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Zine Review: Seawitch #11

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Seawitch #11 Clementine Morrigan, clementinemorrigan.com, $3 It is difficult for us all to welcome feelings of self-reflection and to question the patterns existing in our lives. Clementine Morrigan, the writer, artist, and self-described witch, has created an opportunity for us to exercise honesty and compassion with the newest edition of their long-running zine seawitch. seawitch […]

Zine Review: Thru the Fog

Thru the Fog Mx. Kat, Issue 1, March 2015, perzine, Queer Trash Distro, $4.29 There is a clarity to Mx. Kat’s writing that intersects beautifully with the zine’s content; a discussion of brain fog and chronic pain. Thru the Fog is a perzine about Kat’s life after a debilitating car accident. Within the black and […]

Zine Review: Dress Code Cracker-The Colouring Book

Dress Code Cracker: The Colouring Book Colouring Book, Sarah Innis, dresscodecracker.com, Etsy, $3 Sarah Innis’ colouring book was made as a companion piece to her podcast, Dress Code Cracker, which talks about queer fashion, style and communication. Dress Code Cracker: The Colouring Book includes 10 images of diverse queer style icons alongside vignettes of their […]

Zine Review: Fu Yuanhui at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Fu Yuanhui At The Rio 2016 Olympics Comic, Stephanie Cheng, stephaniecheng.ca, $3 Cheng’s zine is a short, quippy collection of the best moments from Fu Yuanhui’s appearance at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The swimmer from Hangzhou, China won the bronze medal in the 100m backstroke. She was the first Chinese Olympian to medal in the backstroke […]

Zine Review: That Darn Diva Cup

That Darn Diva Cup Comic, Pun, 2, 3, 7 pgs, pun23.tumblr.com, $3 That Darn Diva Cup is a straight up hilarious explanation of why all of our diva cups are leaking. Ya’ll know the frustration of walking around every month with a diva cup AND a pad on. Zinemaker Pun, 2, 3 creates a masterful […]