Calls for Submissions!


Call for Entries: Writing in the Margins

Briarpatch Magazine’s 4th annual creative writing contest is here. Briarpatch is seeking fresh, creative writing that brings to life issues of political, social, and environmental justice. They’re looking for writing from the edges – from new writers who have something important to say, or from longtime writers who can show us a new way of seeing things. They’re looking for bold and courageous writing that pushes the boundaries between fact and fiction, journalism and prose, deconstructing tough issues in inventive ways. Non-fiction submissions should not exceed 2000 words and poems should not exceed two pages. More info here.

Call For Submissions: text

text magazine is looking for submissions of poetry/flash fiction/art/photography/tweets/facebook statuses, etc. Short, sharp, observant poetry and artwork, as well as unconventional forms of poetry (social media, found poetry, etc)are welcome. Full guidelines here.

Call for Participants: Speaking Life! 100 Men, 100 Words

As a part of their Sunset SErvice series, New Thought Ministers Rev. Chiedza Pasipanodya and Pastor David Lewis-Peart are inviting men and boys to speak 100 words of intention or prayer. People who are interested in being a part of the project are invited to attend a meeting in Toronto at Glad Day Books, 598a Yonge St, at 3pm this Saturday, October 18. More info here.

Call For Submissions: Verge Zine Library

Donate your zines to a soon-to-be-launched zine library in Australia! More info here.

Calls for Submissions


Call for Submissions: Kirby’s Dream Zine

Do you love Kirby? You’re not alone! Submit drawings or writing about and of your fabourite Kirby characters, moments, and memories. Mor einfo here. Deadline November 15.

Call for Submissions: Rad Women and the Things They Did

All Grown-Up Books is creating a compendium of rad women throughout history. The end result will be a collection of essays and profiles. Submit your pitch about who you want to write about, with a writing sample and a brief bio, via their contact page. Deadline December 31.

Call for Submissions: Lunch Ticket

Lunch Ticket is a biannual journal published by the MFA community of Antioch University of Los Angeles, a program that is devoted to the education of literary artists, community engagement, and the pursuit of social justice. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translation are welcome. Read the guidelines here. Deadline is October 31.

Calls for Submissions!

Call for Submissions: Another Orifice

Is there such a thing as queer avant-garde poetry? Well, let’s find out. Send 1-3 poems, none more than 100 lines, to

Open Reading Period: H_NGM_N

Small press and online chapbook publishers H_NGM_N have an open reading period for both poetry and prose throughout the fall, from September to December 15. More info on their site.

Call for Submissions: Split Lip Magazine – Memoirs

Split Lip is looking for entries of all kinds, but especially memoir. “Give us the dirty lowdown.  An unpublished dirty lowdown, please. We love memoir that shines a new light on the human condition.”

Call for Entries: Rhino Founder’s Prize

Submit poems to Rhino! The winner wins $300, publication, a web feature, a nonimation for a Pushcart prize. Runners up get $50. $10 to enter. Check it out.

Calls for Submissions


Call for Submissions: Kimiwan Issue 8

The indigenous, First Nations, Métis and Inuit zine kimiwan is seeking submissions for their issue on Indigenous Futurisms. Film, new media, sci fi, comix, tech, music, games, digital art— all is welcome! Submit to Deadline is October 1!

Call for Submissions: The New Vancouver Poets Folio

Lemonhound and Poetry is Dead are creating a folio to highlight New Vancouver Poetr. Edited by Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli, Van-city writers with two books or less are enchouraged to submit 2-3 unpublished poems and a short bio to Deadline is november 1. More information on the Lemonhound site.

Call for Submissions: Gay Consent Zine

BP Assistant Editor Jonathan and Eric from Gay 4 Pay press are putting together about all the complexities of negotiating consent that are specific to men who sleep with men. Topics include verbal/non-verbal consent, cruising, sexual health, HIV, pre-negotiation, unwelcome touching/public touching, and anything else you think is relevant. Deadline is Sept 30. See the facebook note!

Calls for Submissions


image via

Call for Submissions: Queer History Comix Anthology Zine

Just what it sounds like— queer history comix! Send 1-5 pages comics either queering history or working with queer historiography and queer history. Email with questions and peep the listing. Submissions due January 1, 2015.

Call for Submissions: Junoesq Issue # 2

Junoesq literary journal is looking for writing of any kind from women writesrs about thought-provoking, moving, senuous or humorous topics. Erotic, pornographic, and even the mildly controversial is welcome. Deadline for ISsue 2 is September 30, but there’s another deadling in January. More information on their website.

Call for Entries: 4th Annual Les Figues Press NOS Book Contest

Submit a manuscript ($25) and win a prize of $1000 plus publication! Fanny Howe judges this year. Let ‘em have it.

Calls for Submissions



Call for Submissions: Geist Tobacco Lit Writing Contest

Write 500 tobacco-related words— fiction, non-fiction, poetry— and submit by the first of september to win up to $500 in cashola. More info at the Geist site.

Call for Submissions: Carousel

Canadian lit mag Carousel is accepting submissions of 3-7 poems and stories under 3000 words. Deadline is September 8! Poke around their site.

Call for Applications: SAVAC-MAWA Residency

Toronto’s South Asian Visual Art Centre partners with Mentoring Artists For Women’s Art in Winnipeg to create a residency opportunity for SAVAC member artists. It’s a 2-4 week self-directed residency sometime in 2015 in Downtown Winnipeg. Women identified artists at all stages of their careers are encouraged to apply. More information at the SAVAC website.

Call for Submissions: Going Nowhere

Toronto-based writing collective Going Nowhere is seeking short stories for their inaugural publication. The topic is 20 Somethings Going Nowhere. Submissions and queries can be sent to

Calls for Submissions feat. the NUB Short Story Contest

underworld Enter the NUB Short Story Contest with your underworld themed story and win big!

Contest: The NUB Short Story Contest

Our very own contest! Enter your underworld themed short stories for a chance to win $400 cash, $200 in prizes and more! All you have to do to enter is download the app. Check out the NUB contest page for more information. Deadline November 20.

Call for Submissions: Crooked Fagazine #4

Calling all sluts, fags, decadent scum, unashamed sleazebots, and textual exhibitionists— Crooked wants YOU to spill yourself and/or your fluids onto the page for their fourth issue. Imagery also welcome. Almost anything goes. Check out the facebook event.

Call for Submissions: La Respuesta Magazine

The brilliant and radical Puerto Rican diaspora magazine La Respuesta is looking for work addressing the issue of education throughout the Boricua Diaspora. If you don’t know the magazine, check out their website— super important stuff about colonialism, race, culture and action. Send a pitch or your finished 800-1200 word piece to Art and photography also welcome. More info at the callout page.

Call for Applicants: Black Girl Dangerous Editor-in-Training Program

If you’re a LGBTQI2SA* writer or editor who writes about issues of race, gender, and sexuality, now’s your chance to learn from the best. Hugely important and influential blog/netzine Black Girl Dangerous is now accepting applicants for it’s Editor-In-Training program, which will take place in a virtual classroom. You must identify as a person of color who experiences oppression based on race, identify as LGBTQI2SA, be over 18, and have some writing samples to send in. Deadline is August 31. Get on it.

Calls for Submissions

10557278_819681088071796_2569862087166552836_n[image from]

Call for Submissions: Metropolarity’s The “Future” Now

Did you catch Philly-based sci-fi zine project Metropolarity’s Zine Philosophy spot in the last issue of Broken Pencil? Now you too can be a part of some of their world-reimagining endeavours. the Metropolarity crew is now “accepting your interpretations, visitations, prophecies, realities, oracles, visions, sensations and dreams of the present future.” Deadline August 18. Send printable media to or peep their website at

Call for Submissions: YOW! A Zine About Ottawa


Everyone talks shit about Ottawa— “the city nobody romanticizes or mythologizes or admits to loving.” It’s time to change that! This zine is “seeking tales of Ottawa adventures, dreamy 613 memories, yr fave spots, neighbourhood scene reports, & yr reasons for staying.” Time to convince the naysayers. Submissions can be sent to by the end of the summer.

Call for Submissions: Fat Girl Food Squad

The international Fat Girl Food Squad syndicate is expanding, and they’re looking for body positive champions to join their numbers. Writers and activists interested in covering all things fat, feminism, and food are invited to reach out to

Call for Submissions: Bandit Zine — Feminism

Grand Rapids’ Bandit Zine is looking for new submissions of art and text that answers, or asks, the question of what feminism means to you. Submissions are due by October 15th— send to or check out


Calls for Submissions


Call for Submissions: Soap & Biscuits

Fairytales and folklore all full of snacks and nibbles serving a host of purposes— apples full of poison, houses made of gingerbread, beanstalks, you know. This issue of Soap & Biscuits is treating the theme of food symbolism in fairytales and other stories. Submissions can be of any media, and are due October 1 to More information above!

Call for Submissions: Red Berry Editions Chapbook Contest

Up to 15 pages of prose or poetry on any subject. That sounds like a pretty forgiving canvas! $25 entree free, and deadline is August 31. More information on the posting.

Call for Submissions: Rad Dad

Rad Dad is just what it sounds like, a publication dedicated to responsible, critical, and political fatherhood. This issue is dedicated to transitions— as children change, so do parents. These changes can be hard, delightful, unexpected, and they all deserve to be written about. 500-2000 words. Deadline August 30th, send submissions to

Call for Entries: Toronto International Short Film Festival

You’ve got just a week to submit your short film to Toronto Shorts Fest! Well, that is if you want to avoid the extra ten bucks of September 19 late deadline. In any case, there’s lots of rules, but maybe you’ve got something that fits. Check out the TISFF website.

Calls for Submissions

10582990_10154347854110062_8482312497059326319_oCall for Submissions: New Arts & Crafts by Queer/Trans Creators for Glad Day Bookshop

North America’s oldest LGBTQ bookshop is expanding its merchandise selection. Get your stuff out there and on sale! Any work that is cute, smart, and deals with sexuality or gender identity is welcome. Check out the posting on their site!

Call for Submissions: Non-Cisgender Experiences of Sexual Violence

We recently received an email about an upcoming compzine. The editor is seeking content from non-cis folks with experiences of sexual violence. Email for more information or to submit.

Call for Submissions: Letter to my Labe

That’s right, labia! Lots of people have them, and there’s a lot to say about them. Letter to my Labe is a web project seeking letters from individuals to their labia, be they beloved or loathed. Check out the tumblr and submit to

Call for Submissions: Oxygen Art Centre (Nelson, BC)

Oxygen Art Centre, an artist-run centre in Nelson, BC, is currently accepting applications for its Exhibition and Residency program. Individuals or collectives are encouraged to propose an exhibition of any kind, particularly in any discipline of contemporary art. There’s lots of info on their website, but the deadline is Aug 1 – ack!

Fun With Crowdfunding: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine

Kanye. Whether you love him or you hate him, you can’t deny that he’s made a splash. Fariha, Haley and Sara are on the “love him” side of the spectrum, and thus are planning a big-time zine dedicated to Yeezy, with essays like “Feel Like Deepak Chopra: The Irrational Spirituality of Yeezy” and “Kanye Needs a Boyfriend.” Replete with illustrations and essays, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantazine is also special in that the funds its raising aren’t just for printing and production— they want to do the right thing and pay their contributors. Even if you don’t like ‘Ye, you can’t front on that!

Check out their kickstarter page and the video above. If you donate enough, they’ll edit you into a Kanye video of your choice!

*NEW DEADLINE* Broken Pencil Presents: The DIY-Rama Dystopia Contest

DIY Dystopia image


THE CONTEST: Create a diorama depicting a dystopia. You can build either a re-creation of a fictional dystopia, or your own imagining of a dystopian world. The top five entries will be determined by Broken Pencil staff and brought to Canzine Toronto on November 1, 2014 to be displayed and voted upon by Canzine attendees. Runners-up will receive a one-year subscription to Broken Pencil and a mention in the issue. The winner of the contest will be the subject of a feature article in the Winter 2014/2015 issue of Broken Pencil and will receive a Broken Pencil prize pack worth $200, as well as a number of other goodies.

