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Zine Review: The BLT

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The BLT Zine, The Belmont Library Teens, Issue #1, 36 pgs, Belmont is a city of approximately 27,000 folks, located between San Francisco and San Jose in northern California. In this in-between city, there are some teens who have come together to create a zine — cool, right? That zine is this zine, it’s […]

Zine Review: The Happy Loner

The Happy Loner Zine, Izalixe Straightheart, 16 pgs, $3,, Izalixe Straightheart lives in Quebec City, in a cove by a river. She also hand-crafts a zine called The Happy Loner that is a hyper-localized document of assorted drama, dramas, and micro-dramas. I use all three of those terms in a 100% non-pejorative fashion. The […]

Zine Review: Read More Comix #2

Read More Comix #2 Comic, David Craig, Robb Mirsky and James Spencer, #2, 24 pgs,, $7 The fine folks at Read More Comix have spat out their second comic collection, compiling works from artists David Craig, Robb Mirsky, and James Spencer. These colourful comics might have a mature audiences warning on the cover, but […]

Zine Review: Gloom Serially

  Gloom Serially Comic, 24 pgs, Part 1, Deep Madder Press, $5, Looking sorta South Park-ish, Gloom Serially is a cool self-referential comic. It’s light on action and heavy on wordiness. The main characters ponder some weighty questions (“So what the fuck is life?”) and some less important ones (“Do you need a hug?”). […]

Zine Review: Want Crack

Want Crack Zine, Jean-Thomas Bouchard, 24 pgs,, $5 What does everybody want? Crack, apparently. So says this photog zine from Jean-Thomas Bouchard, a Montreal-based snapper with an interest in referencing drugs. Back story: “El Barto” is Bart Simpson’s graffiti-tagging alter-ego, and is “one of the most infa-mous outlaws in Springfield” (according to some online Simpsons […]

Zine Review: Not Recommended for You

Not Recommended for You Zine, Roxanne Hudon, 36 pgs,,, $5 “Carpe Yolo” wraps the zine Not Recommended For You (NRFY) in a sorta snippy fashion, and it makes for a good exclamation for an effort that has much utility. NRFY was published by Montreal-based anti-publisher Ballz Montreal. It’s basically a public service announcement […]

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