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Protect Your Neck:
 Think your art has been stolen? Here’s what to do next (and how to keep it yours in the first place)

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by: Alison Broverman   Alison Broverman shares some useful suggestions of what to do when you find your creative work has been stolen. You can read Alison’s full article on Indie art getting ripped off here! *Think carefully about sharing your work online in the first place Web comic artist Dami Lee has seen a few […]

The Sad Ballad of Pepe the Frog: When Great Indie Art Gets Ripped Off

by Alison Broverman  illustration by Patrick Burgomaster The internet is a wonderful and terrifying place to be an artist. Anyone can create something, scan it, and put it online for the world to see. If the right people find it, you can develop a community of fans, and maybe even make a bit of money. […]