shop is classically suburban with an array of noisy signs on a wide nameless window, but this shop hides a little-known secret. It has been said that […]

Comic Review: Hostage

Hostage Guy Delisle, 432 pgs, Drawn & Quarterly,, $32.95 If you’re looking for a high-octane, action-packed, hostage thriller, I would sooner recommend Pierre Morel’s 2008 classic Taken over Guy Delisle’s Hostage. If you’re instead hungry for a look into the deterioration of human bodies and minds in the face of isolation, alienation, and detainment, […]

Toronto Art Book Fair Preview: Lido Pimienta

Leading up to the Toronto Art Book Fair, June 15 – 18, we’re profiling some of our favourite exhibitors.  Lido Pimienta is a Colombian born artist-curator and musician. Lido describes the central themes of her work as “the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American […]

Toronto Art Book Fair Preview: Milkweed Zine

Milkweed Zine is a Toronto sex-positive feminist erotica magazine that features international writers, artists, and photographers. Milkweed Zine experiments with form and content, borrowing from both zine and conventional editorial design. The fluidity of form has given their contributors a wide window for experimentation. Their latest issue (#3), released in March 2017, kicks off with […]

Staff Pick: Robin Ha’s Cook Korean!