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Book Review: Harshly Purring

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Harshly Purring, Michael Knox, 181 pgs, Now Or Never Publishing,, $19.95 It’s worrying to open up a book and see that theme number one is suburban boredom. To keep the reader, too, from boredom is no easy task. But it’s just the feat that Michael Knox has pulled off in his first novel Harshly Purring. […]

We love “Don’t Talk to me About Love” – Q&A with Sam Hiyate

Sam Hiyate has started an online magazine about love – bad love, good love, unrequited love and its ilk. Don’t talk to me about love, the magazines winking title, covers the topic in everything from interviews to fiction to six word tweets, and a visit to the dot-com will leave you hopeless as it does […]

International Press Watch: Bazillion Points

The cover of What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal. Reading loud: Brooklyn, NY press Bazillion Points tells Colin Brush how they shine a spotlight into the demonic netherworld of heavy metal In 1993, Ian Christe was seeing a passion of his fall by the wayside. A longtime metalhead, […]

International Press Watch: India’s Newest Pulp Press, Blaft Publications

  Blaft Publications Chennai, India by Colin Brush When a book is titled Super-detective horror thrill, the reader can be assured that excitement is pretty much guaranteed — especially if the cover shows a screaming orange housecat lording over a corpse in an evening dress. These are the books former math textbook editor Rakesh […]

I Am My Own Betrayal

The front cover of this book shows a twenty-something-year-old girl alone in a room, clutching a pillow. This, along with the collection’s title, sets the tone for what’s inside — loneliness, self-deprecation, mistakes, and the occasional cameo from a house cat. Although this may not sound like the premise for an incredibly unique bounty of […]

The Complete Lock Pick Pornography

The Complete Lock Pick Pornography Joey Comeau, 172 pgs, ECW Press,, $14.95 When the casual reader comes across a book with pornography in the title, one can’t help but wonder if this will simply be just a good old-fashioned piece of smut. But some books — like Joey Comeau’s Lockpick Pornography — use this […]

Joyland Retro Vol. 1 No.1

Wolf Maiden Book Tour: Talking to Daniel Allen Cox

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