THE RULES: The diorama must be built in a shoebox. The creator can use any materials to make the diorama. While creators do not need to reside in Ontario, we will require that your diorama be available to be displayed and voted upon at Canzine Toronto in November. You will be responsible for its transportation to Toronto.

THE JUDGING CRITERIA: Audacity, ingenuity, and the creative use of found and household items will all be considered in the judging. Surprise us!

THE DEADLINE: Please submit two large hi-res photos of your diorama to by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1, 2014 at 5pm. The top five finalists will be notified by email by mid-September 2014.
Read after the jump for a few tips  on building your own diorama.


DIY Diorama Contest Image - The Death of Nietzsche (1)


“The Death of Nietzsche,” Jenny and Brent Wilson, 2014. Budget: $50

The diorama above was submitted to the Facebook-based Celebrity Deaths diorama competition launched by Toronto comedian Kayla Lorette and her mom in March of 2014. This contest inspired ours. Visit the link for inspiration. 


WHAT’S A DIORAMA? A small-scale replica of a scene, using three-dimensional characters (human, animal or other.)

WHAT IS A DYSTOPIA? A community or society that has suffered a catastrophic decline due to environmental degradation, natural disaster, war, political, social or economic erosion, and more. Examples of dystopias in pop culture include: Airstrip One (formerly Great Britain) in George Orwell’s 1984, the world of The Walking Dead, Panem in The Hunger Games, and the nameless arid lands in The Road.

HOW DO I BUILD THIS? There’s no proper method to building a diorama. You do not have to be an artist to do this, and sometimes it’s better if you aren’t! The key is thought, creativity and time. Let your mind wander. Give yourself time to think of an idea that suits you best.

MATERIALS: See what you have lying around the house and trying building upon that first. Sometimes it’s helpful to base your theme on the materials that you already have. Don’t spend money unless you really want to. Toys, dead flowers, paper, electronic parts, tools… dump out your junk drawer and see what works!

THE LITTLE THINGS: With dioramas, it’s generally the little details that add the most impressive touches to the work as a whole. While it’s great if you have the skills to create an ambitious world, simplicity and an eye for small touches also goes a long way. Good luck and godspeed!

Calls for Submissions feat. PANACEA



Submit your poems and fiction to PANACEA

Calls for Submissions: PANACEA

Former BP assistant editor and author/poet/journalist extraordinaire Nathaniel G. Moore is launching a new online and “semi-print” journal based out of Protection Island in BC.

PANACEA is soon-to-be your destination for a transparent look at the leading cutting edge of all things literary, music and art-like in Canada. But before they launch in the Fall, they need poetry and fiction!

Please send submissions to by August 20th.

Calls for Submissions: Nepantla

Nepantla is a new poetry e-journal featuring work by queer writers of colour. The journal is being curated by Christopher Soto in collaboration with the Lambda Literary Foundation in an effort to nurture, celebrate and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community. Self identified queer poets of color are welcome to send a bio and up to five pages of poetry to by August 1. More information on the LAMDA website.

Call for Submissions: Epic Canadiana #2

Comic creators! The sequel to the amazing e-book Epic Canadiana #1 is seeking stories that feature Canadian superheroes or supervillains. An interesting twist is that all of the stories will exist in the same world as each other, the one established by Epic Canadiana #1. This means you’ll be working with the editors to plan and execute your comics. There’s lots of information about how this all works at the Cloudscape Comics website— check it out!

Calls for Submissions: Microfiction Mondays

Ye writers of microfiction! Microfiction Mondays publishes exceptional stories told in 100 words or less every monday. Think of the impulse as the story— packing big punches in a small spaces. Check out the submissions page for details.


Calls For Submissions


sounds you love/sounds you hate is looking for your sounds— and your coordinates!

Call for Submissions: Indigenous Women & 2-Spirit Harm Reduction

The Indigenous Women & Two SpiritHarm Reduction Coalition have begun work on a forthcoming self-published collection of research, writing and cultural production which will explore marginalized perspectives around decolonization and is are currently looking for contributors. Visual art, personal stories, poems, papers, all kinds of submissions are welcome, though an abstract is required by August 1, with a final deadline of August 16. Honoraria vary from $50-250. Check out the posting on tumblr.

Call for Submissions: Outlier Film Festival

“Horror pop, grey magic, psycho-spiritual, doom fantasy, genre and other films outside the bubble…” This is how this groundbreaking Halifax festival bills itself, and it’s looking for film and video submissions! Check out the website for more information.

Calls for Submissions: sounds you love/sounds you hate

What sounds do you love? What sounds do you hate? What sounds do you miss? What sounds do you make? This awesome little project is looking for sounds from Vancouver and throughout Canada, with a brief survey attached. We love this idea, and there’s a lot more on the Vancouver New Music posting!

Call For Submissions: Money & Glamour Edition


Call For Entries: René Carcan International Prize for Printmaking

Printmakers! It’s time to let ‘em have it for them big euros. To mark the 20th anniversary of watercolour artist and engraver René Carcan, the Espace René Carcan  has a launched a big fancy printmaking contest with some serious prizes, talkin’ 5000. The deadline is October 24th, so get cracking! Here’s the site for the competition.

Call for Entries: Thomas Morton Memorial Prize

Ever wanted to have your work read by Margaret Atwood and Zsuzsi Gartner? Yeah, thought so. This year’s Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence has $3000 worth of prizes in cash and books, not to mention the acclaim and a publication in the Fall Issue of Puritan Magazine. The deadline is September 30th, so let ‘em have it!

Call For Entries: Boaat Press Chapbook Competition

The lovelies at Boaat Press have made an open call for any kind of chapbook or poem you want to send in, as long as it’s amazing. Each winner receives publication and $100 dollars. Poetry and photography submissions are also open for Boaat Volume 2. Deadlines are the end of the summer.

Call For Submissions: Travelling Alone

Caitlin Press is seeking submissions, 1000-6000 words,  by women for an upcoming anthology about travelling alone. From the thrill of independence to the threat or tragic reality of violence, the anthology will cover a wide span of themes. More information on their website.

Calls for Submission: Transcreen, SDHK, Vtape



Call for Submissions: TranScreen 2015

Amsterdam’s amazing Transgender Film Festival is focusing on Turkey, sex work, animation and other themes this year. Entries are accepted throughout the year leading up to February 2015. More information at their site.

Call For Submissions: Skydeer Helpking

SDHK is a an annual print journal that favors the surreal.They read submissions during July each year. Check out their site.

Call For Proposals: Vtape Curatorial Incubator  v.12- A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Brat

Every year a lucky aspiring curator gets to undergo an intensive and intimate summer workshop at Canada’s video art Mecca, Vtape. This year’s Joyce-ish themed workshop asks for proposals to undertake this theme in the creation of a video program in early 2015. This is a brilliant opportunity for any aspiring video artist or curator. Deadline July 18, more info here.


Calls for Submissions!

blank fiction

Call for Submissions: Surreal Fiction

Blank Fiction’s next issue is looking for stories that blure the lines between dream and reality. Experimental, psychedelic, postmodern stuff is encouraged! See the submission guidelines here. Deadline is July 10.

Call for Submissions: Recovering Potheads

A recovering pothead named Eva is looking for other people who have stories about pot addiction and recovery, “to reach out to those who think pot isn’t addictive, doesn’t suck the life out of your dreams and doesn’t keep us in a stagnant isolated place.” And best of all, the post is on craigslist!

Call for Submissions: Black Hair Everywhere

A new site about black hair is seeking writers to submit their stories, photo essays, reflections and more. $30 per piece. More information here.

Call for Submissions: Trans Cancer Survivors

If you are a person who has had cancer and you are some flavor of trans or gender-variant, Jess Downs is looking to speak with you! Jess is looking for people of many different backgrounds to contribute or do interviews. More information here.

Call for Contributors: AdHoc

Online and in-print underground culture publication AdHoc is looking for contributors with a keen interest in the weirdest of the weird music and visual arts. Sned writing samples, a Top 5 Albums of 2014 list and a short paragraph about your musical interests to Intimidating, sure, but worth a shot. Info on the AdHoc website.

Calls for Submission!


Calls for Submissions: Sundog Lit

“Sundog Lit publishes writing that scorches the earth.” Pretty intense and definitely true— passionate poems and high octane flash fiction coarse through this online lit mag— submit if you fit!

Calls for Submissions: Queer Confessions, Crush(ed)

Ever been crushed on by your enemy? Ever gotten in big trouble for a crush? Submit your 5-10 minute queer story to the LGBTQ memoir reading series. This edition is Thursday July 3rd at the 519. Deadline: June 19. More at

Call for Submissions: SWAMP

SWAMP is looking for submissions! This issue of swamp will be about your body, sexuality, myths and associations of what being a girl or boy is, and anything you find necessary to share in similar categories. More on the creator’s tumblr.

Calls for Submissions feat. Poetic Revolt Against the Conservatives


Call for Submissions: Poetic Revolt Against the Conservatives

Howl arts collective is inviting poets from all over Canada to write reflecting on the state of Canada under its current Conservative nightmare. From Howl:

“An extensive violence is present today in Canada under a Conservative government. Economic violence imposed by ideological austerity measures that attempt to force working people and the poor to pay for a financial crisis engineered in the halls of economic power.

Cultural violence taking place in territories that are legally bound by treaties with indigenous nations that corporations and politicians refuse to respect, while also moving to colonize indigenous lands that have never been ceded.

Social violence in a context where a form of extreme capitalism has been embraced by politicians and economic power players who profit massively from a system rooted in extreme injustice.

People and lands that fall within Canada’s borders are being attacked and violated by a Conservative ideology that extends from Canada’s largely unaccounted for genocidal past, but that manifests in policies that today seem to inherently aim to re-celebrate the worst visions of society’s relationship to the land.

Artists can play a critical role in undercutting this violent and inhumane, extreme capitalist race to the bottom that is currently taking place. Culture has always played a critical role in movements for social, ecological and gender justice. Today in Canada its a critical moment for artists to step to the front lines.

Howl arts collective is working with a network of different poets and writers across Canada to publish a zine of writings that express our collective outrage, anger and opposition to the Conservative government. These poems aim to express our collective discontent and outrage toward a Conservative government who has embraced an ideology of extreme capitalism that holds little regard for people, communities or Mother Earth.”

Deadline for poems is August 1. Submissions can be sent to

Show ‘em who’s boss!

More contests and calls for submissions after the jump.

Call for Submissions: We’re All Gonna Die: Activity Summer Fun Time Guide

What floats your boat? What makes your summer sizzle? Give us your difficult, confuddling, clever, subversive puzzles. Send us your time-wastersand life-changing events. Send us your brain teasers and your sagest advice.

What this activity book IS:
An homage and satire of Owl, Chickadee, Highlights, MAD, Cracked, camper’s guides, Klutz Crafts, children’s public broadcasting, and so on.

What this activity book IS NOT:
For children.

E-mail Michael at with an idea you’ll be working on. Be as inventive as you like with the format and medium – if it’s online or 3D content, it’s sitll good!

Submission Deadline: June 18. Check out their Facebook page

Writing Contest: Room

Canada’s oldest literary journal by and about women are holding their annual writing contest for fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. First prize is $500 and second is $250, plus you get published— pretty sweet! Entry is $35. More information at the Room Magazine website.

Calls for Submissions: Yow! A Zine About Ottawa


Everyone talks shit about Ottawa— “the city nobody romanticizes or mythologizes or admits to loving.” It’s time to change that! This zine is “seeking tales of Ottawa adventures, dreamy 613 memories, yr fave spots, neighbourhood scene reports, & yr reasons for staying.” Time to convince the naysayers. Submissions can be sent to by the end of the summer.

Call for Submissions: Four Way Books

Four Way Books is having a June reading period for poetry collections, short story collections, and novellas. Entry costs $28. More information at their website.

