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Canzine Vancouver: Pizza Punks Party with Zine Awards Winner Cole Pauls

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                Zine Awards winner and general cool guy Cole Pauls is throwing a killer Pizza Punks Zine Party at Canzine Vancouver this Sunday at 5 pm! Pauls is the creator of the legendary Pizza Punks strip as well as the incredible Dakwäkãda Warriors, which won Best Comic/Art Zine and Best Overall Zine […]

Book Review: A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography

Mireille Miller-Young, 392 Pages, Duke University Press, dukeupress.edu, $27.95  Open an academic tome analyzing the role of black women in pornography and you may expect major criticism of the industry and the women who work in it. You know, complaints of how it exploits women, perpetuates stereotypes, and how the majority of the women working […]

Book Review: How to Breathe Underwater

Chris Turner, 288 pages, Biblioasis, biblioasis.com, $22.95.  No, Chris Turner’s latest book will not teach you how to breathe underwater (damn!), but it will reaffirm the crucial importance of long-form journalism in a Canadian media landscape that’s increasingly devoid of venues that are willing or able to publish it. Actually, that’s the first thing that […]