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Everyday Superheroes: Anti-Corporate Cosplay & the DIY Multiverse

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Words by David Silverberg “Are you Boba Fett?” “Do you know Darth Vader?” Drew Eckhardt fielded these questions from the five-year-olds huddled around him at the Victoriaville Mall in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was just before Christmas, 2016. A guy dressed as Santa wasn’t far off, but all young eyes were focused on Eckhardt and his […]

Crowdfunding Rules Everything Around Me

Illustration by Melissa Luk Anxiety. Depression. Brief glimpses of joy – and then back to jittery hand-wringing and nervous pacing. It sounds like the typical emotional arc of an artist, right? But the roller coaster filmmaker Duncan Finnigan experienced had nothing to do with his creative process, and everything to do with crowdfunding his project […]

How To Get An Arts Grant in Canada

Talking about your just-conceived artistic idea is exciting. You can envision the many places this project can take you. Maybe it’s a book, an album, a theatre show, an exhibit. But after the initial excitement you wonder: How will you fund it? Right. Money. The all-important protein to power your idea from mere words into […]

Spoken Word as an Expatriate Poets struggle to be accepted in the land of alternative arts

Spoken Word as an Expatriate Poets struggle to be accepted in the land of alternative arts By David Silverberg If there’s any art form that should feel like an outsider, it’s spoken word. Often relegated to the back seat behind music, film, theatre and literature, spoken word might as well be considered an expatriate: eyeballed […]

Good Gentrified Grub

By David Silverberg I’m eating farm-fresh food on the second floor of a hipster boutique hotel in Toronto’s Parkdale district. Something doesn’t feel right. My plate is crowded with three-colour slaw with flaxseed oil vinaigrette, roasted beets mixed with toasted walnuts, eggplant confit with tomato, garlic and parsley, and a wild pilaf dotted with fresh-picked […]

All-You-Can-Grow Buffet

How some city dwellers are rebelling against the tyranny of the grocery store By David Silverberg If you live in a large Canadian city, you live in a food desert. Sure, your super supermarket overflows with an oasis of meals-in-a-box but in reality, fresh food has completely deserted you. Today’s modern city cook doesn’t live […]


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