Calls for Submissions: Insatiable Sisters & more!


Call For Submissions: Insatiable Sisters

The new, but already legendary cabaret for queer womyn and trans* folks (previously called Strange Sisters) is back, this year with an orientation around magick. Curators Kim Katrin Milan and Gein Wong are seeking to explore ideas of queer womyn and trans* people “as Brujas and witches, as 2-Spirit folks, as transformative fluid beings that create multi-dimensional universes in our relationships, our imaginations and our lived realities. We bring glitter to the classroom, turn hallways into runways, and use our bedrooms as laboratories. We are shapeshifters, and faeries with creativity in our blood. We welcome multi-disciplinary expressions of queer women & trans* folks finding magik in the mundane.

Selected projects will be featured at our evening all access cabaret (ASL included); durational pieces during the day and visual art will be showcased during the week. All selected performance projects will receive an honorarium, technical, production, promotional, and artistic support. We are able to create space for rehearsal and mentorship to aid in the development of the work beginning in September. Also thanks to a grant from Community One, we will be extending Insatiable Sisters in the form of workshops and other creative learning opportunities.”

This is a truly important show and functions not just as a celebration of art, but also as a community gathering and celebration. It’s an amazing opportunity, but you only have until Saturday, July 5, to submit an application. More information at the Buddies in Bad Times website.

More calls for submissions after the jump!

Call for Submissions: Creative Writing by Trans Women

Editor Trace Peterson is looking for submissions for a special online issue of EOAGH: Journal of the Arts. Creative work of every genre is welcome from artists and writers who identify as transwomen. More information at EOAGH.

Call for Submissions: First Chapbook Manuscripts

During the month of June, Ugly Duckling Presse is welcoming submissions of chapbook-length manuscripts (up to 24 pages) from writers who have not yet published a chapbook or full-length collection. All genres welcome. More info at Ugly Ducking Presse.

Call for Submissions: Space We Live In

Scarborough Arts is looking for performing artists for Spaces We Live In, highlighting and animating AccessPoint on Danforth. More information at the Scarborough Arts website. Deadline to apply is Thursday, June 12.

Call for Submissions: City Voices Monologue Salon

For the third installation of their Monologue Salon, June 17th at Videofag, all are welcome to sign up for a 5-7 minute slot to read or perform in any style. Email Jenna at for more information.

Call for Submissions: 2014 Halloween Book Festival

Spooky, sci-fi, horror, fiction, whatevers! Submit your book to the Halloween Book Festival to win a $500 appearance fee and a flight to a swanky Hollywood awards ceremony. More at their website.

Calls for Submissions: Born in Flames, bklyn boihood, ZLUC travel grant, more!

Call for Submissions: Who Killed Adelaide Norris?: A Born in Flames Fanzine

Fanfic, art, writing, critiques, outpourings of love, etc. are all welcome for a fanzine of the radical queer underground classic (full video above!). Deadline: July 1. More info at Sassyfrass Circus.

Call for Applications: ZLUC Travel Grant

Once more, zine librarians and their friends are raising money to fund a librarian of color’s participation in the Zine Librarians Unconference at Duke University, July 18-20. The application is here. You can also contribute to the fund via PayPal to Deadline June 6.

Call for Submissions: Love Where the Nights are Twice as Long

David Eso and Jeanette Lynes are looking for romantic correspondence of Canadian poets for an anthology to be published by Goose Lane. There are already submissions from 90 poets, but there’s room for more. Send inquiries and submissions to Deadline July 1.

Call for Submissions: bklyn boihood’s Outside the XY: Queer, Brown Masculinity. 

Attention masculine-of-center* + transmen of colour! bklyn boihood is putting together an anthology about what it means to be living, redefining and embodying masculinity outside of the restrictive paradigms of our society. All writing is welcome. Submit here.  Deadline is July 31, 2014

Call for Submissions: Regent Park Film Festival

Regent park is the oldest and largest public housing project in Canada and is home to many communities, paritcularly new immigrants andIndigenous peoples. Regent Park is currently undergoing a long-term revitalization, where mixed income housing is being introduced into the community. Currently submissions are being sought for the 12th Annual Regent Park Film Festival, November 19-22 in a number of categories. The submission deadline is June 13th. More information here.

Call for Submissions: In Your Pocket: Shame

RT Collective is seeking submissions for the third edition of In Your Pocket in time for Toronto’s WorldPride. For this edition, the curatorial motivation is questioning the notion of LGBT inclusivity and the exclusivity, the complexities of pride, and political apathy. These will screen June 23 at Videofag. Selected artists will be paid CARFAC fees for the screening. More information here.

Calls for Submissions!


Call for Submissions: kimiwan zine issue 7 / nîpin 2014
For this special kisisaskâciwani (Saskatchewan) issue of kimiwan, kimiwan are seeking submissions from Saskatchewan-born and/or -based First Nations, Métis & Inuit artists and writers. Deadline: May 25, 2014. Check out the submission guidelines.

Contest: POP Montreal and Matrix Magazine’s Lit POP

POP Montreal and Matrix Magazine team up once again with their yearly writing contest. The winners, one from each category, will receive a round-trip ticket to POP Montreal from September 17 – 21, 2014, a VIP pass to POP Montreal, free accommodation at a bed and breakfast, fall publication in Matrix Magazine with full honorarium, and presentation at a special Matrix Lit POP event during the festival. Judges Heather O’Neill and Matthew Zapruder will look at stories or up to five poems.$25 to enter, deadline: July 1. More information at Matrix. 

Call for Submissions: TBD at MOCCA

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is calling for ideas that respond to the thematic of the upcoming exhibition entitled TBD. The exhibition proposes that a the definition of a museum is not fixed but rather “to be determined.” By asking about the very nature of the contemporary art gallery, the exhibition will be a space where museum paradigms get destroyed or forgotten, and futures imagined and reimagined.

Heavy shit! Architects and designers are asked to propose how these kinds of spaces can be thought of in new ways. Submissions are welcome fro practitioners across all experience levels. Deadline June 30th. More details at the MOCCA website.

Call for Art: Rasasvada

Rasasvada is loosely definable as bliss in the aesthetic experience. It’s also a micro-publishing project! These guys make beautiful zines and handmade books and are always looking for art submissions. Check out their website or send work to

Call for Submissions: femme magick

Clementine Morrigan is looking for femmes of all genders to contribute creative writing for a compilation zine entitled “femme magick.” Pieces exploring paganism, spirituality, ritual, the sacred, and wicca are welcome. Deadline: June 15th. See the posting here.

Call for Submissions: Culture Days @ The Library

Last chance to submit something for Neighbourhood Arts Network’s Culture Days at the Toronto Public Library— artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. More information here!

Call for Art: Hoax Zine

Bi-annual queer feminist compilation Hoax Zine is looking for art ASAP, particularly for background designs and other potentially paratextual type images. Send them your portfolio or a few pieces you’ve completed. You’ll get a shout out at the end of the issue. More here!

Call for Artists: Phreak ’N Queer Arts & Music Festival

Attention all LGBTQ+ artists, performers, musicians, entertainers, vendors and more! Philly’s phabulous queer arts festival is accepting submissions for early considerations now. The festival runs July 31st- August 3rd and isa clangin’ bangin’ good time. The form to apply is here.

Call for Zines: Manchester LGBT Zine Library

A new LGBT/feminist/queer zine library within the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre in Manchester, UK is just getting its legs! Help them out by sending them your zines. See the call-out on their tumblr.

Fun with Crowdfunding/Call for Artists: Toronto Fringe’s Fund What You Can



Hey BPers! This here is something of a special, combination call-for-artists/crowdfunding post. With this new initiative, there’s something for all facets of the artist/patron/Torontonian spectrum. As many of you know, the Toronto Fringe Festival is Ontario’s largest theatre festival. This year, the festival runs July 2-13. Presenting new works from cutting-edge indie artists, the Fringe is offering more than 150 shows. We know from experience how the city comes alive in a particular way during the Fringe, thanks both to the performers and the people who come out to support them.
That’s where you come in—this year Toronto Fringe is launching a new, national crowdfunding platform for independent artists called Fund What You Can. It’s like Kickstarter, but specifically for Canadian artists. To be clear, you don’t actually have to be working on something for the Fringe Festival to sign up, they’re just the organization behind this whole idea. Anyone with an artistic project can sign up at to launch a campaign. You will have creative control over the content you provide and complete freedom to craft a campaign that will inspire people to donate.
And the best part (drumroll please): you can access this resource for FREE until August 2014. So if you have a creative project in need of funds, sign up for an account and wait for the dollars to roll in. In the first week of operations, FWYC campaigners raised over $20,000 for their projects!
Go get your coins!

Calls for Submissions feat. Proclamation Nation


Call for Submissions: Proclamation Nation (Hamilton)

Have something to declare? Have a viewpoint to clear up once and for all? Have a rant rumbling inside?

From Wikipedia:

A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. A manifesto usually accepts a previously published opinion or public consensus and/or promotes a new idea with prescriptive notions for carrying out changes the author believes should be made. It often is political or artistic in nature, but may present an individual’s life stance. Manifestos relating to religious belief are generally referred to as creeds.

(F)NOR collective is seeking manifestos for a live reading. Manifestos will be accepted anonymously, then to be cut apart, re-worked and re-imagined into new collective manifestos.

Submit your manifestos to More on F(NOR) at their tumblr.

Contest: The Walrus Poetry Prize  (Canada)

FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS! That’s right! If you’re feelin’ real and ready, send your submissions to The Walrus. The competition is judged by the magazine’s poetry editor, Michael Lista, and the last call is made by poet Amanda Jernigan. The entry window is from May 15 until June 30, 2014. More rules and regulations over at The Walrus.

Call for Submissions: Homer’s Odyssey (Toronto)

There are few cultural phenomena more rife for reinterpretation and derivation than The Simpsons. Submissions are open now for an upcoming Simpsons art show at Videofag in the fall. Submit a vrief description of the piece (including materials, specifications, etc.), a brief artist’s bio, and pictures or uploads of the work (if complete) to More details at the facebook page.

Call for Chapbook Submissions: Ugly Duckling Press

During June, writers who have never published a chapbook or single-author collection are encouraged to send chapbook-length manuscripts to Ugly Duckling Presse. Poets who have self-published are encouraged to submit as well! More information on their website.

Call for Proposals: Small Talk (Toronto)

Be radical. Be real. Be ridiculous. The outsider, interdisciplinary lecture series invites any and everybody to submit 200-300 word proposals to speak on any topic.  Send proposals to and read more at the facebook event.

Calls for Submissions


Calls for Submission: Zines in ZAR

South African zine archive  Zines in ZAR is looking for zines to add to its collection. Zines in ZAR hopes to spread zine culture throughout Cape Town and South Africa and is hoping to develop a diverse, globally oriented collection. More information on their call out poster.

Apply Now: CUE Arts Grant (Toronto, ON)

The Toronto-based radical arts initiative CUE is accepting proposals for projects, offering up to $1000 in grant money. If you are a Torontonian ages 15-29 living on the margins or breaking through the limits of traditional arts media, this grant is for you. Before you apply, get feedback from Ashton, CUE’s Program Facilitator, at any of the weekly drop-in sessions for street-involved youth at SKETCH Working Arts.

Call for Submissions: The Love on the Road 2014 Writing Contest

The second annual Love on the Road Writing Contest is on! Micro-press Malinki Press will pick twelve submissions to be joined in an anthology, but the top three winners win cash prizes. That’s right, money for writing! Ain’t life great? More on the Malinki Press website.

Call For Submissions: Fat-Tastic #4

Fat politics, fatphobia, fat art, fat culture, fat bodies, fat pride— Fat-Tastic is about everything fat and wonderful! This compilation zine is looking for people’s personal stories, art, images and know-how about fat-positivity. Find more info on the posting.

