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Poetry Review: Totem Poles & Railroads

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Totem Poles & Railroads Janet Rogers, 168 pgs, ARP Books, arpbooks.org, $18.95 At first glance, it looked as if Janet Rogers chose an Emily Carr painting for the cover of her fifth collection of poetry. Rogers is an incendiary poet. Carr is an iconic painter. Rogers writes from her perspective as a Mohawk and Tuscarora […]

Zine Review: Submerging

Submerging Perzine, ed. Brian Cogan, Brett Essler, Mike Faloon and Brendan Kiernan, Issue #2, Razorcake, $3 When I’ve raised the topic of physical illness and mental health with friends, reactions have ranged from general discomfort to assurances of future well-being. Often, I end up feeling misunderstood. PSA’s have long said, “There’s no wrong way to talk […]

Zine Review: Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny

Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny Zines, Jessica Tremblay, jessicatremblay.ca In honour of having led the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate the globe, 16th-century explorer Ferdinand Magellan has had many things named after him: two dwarf galaxies, a crater on Mars, an entire sea route, and a penguin. His exploits could fill volumes. Jessica Tremblay manages to […]

Zine Review: The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective, Issue 2

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective Mixed media zine, edited by Jessica Todd, Jenn McDermid and Hanna Fazio, Issue #2, eastsideartscollective.wordpress.com In the realm of objecthood and zines, DEWAC’s collection of art and poetry stands out. It’s not because it boasts left-of-centre design or makes some deft moves with a pair of scissors and some […]