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Comic Review: The Complete Strange Growths 1991-1997

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The stories in Strange Growths are poetic, quiet and well observed. Zervakis features dreams and poems and nature, cats and birds and trees. Friends, family, and co-workers are the stars. These are true stories, for the most part, with the occasional flight of fancy, usually in the form of a dream. Death, in the form […]

One “Rusty” Zine Collection

Have you ever wanted to sit down and read 10,000 fanzines? Soon you can! The University of Iowa is digi- tizing the James L. “Rusty” Hevelin Collection, which contains over 10,000 science fiction, fantasy, and horror fanzines collected by sci-fi superfan Rusty Hevelin.

Zine Review: Nourish #2

Nourish #2 Perzine, Sabrina Scott, witchbody.com I’ve been making and reading zines for a long time, and I think this is the most personal perzine I’ve ever encountered. All the hits are here: sexual assault, self-harm, mental illness, sexual orientation, and gender identity. These are well-trod topics in the zine world, but what makes Sabrina’s […]

Deathmatch 2017: This Is The End, My Friend

What a long, strange trip it’s been. We started with sixteen stories, which were quickly winnowed down to eight. Eight became four and four became two  and, well, I think you can see where this is going. In a matter of mere hours– 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time, at one second to Midnight, the door slams […]

Deathmatch: The Final Battle Continues!

So it’s come to this. O valiant warriors, who once proudly rode across the digital battlefields, slinging words hither and yon, clashing with commas, periods, seeking to drive that final exclamation point home into the heart– all vanquished now. All but two. Sick To Death Of Stories by P.D. Walter and Failure To Cooperate by […]

Deathmatch Quarterfinals Day 5 Recap

Give me a “D!” Give me an “eathmatch!” What does that spell? DEATHMATCH!!! The action is heating up, folks! The comments board is chugging along with mostly genteel energy but some people are getting a little TOO heated… remember, folks, this isn’t an actual Life-and-Death Deathmatch (and thank goodness for that!). If you feel yourself […]

Deathmatch Quarterfinals Day 2 Recap: The ReBloodening

Waste Case: The Hardboiled Darkness of Andrew F. Sullivan

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