Call for Submissions: Remember: 100 Favourite Memories

This compilation zine project has the endearingly simple and sweet concept of collecting a hundred favourite memories from people around the world, whether its a nostalgic childhood episode, or something you did just recently that you know will stick with you forever. There’s no specific deadline, rather the cut-off is after one hundred memories have been received. There are more details on the tumblr page.

Call For Submissions: May 2014 Carnival of Aces

The Carnival of Aces is a monthly “blogging carnival” for people identifying on the asexuality spectrum, sometimes called “aces.” They are seeking submissions about coming out, mental health, romance, exclusion, and anything else related to experiences of an often misunderstood set of experiences. More info is available here.

Call for Submissions: Social ▲Luxuriance

The elusive alt-lit imprint Social ▲Luxuriance is accepting manuscripts and chapbook proposals all month. S▲L specializes in transgressive,  fragmented poetry and prose and new conceptions of the book form. More on their tumblr.

Call for Submissions: HIT PARADE (Toronto, ON)

HIT PARADE is seeking queer activist art and creative practice of any medium for a show at P|M Gallery in anticipation of Toronto’s World Pride 2014 in June. In addition to being an opportunity to speak out against homophobia and transphobia on global and local scales, half of all proceeds will go to the Will Munro Memorial Fund for Queers Living With Cancer. More information on the facebook event or email

Call for Submissions: The Mall

This summer, The Mall is looking for submissions for their sixth issue, “Home is where The Mall is.” Art, prose and poetry about summer childhood traditions is welcome through Friday the 13th— spooky! More here.

Calls for Submissions feat. Tandem Region Times

tandem region

Image from

Featured Call: The Tandem Region Times (Kingston, ON)

The Tandem Region Times is a new website for horror fiction that boasts an interesting twist: all posts are made in the format of a fake online newspaper. The newspaper covers a fictitious region of Canadian towns called the Tandem Region (natch) with “reporters” sharing a series of bizarre events. Think War of the Worlds mixed with Twin Peaks through an Onion-esque filter. Random stories include : “Five Hellish Planetoids Appear and Suddenly Vanish,”  the advice column “Dorothy Sez: You Should Kill Yourself,” and classifieds such as: “I Will Sell You Metal for Free If You Let Me Watch You Swallow It.”  Delightful!

The editors are looking for established and emerging writers on an ongoing basis to join their editorial team. They also welcome writers who have never written before and will work with you on submissions. Visit the Tandem Region Times - you may be an ideal fit for their twisted vision.

Click after the jump for more calls for submission and creative opportunities.

Hiring: The Anchor Archive Zine Library (Halifax, NS)

The newly-relocated Anchor Archive Zine Library is hiring a Communications and Events coordinator for the summer in Halifax. You must be a full-time student returning to school in the next academic year. Deadline to apply is May 10, 2014. See the posting for more info.

Call for Submissions: Cartridge Lit

Ok, this is awesome – Cartridge  is an online lit mag dedicated to sharing fiction, nonfiction, poetry inspired by video games. They are currently hosting a call for video game lit – stories that exist in virtual worlds. “What non-player characters dream of when the heroes aren’t around. What happens after the world is saved. Invent your own games and inhabit them with villains,” the guidelines suggest. Read them in full here.

Call for Submissions: Ghostwood Books

The new online independent press Ghostwood is looking for “sinister and enchanting, yet creepy” dark fiction novels or interlinked short stories for publication. Contracts begin as e-books but may lead to print runs if the book is successful. For more information, please visit their website.

Call for Submissions: Grey Borders Magazine (Niagara, ON)

Grey Borders is looking for submissions for their monthly e-mag. Click the above link for more info.

Call for Submissions: Inkstained Succubus Press

It’s horror, fantasy, sci-fi and erotica with a twist. This intriguing press specializes in anthologies, reprints and exposing new writers to the world. They are currently holding an open call for submissions for “Taking Flight” – an erotic anthology about all beasts and creatures with wings – and “Candle in the Dark” – a collection of M/M erotica themed on the winter holidays like Solstice Saturnalia, and yeah, Christmas and Hanukkah. Visit their website for guidelines and deadlines.

Call for Submissions: JMS Books/Queerteen Press

JMS Books LLC is a small press specializing in LGBT romance ranging from sweet to erotic. They also have a YA imprint called Queerteen Press. They are currently hosting an open call for submissions for both imprints, along with a series of specific subs calls accompanied by deadlines. These include Back to School (Queerteen, deadline May 31) summer love/vacation romance (JMS, deadline May 31) and many other thematic calls. Visit their website for publishing info and guidelines.

Calls for Submission and Etc.

Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous

Call: The Patch Project

The PATCH provides artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in public on Toronto’s streets. The organization pairs up with land developers to showcase the work of artists on or around construction sites and other underused spaces. Current spots include a mural in James Town and other work in Alexandra Park. They are looking for artists who live or work in the Toronto area, and who are interested in exhibiting their work in the public realm. Any medium works. Apply at their website.

Call: Black Girl Dangerous

The Black Girl Dangerous project is a hugely influential and important non-profit, reader-funded web portal for queer and trans people of colour. The site’s founder, activist/blogger Mia McKenzie is looking for submissions of writing from queer/trans POCs. You can submit one item – an essay, a story, poem, photo collection, a rant on anything from politics to pop culture, with special preference given to pieces that reflect current events. Small honorariums are available. No sex poetry, please, and if your writing violates feminist ideals, no dice (obviously.) Also, if you are not up for having a dialogue and editing process applied to your piece, this is probably not the place for you either. For more info and guidelines, visit the Black Girl Dangerous website.


Calls for Submission and Etc


Call for Stories: Come Out With Us

This new community  project aims to “alleviate the feelings of anxiety, loneliness and fear surrounding learning to live openly as a queer/trans* identified person”. They invite strangers to send in stories, photos, and art that shares their coming-out story. Send what you wish someone had sent you when you were first coming out. To submit and read other stories, go to their Tumblr. Submissions will be ongoing.

Call for Submissions: Reveries and Rage

Reveries & Rage is a Queer and Trans* People of Color-centered creative justice project. They are seeking poetry (up to 3 poems, 1-2 pages each), fiction (up to 5,000 words), micro-fiction (100-300 words), flash fiction (up to 1000 words), creative non-fiction (up to 5,000 words) and various forms of visual art by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit and other gender and sexuality non-conforming People of Color that address various aspects of their experience.

Among other things, they are looking for writing and art that ” punches us in the gut; writing that makes us ache and then makes us ache for more; writing that is committed to a politics and ethics of freedom, to anti-oppression, to anti-normativity.” Deadline is April 30, 2014.  Visit the project’s website for more info.

Call for Submissions: Words on Pages

The wonderful Words on Pages is looking for submissions of original writing to post on their blog and in print. Poems, fiction and non-fiction will be accepted.  They pay a small amount for print submissions, which is nice of them! For full guidelines, visit their website. 

Call for Evil Objects: Xpace/Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle

As part of FADO Performance Art Centre’s Emerging Artists Series, artist Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle is looking for help from the audience. For her performance (she performs on Friday March
28, starting at 6pm and ending at 12:06:06am), the audience is encouraged to bring with them, or to drop off at the gallery anytime during gallery hours from March 8-28, items from their homes that represent evil to them. Can be any kind of object, from a banal household item to a talisman. Object must be wrapped, so the contents are not known. All objects will be used in the performance.  More info here.

Call for Submissions: Bloody/Sexy

Erotic horror writers, the day is yours! New anthology Bloody/Sexy is looking for erotic horror/dark erotica. Short stories (up to 10,000 words) nano fiction (500 words) and poetry of any length are welcome.  Deadline is May 30, 2014. Read more at the website (scroll down a bit.)

Calls for Submissions and Etc.

Call for Book Reviewers: Broken Pencil

HEY! We are looking for people to review books for us! While all are welcome, we particularly wish to work with individuals who can write comfortably about LGBTQ/Native/POC issues, as we are trying to acquire more works by people from these communities for review and coverage. This is a volunteer position  and is ideal for an emerging writer looking to work with a friendly editor and get exposed to fantastic independent writing and publishing from all over the world. For more info please email

Call for Submissions: Mad Pride Toronto

Mad Pride is an arts, culture, and heritage festival created by psychiatric survivors, consumers, mad people,
and folks the world has labelled “mentally ill” Do you want to host or participate in a consumer/survivor-driven event, performance (poetry, spoken word, theatre, dance, music, comedy, book reading or other), film screening, talk, presentation, workshop, or panel discussion at Mad Pride Toronto 2014?  (Email Do you want to submit to our third juried Art Exhibition? We invite two dimensional, sculptural, or time-based art submissions from psychiatric survivors, consumers, and mad people. Contact Martine at If you are a consumer/survivor and would like to display/sell your art, crafts, buttons, t-shirts, knitting, zines, books, music, baked goods or promote your blog, website, group, network, idea, consider requesting a table at the Mad Market.  (Email Visit the Mad Pride website for more info. Deadline is April 15, 2014.

Calls for Submissions: Tailwind Press (New York)

Tailwinds is a new independent press based in New York City.  Their focus is on high-quality fiction, non-fiction and children’s lit by new and emerging writers. They are currently looking for submissions that are “compelling, accessible and relevant.” More info at their website.

Call for Volunteers: Pulp Paper Art Party (Toronto)

PULP: paper art party 2014 is calling for volunteers to help run the event! Volunteers are needed for helping artists install their installations, door hosts, coat check, take down and cleanup. Volunteers will receive free entry to the event and be invited to our post-party party (which will happen a week or two later). More  info at the website. Apply soon!

Call for Submissions: The Rusty Toque

Check out the online lit and art journal The Rusty Toque’s Fiction Chapbook Contest, to be judged by Lee Henderson. Deadline is June 1, 2014. Pretty sweet first prize, too: $800 + print and ebook + fiction gift pack. For more info visit the Rusty Toque’s website.

 Call for Submissions: The Drunken Muse

This Oklahoma-based publisher is looking for submissions of poetry, prose and essays under 5,000 words. Learn more at their website. 


Calls for Submissions and Etc.

Art by Tina Lugo.

Call for Submissions: Bad Trip Zine

This zine is looking for your nightmarish drug experiences. Brevity encouraged (200 words or less) so watch your rambling ya bong dawg! You can see the full guidelines here (they are hilarious.) The submission deadline is March 14 – tomorrow! (Broken Pencil does not condone drug use, or anything like that, but we do like reading drug stories.)

Call for Films:  Revue Cinema – Drop Your Shorts (Toronto, ON)

The wonderful Revue Cinema in Toronto is hosting a short film festival! Films will be chosen by local critics for screening at the Cinema. Films will be up for Critic’s Pick and Audience’s Choice. The winner will have their film screened in front of all evening feature films at the Revue for a month, plus a gift certificate to Electric Mud/Grand Electric YUUUUM. Deadline is April 4, 2014. Guidelines here!

Call for Submissions: 40 Below Project (Alberta, CAN)

Are you a hurtin’ Albertan? Do you have a story from Champion City? The 40 Below Project Volume 2 wants to hear from you. More: “The 40 Below Project is seeking unpublished submissions of short fiction, poetry, artwork, and creative non-fiction for an upcoming print anthology to be released in 2015. We are looking for works about or inspired by winter in Alberta. We are actively searching for works from writers living in Alberta or who have lived in Alberta.”  Deadline is July 31, 2014. Full guidelines here.

Call for Submissions: Women of Library History

The Feminist Task Force – an offshoot of the American Library Association – is searching for stories of historic women working in libraries. Each day in March – Women’s History Month – they will post a story at You still have until the end of March to submit your story, libraryfolk! Guidelines are here.


Calls for Submission and Etc.


