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Black and QTPOC Artists (Re)Claim Space

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By Fiona Raye Clarke “It’s easier to program and create things when you don’t have to worry about what someone thinks about what you’re doing in their space,” says Karen Carter of BAND. Whether they’re facing off with racist landlords, a hostile arts world, or the indie music scene, these four groups of Black artists […]

Book Review: Ethereal Voices

Ethereal Voices: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems, Shona Jabang, ,, $20.76 E   Ethereal Voices: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems, Shona Jabang, 360 pgs,, $20.76 Shona Jabang’s collection of poems, essays, and short stories transports you from Jamaica to England, to the United States and The Gambia. Ethereal Voices opens […]

Book Review: Chronicles of Zauba’ah

Chronicles of Zauba’ah, Tosin Coker, N9neformation, Chronicles of Zauba’ah contains the epic Afro-futuristic sci-fi tale of Zauba’ah, a female shetznu: that is, “a humanoid…with typically amber to red eyes” and “elliptically shaped pupils” that can transform into different creatures from the planet Qheltari. The book is a prequel to Tosin Coker’s Afrofuturistic quadrilogy of […]

Book Review: Extra Illicit Sonnets

Extra Illicit Sonnets, George Elliot Clarke, Exile Editions,, $18.95 Extra Illicit Sonnets is a book of poetry of various forms, centring around “blank” sonnets by George Elliot Clarke. It tells the story of an affair between Sonja Fuentes of Andorra, a Catalan older woman, and Luca Xifona of Canada, a younger Libyan-Maltese man. Percussive […]

Book Review: Resilience and Triumph

Resilience and Triumph: Immigrant Women Tell Their Stories, The Book Project Collective, Second Story Press,, $24.95 Resilience and Triumph is a collection of over 50 personal stories from racialized women immigrating to Canada from many countries including Trinidad, Pakistan, Uganda, and India. The conceit for the book is to tell the hidden histories of […]

Book Review: Threadbare

Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking  Anne Elizabeth Moore and Ladydrawers, Microcosm Publishing,, $13.95  According to Threadbare, a work of comics journalism by the Ladydrawers and Anne Elizabeth Moore, an “82% male group of lawmakers set rules pertaining to the livelihoods of about 50 million women in the garment industry worldwide.” Full of startling statistics, […]