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Rochdale Still Lives in Print

Category: Anisa Rawhani, Issue 79, News, Sharpener

Photos courtesy Natalya Rattan / Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Dismissed by some as a hippie’s dream, and remembered by others as a radical education experiment, it’s hard at times to fully grasp what Rochdale College was and its lasting legacy. But while the “free university” was shuttered back in ’75, it still lives — […]

Staff Pick: Occasional Dispatch #2

Occasional Dispatch #2 Comics/newspaper, Occasional Dispatch Press, 8 pgs,, Free Your average newspaper tucks comics in the back pages, cramming row upon row of illustrations, making them as small as possible without losing legibility. But inside Occasional Dispatch #2, comics take over the page, allowing every detail to be seen in its full glory. […]

Graphic Novel Review + Excerpts: Tongues

Tongues, Chapter 1 Anders Brekhus Nilsen, 48 pgs, self-published,, $15 A Prometheus-like god, chained to a mountainside, tells an eagle his last dream before the bird slices open his stomach and eats his liver. A boy, with a teddy bear strapped to his backpack, wonders a godforsaken desert, out of food yet filled with […]

The #MeToo Zine Syllabus

Have a zine you think should be on this list? Email The world may have tried to shut them up, but still, survivors rise, penning their stories of rape, violence, and abuse in an ultimate act of resistance. Here are some of their zines and other helpful resources. They’d Come to Me at Night […]

Zine Review + Excerpt: Where I Am Where I Am Not

Where I Am Where I Am Not Rabeea Syed, Zine, 12 pgs, @rabeeasyed, $5 “You know, I support bombing Iraq because of terrorists,” a customer said to Rabeea Syed after she asked if they’d like a bag. Cue the pregnant pause. Written by Syed, a Muslim hijabi, the strength of Where I Am Where I […]

Flamingo Rampant’s Diverse Queer Kids Books Centre Joy, Not Injury

S. Bear Bergman (left) and j wallace skelton with their children, Stanley Bergman (front) and Solomon Bergman (on shoulders). (Photo by Sara Elisabeth)   by Anisa Rawhani One evening, while reading a bedtime story to his three-year-old son, S. Bear Bergman noticed an alarming pattern. It seemed like every LGBTQ-themed picture book he read was riddled with […]

Staff Pick: Protest 101

Vivek Shraya gives writers a path through barriers with VS. Books

Staff Pick: Rock and Riot

Jordan Abel wins $65K Griffin Poetry Prize