Image by doesthepope

Call for Book Reviewers: Broken Pencil

HEY! We are looking for people to review books for us! While all are welcome, we particularly wish to work with individuals who can write comfortably about LGBTQ/Native/POC issues, as we are trying to acquire more works by people from these communities for review and coverage. This is a volunteer position  and is ideal for an emerging writer looking to work with a friendly editor and get exposed to fantastic independent writing and publishing from all over the world. For more info please email

Call for Submissions: Totally Radical Muslims Zine 

The Oakland, CA-based Totally Radical Muslims Zine exists to tackle Islamophobia, homophobia, imperialism and more. For their 3rd issue, they are publishing work on the theme of Queer Muslim Love Stories. In their (wonderfully eloquent) words: “Tell us about the ways you’ve opened and closed your heart. Count the times you’ve heard it break. Describe the love you’ve asked for, prayed for, waited for, cherished, embraced, feared, denied, chased, flirted with or fled. Name the feelings that visit you by night. Send us your love letters. Talk dirty to us.”

You heard them. Submit! Deadline is April 1, 2014. More info at their website.

Call for Residents: Centre for Art Tapes (Halifax, NS)

The Centre for Art Tapes (CFAT) provides an opportunity for a local media artist for development and experimentation of new work involving audio, video or new media. They provide up to $1000 for in-kind support (Production and Editing), access to facilities and equipment, a $1700 artist fee, a $300 speaker fee for conducting a talk or workshop for the community about their project, and access to technical assistance during the residency.
Application deadline: Thursday March 27, 2014. For more info, visit the CFAT website.

Call for Residents: Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax)

The Roberts Street Social Centre is in a period of transition right now – its Anchor Archive Zine Library has recently moved to a different community space in Halifax, and some of its other great initiatives, like the Ink Storm Screen Printing collective, are awaiting a new space. But you can still apply for its amazing summer residency, which offers you materials, equipment and other stuff to finish your creative project and also gives you a place to live.  Extra cool – the residency is now open to musicians/recording types too, with gear offered through the DIY music collective/space Sad Rad. Deadline for applications is March 10, 2014Apply here.

Call for Submissions: Chickpea Magazine

This cute vegan magazine is looking for your submissions for its Summer 2014 issue (art, photos, stories, recipes, city guides, book reviews, etc etc!). Must be vegan (duh) and seasonally-relevant.  It is seriously cute as hell. Deadline April 1, 2014. Check out the call here.

Call for Submissions: Sterling Magazine

This magazine covers everyone’s stories and is looking for work from artists and writers of all levels, and specifically looking for poems, stores and comics (they pay $10 for poems + issue of the mag and $25 + issue of the mag for comics and stories.) Deadline is Friday March 29, 2014.  More info here.


Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call for Secrets: Soundry/Secrets

The creative listening laboratory/magazine Soundry is launching a new publication/listening project called Secrets. It’s an audio show of anonymous audio secrets that hopes to “connect strangers with strangers through the human voice.” We listened to the first episode, Tasting Room - it’s beautiful, heartbreaking and intriguing (it is also super short – listen below.)
They are looking for your secrets for upcoming episodes. Learn more on the project page and use the submission form anytime. Your submission is anonymous and will be read aloud by an anonymous stranger.

Call for Performers: OBEY Convention (Halifax, NS)

The OBEY Convention (based in Halifax, NS) is a yearly festival that showcases local and international cross-genre experimental music and art. They are currently on the hunt for adventurous concepts that intimately combine music and art in a bizarre live performance, with at least one proposal being chosen as a free event during the fest – sometime between May 22-25.

The winning proposal will receive a $250 honorarium and three free passes to the festival. Nice deal. Are you an adventurous art weirdo? View full guidelines here, and send your idea  to by March 7, 2014.

Call for Entries: bpNichol Chapbook Award

The bpNichol Chapbook Award recognizes excellence in Canadian poetry published in chapbook form. The prize is awarded to a poetry chapbook judged to be the best submitted. The author receives $2,000 and the publisher receives $500. Full guidelines here. Submit by March 31, 2014.

Call for Submissions: In My Bed Magazine

The “sexy and sensual” literary arts magazine In My Bed is currently seeking submissions for its five upcoming issues, all of which have varying titillating themes like Menage a Trois, Sex Toys, and the Tongue. Visit the submissions page for more info, deadlines and guidelines.

Call for Submissions: Art Spin 2014 (Toronto, ON)

Now in its sixth year, Art Spin is basically a bike art crawl – a big group of cyclists trawl the city and stop at various curated stops, including galleries, studios and live performances. They are opening their call for submissions for the 2014 event, which takes place over three tours on Thursday, June 26th, Thursday, July 31st and Thursday, August 28th. Projects from all disciplines will be considered, but the group issues the caveat: “Artists should keep in mind the large number of participants on Art Spin tours. Projects that can be easily viewed/experienced by larger groups are more successful as well as interactive projects.”
Fun! Find out more at the guidelines page. Deadline for submissions is March 7, 2014. 

Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call: Point Douglas is for Lovers: A North End Craft Show (Winnipeg, MN)

This inaugural craft show invites all artists – young and old, established or emerging – to take a chance and show off their labours of love to the north end of Winnipeg. Deadline for submissions is February 1. Email with submission ideas and visit the show’s Tumblr for more info.

Call: Vancouver Trans Resource Zine (Vancouver, BC)

Vancouver Trans* Resource Zine is aiming to come out this spring.
The main author, Sorrel, is looking for “submissions of stories about  going through the system, reviews of certain doctors/clinics, warnings  and recommendations, or any other information people think would be relevant/helpful to someone trying to navigate the health care system.”
The end product will feature information including transitioning options in BC, how to’s for aspects for trans* transitioning such as name changing, ID changes and getting on hormones; how to safely inject hormones and much more.
Submit to:
Deadline: ongoing

Call: Breaking Barriers Through Art (Chatham, ON)

Breaking Barriers will create an understanding of lived experiences. The exhibition seeks to highlight resilience and resourcefulness in coping with barriers. A barrier can be anything that one must overcome to reach a goal, even if the goal is simply to survive. Breaking Barriers is an exhibition for creative expression that empowers, builds awareness, and facilitates partnerships and collaborations. The exhibition is open to all amateur and professional artists.  Deadline: March 1, 2014. For more info, visit the exhibition’s website.

Call: Zine About Cults

Contribute to a zine about cults! Religious cults, cults of personality, cult films and the fandoms thereof, cult literature, what makes something cult, kitsch and the cult of camp. Do you want to start a cult? Tell us more.Looking for submissions around 500 words with a little bio, submit by March 1st to

Call for Art: Petrified Forest Gallery (London, ON)

The Petrified Forest Gallery is a new space in London, Ontario dedicated to presenting work by emerging or obscure artists. In particular, we are interested in things which do not normally get much play in galleries such as erotica, work with highly questionable or disquieting political implications, examinations of rural life, images of adolescence, things you probably shouldn’t actually show people, obsolescence and crude painting. We are a small, zero budget, non-funded, non-commercial gallery which seeks to make work available to a broader audience.
Sound and video works, photography, text pieces, miniatures, textiles, works on paper or board are encouraged, but basically anything which you can mail and we can mail back is welcome. Various collections of unusual objects and artifacts will also be considered.
If you are interested in showing with us, please send us a note about the work you would like to exhibit along with a link to your website, or a copy of your CV accompanied by some medium resolution images.  You can email your submissions as well as any burning questions that you have to


Calls for Submissions and Etc


Call for Submissions: Faking Out Zine

Ever faked an orgasm? Has your partner ever faked? Fake orgasms can be a tool, especially for women, to get out of situations they start to feel uncomfortable in. But what else can they be? How do YOU feel about the possibility of faking orgasms?
If you’ve ever ruminated on these issues, you may want to think about submitting to Faking Out: A Zine About Orgasms and (Not) Keeping Them Real. Send stories of fakery of up to 500 words to
Deadline: February 28th.

Call for Submissions: Pro-Wrestling Poetry

Toronto writers Spencer Gordon and Nathaniel Moore are putting together a ” classic staple-stitched zine monstrosity” of poetry completely and entirely inspired by the art of professional wrestling. 80′s cartoony wrestling! The staid straight-edge tenacity of CM Punk! Take a classic CanLit poem and put it in a headlock! All of this can be fodder for your works. Check out the submission page for more info. Deadline: March 21, 2014.

Call for Submissions: The Sophisticated Boom Boom Zine

Here is a mouthful – the Sophisticated Boom Boom Every Couple of Monthsly zine is looking for submissions! Feel free to email any poems/ photos/ rants/ articles/ somethings/ anythings to: There isn’t a set theme for issue #1 (unless we find a theme!) Deadline is February 19, 2014.
The book’ll be released during our February installment in a run of basically fiftyish. Free to all attendees. BOOM.

Call for Submissions: Cactus Press

This small publishing house is looking for poetry chapbook submissions from Montreal writers for its first-ever Montreal launch later this year. Deadline is March 31, 2014. Learn more about submissions and the press at their website.

Call for Submissions: Chupa Cabra Press

I won’t lie, I really liked the name and ethos of this press so I included it. They are hosting a call for submissions for their upcoming anthology titled Short Story Culture. The theme is weird westerns – duels with the devil, robot cowboys, or vampire saloon girls. Any genre is accepted as long as there is an overarching Old American West/Cowboys/Native American theme. Deadline is February 1, 2014. Find out more about their guidelines at their website.

Calls for Submission and Etc.


Who’s got THE STUFF? You do. Time to show the world.

Call for Submissions: Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2014!

Submissions are now open for Deathmatch 2014 – the world’s most dangerous short story contest (TM).

This year the Deathmatch winner gets a complete indie writer’s makeover which includes a consultation with literary agent Sam Hiyate of the Rights Factory, a feedback session with novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith and a feedback session with Coach House Books, one of Canada’s top independent publishing houses. All this plus publication in Broken Pencil and $150 cash!

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014. For more info and guidelines, visit our D-match website! Deadline is December 31.

Call for Submissions: Vector 2014

The Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival is gearing up for its second year in February of 2014.  Last year’s Toronto-based festival included workshops on gender and gaming culture, a Halo ballet performance, a classic boardgame “remix” session and loads of game-themed art and interactivity. (It was founded by our “Error State” columnist Skot Deeming.) The fest is now open for submissions for next year. Get experimental, push boundaries, and explore your creativity. They are open to all sorts of ideas. Visit the fest’s Tumblr for more info.

Call for Submissions: Autism Zine

Zinemaker Jordan ( is putting together a zine with contributions from people with autism. He says “Journal entries, rants, poetry, short stories, articles, song lyrics, lists” are all welcome. For more info on this project, visit his Tumblr. Deadline for submissions is May 30, 2014. We think this is a great project and has the potential to share a lot of fascinating insights, ideas and experiences. Please share.

Call for Submissions: Femmeldehyde Magazine

The Toronto-based cool-as-fuck arts/ephemera/writing publication Femmeldehyde magazine is looking for a few good contributions for their upcoming CRAFT issue – it’s described as “a homage to those DIY’ers and the involved work that they do.” Go to their website for info. Deadline is Saturday November 30.


Call for Films: Cinema Turbulent 2014

The Victoria, B.C.-based film festival Cinema Turbulent invites anthropologists, students, filmmakers, and visual artists to submit films to their 2014 installment. The fest focuses on films that are politically and socially engaged.  This year’s theme is “Entanglements.” For more info on what they’re looking for, visit their website. Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2014.

Call for Entries: Friends of Merrill Short Story Contest

Do you write speculative fiction? The Toronto-based contest (stemming from the Toronto Public Library’s astounding sci-fi archive the Merrill Collection) is looking for your entries, and has a $600 grand prize in it for you (plus fame, acclaim, and the undying respect of your peers.) There is a $5 entry fee. For complete guidelines, go to their web page. Deadline is February 15, 2014.

Calls for Submission and Etc


Call for Submissions: Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2014!

Submissions are now open for Deathmatch 2014 – the world’s most dangerous short story contest (TM).

This year the Deathmatch winner gets a complete indie writer’s makeover which includes a consultation with literary agent Sam Hiyate of the Rights Factory, a feedback session with novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith and a feedback session with Coach House Books, one of Canada’s top independent publishing houses. All this plus publication in Broken Pencil and $150 cash!

