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Found on the Internet

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  This weekend’s looking mighty fine, readers. Symposium AND Canzine? It’s like Nirvana broke into Valhalla and partied with Elysium. Total indie paradise imminent. Here are a few things we found on the internet that’ll tide you over until then. – This the greatest site. The internet is over, everybody go home. Fear Of […]

Found on the Internet

Before you give thanks for gobbling dead birds and mashed starches this Monday, check out some cool things we found online! Bell Park, Youth Detective – A murder in the Toronto Reference Library. Four suspects. And a kid sleuth probably, sort of, okay most definitely in over her head. This brilliant tongue-in-cheek crime noir was […]

Found on the Internet

Frippity fray, it’s Friday! We’re very proud of you for making it this far, readers. Congratulations on living as long as you have! Our undead readers on the other hand – urgh. Shame on you.  What do you even see in that necromancer? He’s a total flake. Cindy says she saw him raising the dead […]

Found on the Internet

Good night readers! This Friday’s internet roundup comes to you slightly later than usual. Blame it on how gosh darn busy a certain intern might be writing on a Static Zine entry, blame it on our torrid nocturnal liaisons with ghoulish gals and vampy vixens,  blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol – either way, we’re here […]

Found on the Internet

  O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Happy Friday everybody! If any bookworms and magfiends will be at Word On The Street on Sunday, drop by the Broken Pencil table if you have time. We’ll have treats galore (certain interns might be bring certain baked goods) and slammin’ mag subscriptions up for grabs. Stuck In The Sound’s Let’s […]

Programs to watch out for – Game Curious?

What do you know about video games? Toss away first-person shooters, beat-em-ups and dating simulations.  Ignore the white male narratives, the pixelated pornos and virtual vices. Beneath it all, there’s a storytelling medium that’s been dominated by mainstream conventions; where triple A companies dictate what everyone will be playing, what experiences and identities are “appropriate”. […]

Broken Pencil at Queer Arcade

Broken Pencil at Kazoo Fest