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Zine Review: Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny

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Magellan & Magellan: Mutiny Zines, Jessica Tremblay, jessicatremblay.ca In honour of having led the first expedition to successfully circumnavigate the globe, 16th-century explorer Ferdinand Magellan has had many things named after him: two dwarf galaxies, a crater on Mars, an entire sea route, and a penguin. His exploits could fill volumes. Jessica Tremblay manages to […]

Zine Review: The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective, Issue 2

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective Mixed media zine, edited by Jessica Todd, Jenn McDermid and Hanna Fazio, Issue #2, eastsideartscollective.wordpress.com In the realm of objecthood and zines, DEWAC’s collection of art and poetry stands out. It’s not because it boasts left-of-centre design or makes some deft moves with a pair of scissors and some […]