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2014. For more info and guidelines, visit our D-match website!

Call for Submissions: Beards, The Zine

Oh yeah, it’s a zine about beards. Fuckin all types of beards. Little pointy evil beards, big bushy lumberjack beards, and all the beards in between. They will take fiction and non fiction, but hilariously they explain they do not want poetry: “Go find one of the other 10,000,000 poetry zines for fuck’s sake.” You should read the entire page of guidelines and then submit because these people sound very amusing. Deadline is December 31 at 11:59pm AST.

Call for Submissions: Assume Nothing Zine

Assume Nothing describes itself as a “zine-in-progress about STIs (sexually transmitted diseases/infections) and feminism.”  They wish (in their words) to challenge the fear and stigma surrounding STIs, change the language used to talk about them, and draw connections to broader ideas of reclamation of the body, sexuality and identity. We really like this idea. It is important for everyone to think and talk about this stuff, especially women! Essays, art, comics and more will be accepted. For more info and guidelines, visit the zine’s Tumblr. Deadline is December 31, 2013.

Call for Submissions: Paper Art Party 2014

The Toronto-based nonprofit PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design is holding a Paper Art Party and they are looking for designers of all disciplines to make creations, installations and furniture out of reclaimed paper, which will then be displayed as part of their “blue bin playground.” The event is scheduled for sometime near the end of April/start of May. It sounds wicked. Plus there are prizes! Learn more about submitting your art here.

Call for Submissions: In My Bed Magazine

In My Bed is a Canadian print magazine about sexy,  sensual literature and art. All the sexy things! They are looking for submissions for their upcoming issue on sex toys. Poetry, short fiction, prose, paintings, illustrations, photos – they’ll take it. Check out their guidelines for more info, you damn filthy weasel. Deadline is December 1, 2013.


Calls for Submissions and Etc.


This is gonna be a short n’ sweet one. Real sweet.

Call for Submissions: Pokemon Fan Zine

Yes there is a Pokemon fanzine being made. It is called POKESTORY and they are looking for your stories and art. Amazing. Deadline September 30! Learn more at their website.

Call for Films: Open City Cinema

‘Peggers! Open City Cinema (based in Winnipeg, MN) is holding a call for film entries for an upcoming screening. They want ” contemporary experimental films and videos that deal with perspective.” Deadline is October 15! Learn more here.

Call for Fiction: Briarpatch Magazine

Briarpatch Magazine is looking for fiction/non fiction entries for their 3rd annual writing contest, Writing in the Margins. They say they are seeking “fresh fiction and creative non-fiction “that brings to life issues of political, social, and environmental justice.” Cash prizes up to $750 (and their judges are always amazing!) Deadline December 1, 2013. More info here.

Call for Submissions: GHOST HOLE

Ghost Hole – the annual Halloween creative freakout at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island – is seeking creepy ghoulish proposals for “artworks, photographs, installations, performances, dance, music, storytelling and other ritualistic means of activating the space.” (Shivers and delight!) The event takes place on October 26 and will have 5 zones:

The West wing = air / psychic wisdom
The East wing = spirit / transcendence
The South wing = earth / the material world
The Beach = fire / destruction
and the Ghost Boat = water / passage to the underworld

Here’s what you should send to by September 27 at midnight:

Brief Bio:
Contact Information:
Project Title:
Project Description:
Supporting Material: (Maximum 5 photos or videos)
Interest in Residency: (yes?/no?)

Well we love this. Like a lot. You should submit your stuff to it.

Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call for Volunteers: Canzine 2013

Check out our call for volunteers for Canzine weekend (Oct 19/20) in Toronto! Visit the post  on this here our website for complete info!

Call for Submissions: I Like Girls Vol. 2

The feminist/LGBTQ zine publishers at Toronto’s House Hippo Press are looking for submissions from gay, bisexual, queer, two-spirited, genderqueer or trans women for the second issue of I Like Girls. The second issue’s theme is coming out. In the words of the editors, your piece can answer questions like: “What does coming out mean to you? What experiences in your life do you reflect on as your ‘defining’ coming out moments? Who was the first person you told — and how did they take it? Do you have any regrets?” Essays, poetry, short stories, photos and illustration are all good (no academic work, please.) Deadline for submissions is Monday September 30. For complete guidelines visit the House Hippo Press website.

Call for Submissions: The Round Up Writer’s Zine

The Round Up Writer’s Zine wants you to submit your most embarrassing drunken moment for their upcoming Moonshine Issue. You have to describe the moment in five sentences or less. Deadline is Saturday October 19. For more info visit their website.

Call for Entries: Mystery Flash Fiction Contest

Writer Vanessa Shields is hosting a Mystery Flash Fiction contest on her blog. There is no entry fee. Prizes include bookplates, a set of writing journals, copies of Raymond Chandler books and Flash Fiction guidebooks and the winning entry will be posted on Shields’ blog and the blog of her co-judge, Mark Bacon. Deadline is Friday September 13 (TOMORROW!) so crank those stories out, people!

Call for Crafters: Heart and Pocket Revue

Sackville-ians (and Maritimers!) The lovely Heart and Pocket Revue crafters market is looking for your wares to be shown and sold at the 2013 edition, which takes place on Saturday October 26, 9am-5pm at the Sackville Curling Club, Sackville, NB. There’s a $10 tabling fee. Submit by Tuesday October 1 to For more info, go to


Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call for Proposals: Canzine Toronto Art Rooms and Canzine Symposium!

We’re looking for a few good ideas – for art rooms at Canzine 2013 in Toronto on Sunday October 19, and workshop/presentation proposals for our Canzine Symposium, happening Saturday October 18.

Here’s the complete guidelines. Email with your proposal by August 20, 2013.

Call for Submissions: Strange Sisters Redux

Curator Kim Crosby and co-curator Gein Wong are looking to bring back a tradition established at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times theatre, and are planning a cabaret that celebrates the art and performance work of queer women and trans folks. They’re currently accepting submissions for the proposed performance/showcase, scheduled for October 25, 2013 at Buddies. Selected projects will be featured within the cabaret; durational pieces during the day and visual art will be showcased during the week. All selected performance projects will receive an honorarium, technical, production, promotional, and artistic support. For more information about submission guidelines, please click here. Deadline is Monday, August 19.

Call for Submissions: Carousel Magazine

Our indie mag pal Carousel is looking for poetry, fiction, comics, pageworks, visual poems, and hybrid literary works. Payment ranges from $15-80 plus a 2-issue subscription. Deadline is September 4, 2013. For more info visit the magazine’s website.

Call for Submissions: Chrysalis Zine

 Chrysalis Zine is seeking submissions for its upcoming issue, and seeks contributions that deal with or are inspired by the future. They’re accepting poetry, non-fiction, visual art and short fiction (500 words or less.) Deadline is August 23. Learn more at their website.

Call for Submissions: Red Kitty Zine

Red Kitty is a webzine and sometimes-print zine that runs out of Austin. They’re currently looking for pieces that fall under “strange, thought-provoking, funny, demented.” They accept a variety of formats. Deadline is ongoing. For more info about the zine and their guidelines, click here.

Calls for Submissions and Etc.

Contest: ‘Looking for Love’ Fiction Contest

Quirk Books is an independent book publisher based in Philadelphia and they are currently accepting submissions for novel-length manuscripts (at least 50,000 words) featuring fresh, fun and unconventional love stories. Boy meets girl. Girl meets girl. Girl meets shark. Shark meets pirate. Anything goes! Wait, except no vampires. First prize is $10,000 and publication by Quirk Books. The contest deadline is October 1st, 2012. Check them out here for contest rules and to download the entry form. Did I mention no vampires?

Call for Submission: ‘Love Me, Love My Belly’

Have you ever wanted to write about your differences, your scars or even your wobbly bits? Love Me, Love My Belly (LMLMB) is an annual print zine dedicated to the acceptance of self and imperfection as beauty. They are currently accepting anything from non-fiction, poetry, flash fiction and art. Their deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2013. For more information, visit their website here.

Call for Poems: Issue #7, ‘East’

Aesthetix is a unique poetry journal that asks writers to use a single title per issue. They are currently seeking poems entitled, ‘East’. They are looking to publish poems from a wide range of voices, including poems from new and established writers. They especially welcome long poems, poems by children, and poems by non-poets. The deadline for submissions is November 1st, 2013. For more information, check them out here.

Call for Submission: ‘Voicewalks: A Creative Exploration of Inner Speech’

StepAway Magazine is an online literary magazine that aims to encourage all writers to walk in the city and record what they see, hear and feel. They are seeking to publish a special issue dedicated to the creative exploration of inner speech and voice-hearing experiences within the context of walking in the city. They are welcoming any submissions of poetry, prose and nonfiction from writers of any background by both voice-hearing and writers who creatively imagine hearing voices. The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2013. For more information, check out their website here.

Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call for Proposals: Canzine Toronto Art Rooms and Canzine Symposium!

We’re looking for a few good ideas – for art rooms at Canzine 2013 in Toronto on Sunday October 19, and workshop/presentation proposals for our Canzine Symposium, happening Saturday October 18.


For the Symposium:  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed workshop or panel including topic to be covered and planned speakers and activity. Panels and workshops should be focussed on skills development for independent creators working in the mediums of self publishing and zine/comic/book/web arts.  All panel and workshop participants will receive an honorarium.

For the Art Rooms: The arts rooms at Canzine provide a day long immersive experience to the 800-1000 attendees at the Canzine festival. The intention of the art room is to stimulate, provoke and advance the discussion around the possibilities of independent arts and culture creativity. Past art rooms have included all day jam sessions, DIY board games, mini-film festivals and an all day crocheting lessons drop-in.  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed art room and schedule of activities. Note: Art room occupants pay a fee and the art room creators are able to sell art works, zines, comics, books, t-shirts etc. as well as disperse information to promote their future activities.

Here’s the complete guidelines. Email with your proposal by August 20, 2013

Call for Recipes: This Town Is Small – Small Town Cui-Zine

Super-sweet P.E.I arts website This Town is Small is putting out its first-ever cookbook zine and is looking for recipes from creative types to fill it out! There is a great form on their website that you can use to submit your recipe, along with some fun details, including what the recipe’s history is, what type of music/sounds best accompany the cooking process, and lots more. Visit their website to learn more details and share your stuff!

Call for Stories: Tell Us a Story Blog

Tell Us a Story is a blog that publishes true stories in the author’s own words every Wednesday. They’re currently accepting new submissions to share. There’s no strict deadline. Stories must be 2000 words or less, and they have to be true, duh. For more information on this cool project, visit their website.


Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Proposals: Canzine Toronto Art Rooms and Canzine Symposium!

We’re looking for a few good ideas – for art rooms at Canzine 2013 in Toronto on Sunday October 19, and workshop/presentation proposals for our Canzine Symposium, happening Saturday October 18. For the Symposium:  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed workshop or panel including topic to be covered and planned speakers and activity. Panels and workshops should be focussed on skills development for independent creators working in the mediums of self publishing and zine/comic/book/web arts.  All panel and workshop participants will receive an honorarium.

For the Art Rooms: The arts rooms at Canzine provide a day long immersive experience to the 800-1000 attendees at the Canzine festival. The intention of the art room is to stimulate, provoke and advance the discussion around the possibilities of independent arts and culture creativity. Past art rooms have included all day jam sessions, DIY board games, mini-film festivals and an all day crocheting lessons drop-in.  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed art room and schedule of activities. Note: Art room occupants pay a fee and the art room creators are able to sell art works, zines, comics, books, t-shirts etc. as well as disperse information to promote their future activities.

Here’s the complete guidelines. Email with your proposal by August 20, 2013.

Call for Submissions: Papirmasse

Papirmasse is a service/creationlab that sends out original art and writing to subscribers every month for the paltry fee of $5! They are currently accepting submissions from artists and writers. What a wonderful opportunity to have your work sent around the world. For more information, go to their website. Deadline is August 1, 2013.

