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From “Land of Plenty”: Somewhere south of Sataniyah/A refinery burns for me/ A caribou in Alaska / Thanks his lucky stars / And leans against a pipeline / Grateful for the warmth. They’re good like that, these poems. Art too. The art is less frequent than the poetry. There is found stuff as well, notes […]

Queen Street Poetry

Jordan Fry is the editor of Grey Borders Books and he is a host of the Virus Reading Series. This is the first time I’ve read his poetry. It is dark and emotional. It has a tone that is distinctly macabre and sullen. It would not surprise me if Jordan were not friendly or perhaps […]

My Life as a Foot

Richard Suicide’s work wreaks havoc on my calm little life. His abject and frank visions are technically a social commentary with a lethal side order of pedestrian angst, but it makes my skin crawl. Is this the effect the artist is going for? When you work at the complaints department of the Regular Zoombie Insurance […]


If I were a poet I would subscribe to bywords. The people who make bywords are very capable of making a good literary zine. So Ottawa’s bywords is a cool litzine. There is usually some great poetry in it. This issue is just like that. They have seven poets in this one from all over […]

Rocket Robin Hood

History, art and more from the classic Canadian cartoon. Thoughtful, well written and researched, this zine is the perfect companion to the memory-jarring flashbacks of early Saturday morning or lunchtime viewing that was Rocket Robin Hood. And who knew all along that once again Canadians invented something amazing? Basketball, sand, water, hockey, blood transfusions: Canadians […]


book review: AM/PM Amelia Gray was a finalist for McSweeney’s Amanda Davis Highwire Contest. She founded a reading series called Five Things and lives in Austin, Texas. AM/PM is a collection of flash fiction that challenges our spoiled attention span but also makes us look deeper in the brevity that is minimal. These are tender […]

Finery: Feminist Literary Journal

Buckling Knees

The Done Fors – How To Have Sex With Canadians

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