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knife|fork|book: A new haven for poetry in Kensington Market

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the knife|fork|fork display at Rick’s Cafe. Photo from Instagram “The book is the meal.” Jeff Kirby (known as just “Kirby” to most) is seated at a small table in Rick’s Cafe. The long-running Kensington Market coffee shop is nestled on Augusta, close to Big Fat Burrito on one side and El Trompo Tacos on the […]

Zine Review: No One Likes to Keep Going After They’ve Cum

No One Likes to Keep Going After They’ve Cum Comic, Shelby McLeod and Zoe Harvey, 8 pgs,, $5 I picked up this slim illustrated zine during my usual 15-min period of frantic wandering/buying during Canzine Toronto last year. Shelby’s illustrations immediately drew me to their table – the cover of the zine features its […]

Staff Pick: Poets Opposing Evil Trump – An Anthology

In the increasingly cacophonous din of this post-Trump election week, I’ve heard some people console themselves (online or in person) that at least this presidential run will inspire some really good and angry art. While I appreciate the need to desperately seek a silver lining, I’d also echo Jessica Hopper’s view that a hell of […]

Getting Tangled: Disability Art + Accessible Curation

  Photo by Steve Kean A groundbreaking new art gallery has opened up a permanent space in Toronto. Tangled Art and Disability is an organization that has showcased disability art across Canada for the past 15 years. The organization has now opened a dedicated space in the 401 Richmond building in Toronto that will allow […]

Staff Pick: Say When

CW: self-harm, mental illness, eating disorders Since we published a story about Twine game-makers in issue 66 (winter 2014) I’ve been slowly dipping my toe into the waters of text-based interactive games. The games I’ve dabbled with are deeply engrossing, evocative and sometimes painful windows into the gamemakers’ minds and experiences. Many of the games I’ve […]

Editor’s Pick: The Call of the Word

If you’re an aspiring fiction writer looking for guidance/encouragement, the experience of searching for classes can be daunting, simply because there’s so damn many of them. There’s a recent addition to this landscape that caught our attention: firstly because it involves creative coaching through tarot card readings, and secondly because it’s run by the talented […]

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