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6 Secretly Awesome Residency Programs You Haven’t Applied For Yet

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[image via] Hey city girl! Have you ever thought about turning down the volume on the world, shutting your phone off,  and going somewhere else to make those prints, build that installation, or sew up that book you’ve been dreaming of? Sure, there’s all of the super competitive residencies at the big galleries and theatres […]

Artist In Residence: Angie Johnson

Artist In Residence Angie Johnson Angie Johnson grew up in rural Manitoba, running around naked in the backyard and making mudpies. As she grew, she developed an interest in fashion/design, sewing tiny dresses for dolls, and constantly playing dress up in her grandma’s slightly mildewy basement. This interest in all things fabric-related led her to […]

Brett Alexander Savory

Brett Alexander Savory is the Bram Stoker Award-winning Editor-in-Chief of ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words. ChiZine (reviewed in issue 35) is a dark fiction and poetry lit-ezine that can be found at He is also a Senior Editor at Scholastic Canada, has had nearly 50 short stories published, written two novels […]

Indieparture! Sarah Lazarovic

Indieparture! Hi all. Thanks for putting up with my odes to tricoloured cookies. My time at Broken Pencil is up. I know this because all my pencils have suddenly fused themselves back together again. One has even jumped into my hand and is now beseeching me to leave my computer and make haste for an […]

Team Macho in NYC

Artist in Residence: Team Macho in NYC By Team Macho Team Macho is having our first ever solo show in New York this weekend at Giant Robot NY. We are really excited for it. Tell your friends to come and say hi to us because we have no friends there. The show will be a […]

Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

By Team Macho Just an update to let everyone know a bit more about a fantastic opportunity we have gotten! Giant Robot has given us our first NYC solo show entitled “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller”! YES. We have long been avid GR readers (hence the show’s title) and respect the hell out of […]

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Artist in Residence: Team Macho

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