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Zine Review: Prince

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Prince Art zine, Jenn Steffey, 8 pgs,, Sources say that Prince, the late rock/pop/funk superstar, stood either 5’2” or 5’3”, depending on his haircut and posture. His height was arguably the only thing in his life in short supply and also a semi-grim harbinger of this pint-sized eponymous zine. It’s a zine about […]

Comic Review: Animol Zoo

Animol Zoo Comic, Shayne Cassidy, 20 pgs,, This zine may be a harrowing statement of the “mankind vs. nature” variety. In it, variants of humans assail or neglect variants of animals (“animols”). Pull-aparts are needed. A turtle gets fucked up real bad. And so on.

Zine Review: Meme Queen

Meme Queen Zine, Kyle Bridgett and friends, 16 pgs Meme Queen is totally out there and a major WTF. It kinda “reads” more like a Tumblr profile, layered with all sorts of weirdness and scary drawings and collage art and the like. There is basically zero central narrative or focus. In lieu of those, we […]

Zine Review — How to Change the World: Pocket Guide

How to Change the World: Pocket Guide Zine, Bronwyn Mauldin, 16 pgs,, @guerrillareads It’s almost quaint that a quasi-prophet offering pointers for salvaging the planet does so in print and not online, where it might reach more readers. I suppose if one is serious about staving off certain doom for humanity, it’s probably not […]

Zine Review: The BLT

The BLT Zine, The Belmont Library Teens, Issue #1, 36 pgs, Belmont is a city of approximately 27,000 folks, located between San Francisco and San Jose in northern California. In this in-between city, there are some teens who have come together to create a zine — cool, right? That zine is this zine, it’s […]

Zine Review: The Happy Loner

The Happy Loner Zine, Izalixe Straightheart, 16 pgs, $3,, Izalixe Straightheart lives in Quebec City, in a cove by a river. She also hand-crafts a zine called The Happy Loner that is a hyper-localized document of assorted drama, dramas, and micro-dramas. I use all three of those terms in a 100% non-pejorative fashion. The […]

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