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Zine Review: You, Monster!

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You, Monster! Comic, Brian Roppel, 20 pgs, In the comic world, the line between cute and grotesque can sometimes be a mere squiggle. Such is the case with You, Monster!, a new collection of bite-sized comics that is 80% super cute and 20% fuckin’ gross. Brian Roppel is the author and illustrator. He seems […]

Zine Review: The First Picture I Ever Took of You

The First Picture I Ever Took of You Photo zine, Isolde Woudstra, 28 pages, € 5 plus shipping This photo zine is amazing. The First Picture I Ever Took of You reads like a music dork’s scrapbook and it’s wildly intimate. This zine contains a dozen or so portraits of various musical men and women, […]

Zine Review: Super Crappy Comix

Super Crappy Comix Comic, Rebecca Roher, 16 pages, Self-deprecation is a thing that sometimes exists in the zine world. It shouldn’t here; these comics are fun. Super Crappy Comix (SCC) was created by Rebecca Roher during the Toronto Library Comics Jam, a hackathon-ish type event where you’re hacking pencils and paper instead of code, […]

Zine Review: Roadtrip to Nelson

Roadtrip to Nelson Comic, Steph Hill, 12 pages,, $5 The adult colouring book phenomenon may turn the stomachs of some. That doesn’t mean that zines in the same vicinity can’t tug on heartstrings. Roadtrip to Nelson is a comic-based retelling on the kind of semi-perpetual homecoming that many of us face. This one is […]

Zine Review: The End and The Beginning- Thoughts From the Tragically Hip’s Final Shows

The End and the Beginning: Thoughts from the Tragically Hip’s Final Shows Fanzine, Vish Khanna, 16 pgs,, A ton of ink was spilled in 2016 about the Tragically Hip. The year in music basically sucked in terms of lives lost and the Hip news was barely better, based on the revelation that Hip […]

Zine Review: Ballz Montreal

Ballz Montreal Zine, 40 pgs,, Ballz Montreal (BMTL) is a scattered snapshot of modern life and confusion in Canada’s second largest city. It looks like a playbill but the content is definitely not orderly. This doesn’t play things safe at any point. Instead, it’s micro-statements and found visuals that exposit on certain themes […]

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