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Zine Review: Here’s What I’ve Hidden Under My Tongue

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  Here’s What I’ve Hidden Under My Tongue #4, perzine, D.J.T., 3701 Richmond Ave., #20 Anchorage, AK 99508 Am I crazy? Maybe that’s a question you’ve never had to ask yourself, but it’s a question that D.J.T. — and anyone who has had an experience of being in children’s psychiatric care — has. In the fourth […]

Art Zine Review: An A-Z of Holes

An A-Z of Holes Zine, Joseph Harris, josephbernardharris@gmail.com Do you remember those A-Z books your parents would read to you to help you read and learn your alphabet? That’s what this is, except there is a one-inch hole drilled in the middle of the book and each letter represents a type of hole.

Zine Review — Behind The Wheel: From Uber/Lyft to Taxi

Behind The Wheel: From Uber/Lyft to Taxi Perzine, Kelly Dessaint, volume 3, 4730–A Shattuck Ave. Oakland, CA 94609, $5 I’ve never been a cabbie. But I spent the afternoon reading and re-reading about Dessaint’s life as a taxi driver, and because of this I feel I’ve driven a mile in my brother’s Fusion. Dessaint began […]

Litzine Review: love scene in miniature

love scene in miniature Litzine, S. Howe., $5 Do you know why people hate poetry? I do. People hate poetry because it makes you work. Even simple poems have layers we can’t unlock until we’ve experienced more life. Most people are going to hate Howe’s Long poem; LSIM. Howe makes you work hard as they […]