Call for Submissions: The Hilt

Do you collect weird things and want to talk about it? Or large amounts of various things? (I pause to gaze askance, guilty but also proud, at my collection of salt and pepper shakers that look like small woodland animals…) The Hilt magazine is looking for you! True narratives only. Length: 500-1500 words. Deadline: August 16, 2013. Learn more here.

Call for Submissions: Sad Mag

Vancouver’s Sad Mag is looking for submissions for its first-ever fantasy fiction contest. The first prize is $250 and includes publication in the issue. There’s a $25 entry fee that includes a subscription. Deadline is August 16, 2013. For more information, visit their website.

Call for Submissions: Round Up Writer’s Zine

This online e-zine is looking for unpublished new literary voices. Currently they’re on the hunt for anything and everything: “short stories, both fiction and nonfiction, poetry, quirky essays and personal musings.” They also request that submissions be “laced in humour and darkness, or both.” Sound like your cup o’ tea? Visit their webpage for submission guidelines. Deadline August 9, 2013.

Call for Submissions: Poly: And Other Adventures In Non-Monogamy Zine

Sheena Swirlz (the brains behind the Radical Montreal zine series and website) is putting together a zine on polyamoury and non-mongamous relationships. If you have a story, a poem, an experience or anything else you want to share related to this topic, she’s accepting submissions for the zine until August 10, 2013. More info at her website.

Calls for Submissions and Etc


Call for Proposals: Canzine Toronto Art Rooms and Canzine Symposium!

We’re looking for a few good ideas – for art rooms at Canzine 2013 in Toronto on Sunday October 19, and workshop/presentation proposals for our Canzine Symposium, happening Saturday October 18. For the Symposium:  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed workshop or panel including topic to be covered and planned speakers and activity. Panels and workshops should be focussed on skills development for independent creators working in the mediums of self publishing and zine/comic/book/web arts.  All panel and workshop participants will receive an honorarium.

For the Art Rooms: The arts rooms at Canzine provide a day long immersive experience to the 800-1000 attendees at the Canzine festival. The intention of the art room is to stimulate, provoke and advance the discussion around the possibilities of independent arts and culture creativity. Past art rooms have included all day jam sessions, DIY board games, mini-film festivals and an all day crocheting lessons drop-in.  Proposals should include a brief 2-3 paragraph description of the proposed art room and schedule of activities. Note: Art room occupants pay a fee and the art room creators are able to sell art works, zines, comics, books, t-shirts etc. as well as disperse information to promote their future activities.

Here’s the complete guidelines. Email with your proposal by August 20, 2013.


Contest: 3rd Annual Geist Erasure Poetry Contest

Erasure poetry begins with a per-existing piece of text that you transform into a stand-alone poem by removing words, letters and punctuation marks. The work that you begin with is titled, ‘Exhibit 37: Hawthorn Branch’, which is a poem from Cottonopolis by Rachel Lebowitz. First place prize is the Geist Erasure Trophy and $600. Second place is $250 and third place is $150. Contest ends August 31st, 2013. For rules and submission information, visit their website here.

Call for Submissions: Sonorus!

‘Sonorus’ is a zine dedicated to feminist perspectives of the Harry Potter series, including the books, the films, the cultural phenomenon and the fandom. They are currently accepting submissions between 200 and 1000 words on any aspect of the Harry Potter series in relation to feminism. The deadline for submissions is August 1st, 2013. For more information, visit their website here.

Call for Submissions: The Book of Us

The Book of Us is a collective memory project in conjunction with The Gladstone Hotel, which is aiming to assemble a collection of personal stories from all Torontonians. They are looking for anyone who is willing to share your memories of Toronto, whether you are an artist, a neighbour, a visitor, a writer, etc. Any and all Torontonians are invited to think about, ‘How do you see Toronto?’ and ‘What memories do you have of Toronto?’. The deadline for submissions is August 4th, 2013. For more information, visit their website here.

Call for Submissions: A POC Centered Zine Distro

Nyky Gomez, creator of Skinned Heart Zine, has recently created a distro dedicated to the struggles, projects and zines of POC. She is currently looking for zines written by POC from all walks of life and gender identities and expressions. For further details and more information regarding her distro, visit her website here.





Calls for Submissions and Etc.

Call for Submissions: Corgi Zine

Oh my God, there is a zine focused entirely on Corgis. This is a thing that exists in the world. AND THEY ARE LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS! What to do? Should I share my cross-stitch rendering of a Corgi as Kanye West? Do I dare share my beloved doodles of Corgi angst comics? The sky is truly the limit according to the submissions requirements – they simply must be “corgi-like” in order to be accepted. The deadline for submissions is July 31, not that this matters, because I know you’ve already slid your corgi etchings into an envelope and mailed them to this wonderful publication for perusal. We strongly encourage you to visit this zine’s website here for more info.

Call for Submissions: THEM

THEM is a literary journal for transgendered writers. They are currently accepting submissions of poetry, non-fiction, short fiction, experimental writing and other pieces and are also accepting submissions of cover art for each issue. The deadline for the upcoming issue is July 15. For more information, visit their website.

Call for Submissions: Ruckus Readings

Ruckus Readings is a brand-new reading/music series in Toronto that seeks performers who mix things up – i.e., people who do shit besides stand at a microphone and read. Audience participation, noise, props, games, chants and other elements of creative performativity are welcome and highly encouraged. They accept submissions from musicians too. Submissions are ongoing. For more information about criteria and info about the next event, visit their website.

Contest: Room Magazine

There’s still time to enter Room Magazine’s annual contest for Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction. The deadline is July 15, 2013. The entry fee is $30 and gets you a one-year subscription to the magazine. You must be female-identified to apply. More info? Go here.

Call for Proposals: The Curatorial Incubator

Vtape is looking for artists to participate in v.11 of their Curatorial Incubator: Stop with the performance already! program. Basically, this program will teach you how to be an art curator and explore your ideas in a workshop setting.

From Vtape’s own words: “Participants will have an opportunity to hone their curatorial skills in the media arts in a number of important ways: attending specialized workshops conducted by arts professionals; conducting independent research using the rich resources available through Vtape; writing a curatorial essay for their program of selected titles, with invaluable editorial assistance provided by an arts professional; and, finally, presenting their curated program to the public.”
So great! Deadline is July 12. For more info see this online posting.

Calls for Submission and Etc.

To submit calls for submissions, work, residencies or other cool stuff for this posting, please email us at


Call for Exhibitors: Zine Dream 6

Zine Dream is a celebration of self-publishing that takes place at the Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave.)  Each year features over 60 exhibitors selling artist books, comics, music, zines, handmade crafts, prints and more.

This year, Zine Dream will happen on Sunday Aug. 4, from 12 – 5 in the afternoon with additional programming taking place on Friday Aug. 2 and Saturday Aug. 3.

Register for your table here – Full tables (approx 4-5′ of space) are $30 and half tables are $15. For more info, visit the Zine Dream website or follow the fair on Twitter.

Call for Submissions: The Anti-So

The An-So is the online literary publication by The Anti-Socialites collective to be published July 1. They’re looking for “sincere and bravely written pieces of any genre or theme in the form of poetry, short story, journal entry, letter, to-do lists and so on. Amaze us, weird us out, make us fall in love or want to sob deeply into a pillow. We want who you are, and we want the best you have.”

The collective will choose 10 pieces and pair each of them with an original illustration by an artist.

One Submission per person. Please leave your full name, email, title of work, and the genre/medium using the form on the collective’s website. Deadline: June 15th.

Call for Applications: The Intergenerational LGBT Arts Residency

The aim of this residency is to help create a vision and experience of LGBT longevity through shared practice, art, career management training, and community building via Canadian LGBT art and political histories.

The residency will take place  on the Toronto Island August 12 to 26, 2013. Room and board is provided to each of the five residents, who will also receive mentoring and studio visits from critically acclaimed artists and curators. Acclaimed art professionals Elisha Lim, David McIntosh and Kathleen Pirrie-Adams will serve as the jury selecting the inaugural artists-in-residence.

Deadline is THIS SATURDAY, May 25. For more information visit the residency’s website or follow them on Facebook.

Call for Submissions: In My Bed Magazine

In My Bed Magazine describes itself as a “sexy and sensual online literary arts magazine that will arouse and submit to the imagination of writers, artists, and readers at hand.”
They invite all writers, painters, illustrators, poets, photographers and artists who imagine beyond
their means, to “get into bed” by June 1. Learn more about the submissions criteria at the magazine’s website.

Call for Submissions: Broken Arts Fest 2013

Broken Arts Fest 2013 happens on Saturday, July 13 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Memorial Park in downtown Oshawa. This is the festival’s fourth year, and it’s hosted by the amazing Broken Arts collective based in Oshawa.

This year features over 35 bands on three stages and they are bringing back the DIY vendor market place.

If you make art, crafts, zines, fashion, comics, toys, jewelry, magazines, music, pet accessories, balloon animals, or anything else handmade OR if you do face-painting, henna, psychic readings, or caricatures, you should think about tabling/submitting/performing!

$25 gets you a 6 foot by 2 foot table and 2 folding chairs.

To register simply drop an e-mail to with the name of your business or project and a short description of what it is you’ll be selling.  Payment can be made via PayPal or e-mail money transfer to


Come lend your talents to this terrific up-and-coming community event!

Call for Submissions and Etc.

Call for Submissions: PostApoc Soundtrack

Former Broken Pencil zine editor, poet, musician and author of Treat Me Like Dirt Liz Worth has a new book on the horizon. Titled PostApoc, Worth’s first novel tells the story of “a girl who believes she’s responsible for the end of the world,” according to a blog description. A crucial character trait is that the girl is a music fan who was previously immersed in a death-worshipping underground music scene. Keeping this in mind, Worth is soliciting submissions for a soundtrack to accompany the book – from musicians and experimental spoken word artists.

Since the story is “poetic and hallucinatory” but still accessible, it’s a good idea to keep the book’s thematic ideas in mind if you plan to submit. While Worth says she doesn’t want to narrow the entries too much, genre-wise, there are some guidelines, which are suitably evil and awesome, so I’m just going to post a few here verbatim:

-Suicide, the apocalypse, witchcraft, dreams, and drugs are all major themes throughout. If you are influenced by any of the above, please get in touch.
- Occult-oriented bands are especially encouraged to submit.
- Given that this is a weird book, I’m looking for weird bands. I don’t want to start naming genres or get too specific because I want to keep it open and hear what you’ve got. I can tell you what I don’t want, though: pop, or anything upbeat. Keep it sad and strange.

Complete guidelines are here.

If you’re looking for an ideal outlet for your sad, weird, beautifully fucked-up songwriting, this might be your deal. The soundtrack will be released on limited-edition cassette and sold at PostApoc’s launch along with the book, and it will become available in other formats at a later date. Go to Worth’s blog to read more and see if you can contribute to this project. Submissions are due June 1.

Call for Films: Toronto After Dark Film Festival

The Toronto-based genre film fest is looking for your film submissions. They cover horror, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, crime, action, suspense, thriller, documentary, music videos and cult/bizarre films, both in short form and feature-length. This is a great and supportive festival, whether you’re a newbie filmmaker or a seasoned director. Go here for complete guidelines. The early deadline is TOMORROW (but don’t worry, you also have later deadlines - May 10, and the final deadline is June 7.) We love horror, hooray!

Call for Plays: Write From the Hip

Write From The Hip is a year-long script development program designed to support new writers through mentorship, one-on-one dramaturgy, developmental workshops and readings, all working towards the completion of a full length play. We are looking for women playwrights who are emerging in their careers. There is no age limit, though you are only eligible if you have never received a professional production. You may apply with a script at any stage in development. Application deadline is May 3. Go here for more info.

