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Book Review: Arms From the Sea

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Arms From the Sea, Rich Shapero, 193 pgs, TooFar Media, richshapero.com, $9.99 USD   Rich Shapero is best known for having made a lot of money doing the California tech thing and then using some of that money – what would be a fortune to most of us – to self-publish, market and distribute a book called Wild […]

Book Review: For All the Men and Some of the Women I’ve Known

For All the Men and Some of the Women I’ve Known, Danila Botha, 152 pgs, Tightrope Books, tightropebooks.com, $21.95 Most stories in this collection explore the fraught relationship between two urban stereotypes. The prose is unadorned with typical urbanite cultural artifacts galore. You could meet almost every character in this book by spending an afternoon […]

Book Review: The Keys of My Prison

The Keys of My Prison, Frances Shelly Wees, 187 pgs , Véhicule Press,, vehiculepress.com,$14.95 The Keys of My Prison deserves to be elevated to a classic of Canadian literature. Originally published in 1956, it has been out of print since 1966. Hopefully this new edition, part of Véhicule’s Ricochet Books imprint, which features vintage Canadian […]

Book Review: Centring the Margins

Centring the Margins: Essays and Reviews, Jeff Bursey, 189 Pages, Zero Books, zero-books.net As Jeff Bursey contends, we are endlessly taught that, “[l]iterature contains singular imagery, the perfect word lodged in its perfect spot, rounded characters, believable settings, a confident narrative (if not a confident narrator).” The stuffy English Lit canon morphed into a similarly narrow […]

Book Review: Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You Jill Sexsmith, 160 pages, ARP Publishing, arpbooks.org Too many of the characters in Jill Sexsmith’s first story collection reduce the complexity of neurosis to little more than silliness, forcing the reader to contend with what an earlier era might have labeled oddballs. At first I was […]

Book Review: Price Paid, The Fight for First Nations Survival

Price Paid: The Fight For First Nations Survival Bev Sellars, with contributions from Hemas Kla-Lee-Lee Kla, 211 pages, Talonbooks Publishing,  talonbooks.com The author of 2013’s They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School, Bev Sellars has written Price Paid to educate us about Canada’s history of injustice against First Nations peoples. Sellars […]

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