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Zine Review — Pops: Parents on Parenting

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  Pops: Parents on Parenting Zine, Jonas, #1, 40 pgs, This zine is fantastic and we’re lucky its contributors didn’t just cop out and make some lame-ass blog. Pops is about parenting and it gives a few different POVs on the topic from a few different folks. All accounts are, more or less, first-hand […]

Zine Review: People Who Eat Alone

  People Who Eat Alone, Comic, Josue Mejivar, 32 pages, A recent study from Halifax’s Dalhousie University suggests that close to 40 per cent of Canadians eat lunch at their desk. Google it; it’s on the Internet. The visual: Sad, office drones half-heartedly plunking away at their laptops while simultaneously scarfing and/or cramming some […]

Photobook Review: Walking Styxx

Walking Styxx Photo book, David Firman, 48 pages,, Styxx, shortened from his original name Firestyxx, is a greyhound. Or, more correctly, he’s a lurcher. So begins Walking Styxx, a delightful look at a Winnipeg-based pooch, rescued from a life of heck and plucked into pages of this sweet little book. His human dad […]

Comic Review: Pure-O

Pure-O Comic, Nick McIvor, 16 pages, Like Daniel Clowes taking a stab at a self-help manual, Pure-O is a delightfully smart and upbeat comic that deals with the realness of mental health and anxiety in a fun, informative matter. Illustrator Nick McIvor should be proud of himself for this public service, sketching everything firsthand […]

Comic Review: Cool New Job

  Cool New Job Comic, David Oxley, 20 pages,,$5 For readers in Toronto, Cool New Job takes a unique look at the city and squishes it sideways into some kind of dystopian or post-apocalyptic un-reality. The story here revolves around two young girls who sense their city is in danger and spring to action […]

Comic Review: Cockatrice

  Cockratrice Comic, James Lee, 16 pgs, An unusual piece of surrealist slop, James Lee’s Cockratice is a curious journey into the realm of WTF. Like Jurassic Park crossed with a KLF video (but totally like neither), this comic confounds in meaning or purpose. That’s OK. In lieu, the reader gets a chance to […]

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