Call for Residents: The Button Factory Waterloo

The Waterloo Community Art Centre in the Button Factory (Waterloo, Ontario) invites recent printmaking graduates and senior students (final year) to apply for the position of Junior Artist in Residence. The position’s tenure is from June 2013 to March 2014 with a stipend of $4000.00. As Artist in Residence, the candidate will be expected to spend up to 10 hours per week (times negotiable) working on their own prints, culminating in an exhibition in February 2014. Junior Artist in Residence must also be available to discuss printmaking with the public and to work collaboratively with the Senior Artist in Residence and instruct a course/workshop and a public lecture. Deadline for applications: May 15.

Calls for Submission and Etc.

Pictured: Poet Gwendolyn Brooks (1917 – 2000)


Call for Submissions: HARDCOPY Book and Zine Fair (Edmonton, AB)

This is an inaugural book and zine fair happening in Edmonton on June 8 and 9, 2013. Open to all artists, designers, writers and other creative types. The term book is used loosely – be creative and DIY. They can be any size or shape. They can have text or illustrations or both. You can sell multiple copies or single editions, it is up to you. We want to see things like flip books, pop-up books, comics, magazines, pamphlets, fold-outs, booklets. These can be funny, serious, irreverent, political, erotic, introspective, conceptual, personal…the only stipulations are that it must have more than one page and must have been produced by the artist or independent publisher.  For more info go to the website. Deadline: April 8, 2013.

Call for Submissions: Salty at Heart Zine

This wonderful zine project aims to unite women in a positive manner on the following themes: art, sustainability, surfing, travel, empowerment, nutrition, ocean ecology, humor, and inspiration, “but in the larger context of living freely, simply, healthfully, happily, and in union with the earth.” Submissions for the upcoming issue are being accepted until the end of March. Learn more here.

Call for Submissions: Changó Literary Magazine

This mag is looking for submissions from unpublished black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, American Indian, Aboriginal or Pacific Islander writers. Plays, flash fiction, interviews, stories and more are welcome, but the main character has to be black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern  American Indian, Aboriginal  or from the Pacific Islands. Learn more here.

Fiction Contest: Kore Press

This competition for the Kore Press Short Fiction Award is open to any female-identified individual writing in English, regardless of nationality. Deadline extended to March 31, 2013. A prize of $1,000 plus chapbook publication by Kore Press is given annually. For more information, click here.

Calls for Submissions and Etc.


Call for Submissions: White Rabbit Open Air Arts (Upper Economy, Nova Scotia)

White Rabbit is a week-long artist residency in which emerging and established artists live, work, and collaborate in community. The residency culminates in a public celebration, performance and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that have emerged over the course of the week. Mentoring artists will be Reinhard Reitzenstein, Toronto-based visual artist and director of the Sculpture Program at SUNY in Buffalo, New York and Michael Waterman, St Johns based multi-media artist, creator and director of Red Clay radio. The residency runs August 11th – 18th , 2013. Deadline for applications is May 1. For more info, visit the White Rabbit website.

Call for Submissions: The Apartment Video Series (Toronto, ON)

The Apartment Video Series will be a series of video art screenings taking place in apartments around Toronto during late April and early May. We a currently looking for video art pieces to be shown in the series. All levels of video artists are welcome. If interested send an email to Deadline: April 16, 2013.

Call for Residents: Sparkbox Studio (Prince Edward County, ON)

This is a call for residents for this super-charming printmaking studio, profiled in a recent Fun With Crowdfunding post. Residencies run from May – August 2013. For more information go here.

Call for Projects: Feminist Art Residency, La Centrale Galerie (Montreal, QC)

La Centrale expands on a 40 year history of presenting underrepresented and feminist art practices. We are an artist-run centre that aims to provide a platform for contemporary art in dialogue with feminist thought, gender theory, as well as intercultural and transdisciplinary practices. We are seeking exhibition and project proposals related to our mandate from artists and curators of all genders. Deadlines: October 15th 2013 and March 15th, 2014. Learn more about the gallery here.

Call for Films: King Street Alternative Film and Video Festival (Toronto, ON)

We are presently looking for short narrative and documentary films to present at our 2nd Summer Edition. Films must be between 2-30 minutes and feature some storytelling element. All genres of film and subjects are welcome. Shorts from Toronto and the rest of Ontario will be given preference. Deadline is June 20, 2013. Broken Pencil recently sponsored the winter installment of the festival – see our recap here.

Call for Submissions: Superhero Anthology

Minor Arcana Press is currently welcoming submissions of poems related to superheroes and superhero mythology for a new anthology titled Drawn to Marvel. Please send poems to with the tagline Super Poems. Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2013.


Calls for Submissions and Etc.


All work and no submissions makes Broken Pencil go something something…..

Call for Submissions: Writing Resistance Zine (Anywhere)

Writing Resistance is looking for writing and art (drawing, painting, photography) for the FIRST EVER Writing Resistance zine! We are only accepting submissions from sick, disabled and Deaf folks and people who are on the receiving end of ableism and/or audism. All ages can apply. Submissions are due Friday, March 15th.  For more info, check the Facebook page or go here.

Call for Proposals: Heritage Minutes (Canada)

The Historica-Dominion Institute is pleased to announce a request for proposals to find the maker of the newest Heritage Minutes, which will focus on two of Canada’s most influential Fathers of Confederation, Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Étienne Cartier. The new Minutes will mark the upcoming bicentennial of the births of Macdonald (2015) and Cartier (2014), and provide an opportunity to tell stories from Confederation—a topic not yet explored in the Heritage Minute collection. The RFP, which is an open and competitive call to filmmakers of all ages and experience levels, will continue until March 1, 2013. For more info, go here.

Call for Entries: Summer Literary Seminars 2012 Contest (Anywhere)

This contest for poetry and fiction is stacked with various prizes, including the Sutzkever Centennial Translation Prize, to be judged by Ed Hirsch, and a unified literary contest co-sponsored by The Walrus and featuring judges Mary Gaitskill (fiction), Eileen Myles (poetry), and Ander Monson (non fiction). Read about these and other prizes here. Contest deadline has been extended to March 9.

Call for Residents: Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax,NS)

The folks at the Halifax space are looking for a zinemaker, screenprinter, performer, writer, organizer, maker and do­er, mover and shaker, builder, and/or artist­of­all­sorts to join them for a residency in Halifax.

The residency program runs seasonally at The Roberts Street Social Centre, from mid-­May until mid-­October. Residencies are two to three weeks long, and residents are provided with space, equipment and support for their project as well as living space within walking distance of the
Centre. They encourage projects that relate to the mandate of the Roberts Street Social Centre, in any medium.

Deadline for applications is March 4. Learn more at their website.

Call for Submissions: Centre3 for Print + Media Arts (Hamilton, ON)

Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (formerly The Print Studio) invites Canadian artists and curators to submit proposals that explore the creative use of print media (experimental, traditional or digital print) and/or media arts. DEADLINE: March 8. For more info, visit their website.



Calls for Submissions and Etc

Short one today. Two of these have deadlines for TODAY. Go apply for shit!

Call for Submissions: Video Store

Submit video work for a curated project by Suzanne Carte & Su-Ying Lee (Under New Management) taking place in March 2013 at ODD Gallery at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) in Dawson City, Yukon. The exhibition will take the form of a video rental store that carries artistsʼ videos. The project employs the characteristics of the retail environment to connect to the local community while, challenging the galleryʼs role as an intermediary that delimits the viewerʼs direct access to art. “Customers” are asked to pay what they wish, which can be interpreted as cash, a non-monetary exchange, critique, or no remuneration. For more info check the Facebook link. Deadline is today!


Call for Submissions: Redheaded Stepchild

The Redheaded Stepchild is open for submissions for the month of February. We only accept poems that have been rejected by other magazines. Submit 3-5 poems that have been rejected elsewhere with the names of the magazines that rejected the poems. We do not accept previously published work. We do, however, accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us immediately if your work is accepted somewhere else. For more info, click here.

Call for Submissions: Propeller Play!

Propeller is extending an invitation to the creative public to consider the relationship between Art and Games. How do these complex activities transform us? Can a work of art be played? Can a game be beautiful? What comes from our gaming obsessions? In the art gallery context, what are the rules? A Game must end, but how is art resolved? All mediums are welcome. Links to video works are also accepted. For more information, go here. Deadline is also TODAY!

Call for Residency: ACRE (Artist’s Cooperative Residency and Exhibition)

ACRE was founded in 2010 in effort to provide the arts community with an affordable, cooperative, and dialogue-oriented residency program. ACRE’s residency takes place every Summer in rural Southwest Wisconsin. The property, set on 1000 acres of wetland, hills, and farmland, is home to such wildlife as deer, bald eagle, heron, hawk, and rainbow trout, and is strewn with a vast network of rivers and springs. The residency facilities include numerous buildings which provide for expansive communal work spaces, a screen-printing studio, an outdoor wood shop, an art and tech facility, and access to both digital and analog recording equipment. Accommodations are all recently built from salvaged timbers and furnished with individual bathrooms, kitchenettes, and decks. All meals are provided, and are prepared daily using ingredients grown in the surrounding area, which is renowned for its organic and sustainable agriculture and dairy farms. Deadline for 2013 residencies is April 15, 2013. Apply here.

Calls for Submissions and Etc.

Call for Submissions: Muchacha Zine

Are you a Latina, Chicana or Hispanic woman? Muchacha Zine is looking for your writing for its next issue. Poems, comics, essays and other forms of art are all welcome. Deadline is March 1, 2013. For more info, see this beautifully-written posting.

Burners Without Borders: Artist Residency in Haiti

Burners Without Borders (BWB) is a grassroots, volunteer-driven, community leadership organization (founded by former Burning Man attendees) whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities to solve problems and bring about change. They have launched a screen-printing program in Haiti that will teach Haitian artists sustainable new skills (including the actual process of screen-printing, as well as how to find a job with these skills afterwards) and encourage self-reliance. They are currently looking for instructors who can teach design, screen printing and have experience in professional development. Airfare, room and board is provided as well as a $30 stipend. The deadline for residency applications is February 4, 2013. Click here to learn more and apply. (Thanks to Paper Pusher, who first shared this link on their Facebook yesterday.)

Call for Submissions: For the Girls

For the Girls is a website/e-zine devoted to erotica for women. (WARNING: Website is most decidedly NSFW!) They are currently looking for submissions of flash fiction (between 300 – 500 words) that are succinct, clever, erotic and aimed at a female audience. They are also looking for guest columnists to sound off in a new column called Bedhead Graffiti, where different writers can share “opinions, epistles, musings, rants and reasoned arguments” on the topic of sex and relationships. Newcomers and seasoned writers are both welcome. Both opportunities are paid. For more information on how to submit, go to this posting.

Call for Vendors: OCAD Zine Fair

The 5th annual OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) University Zine Fair is nearly upon us, and you should reserve a table to show off/sell your wares.

Call for Submissions: Subtle Technologies Festival

Subtle Technologies is a group of artists, scientists, engineers, technologists and others, interested in showcasing Canadian creativity, cross-disciplinary ideas and exploring new technologies. They are holding their 16th festival in June and are currently looking for submissions. The criteria, as you might imagine, is broad but focused on a single theme: Immortality. The floor is yours in terms of mediums and ideas used to explore this theme. Whew! Submission deadline is February 25, 2013. To learn more, click on the organization’s website.


Calls for Submissions and Etc

1. Static Zine Issue #6
The Toronto-based Static Zine is taking submissions for its sixth issue, themed “Elsewhere.” Deadline is February 11, 2013. For guidelines and more info (and to see past issues) go to the zine’s website.

2. Canadian Postcard Project
In its second year, this wonderful initiative aims to once again connect practicing artists with Grade 7 students at a middle school. Artists are invited to submit a postcard of their work to Students will then choose an artwork/artist that they admire and create a postcard in reflection of that chosen piece. Once the student work is made and mailed,the artist will then send a new postcard back in response. Deadline is January 31, 2013. For more info, visit the project on Facebook.

3. 13th Annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival

The Yukon Riverside Arts Festival is currently accepting applications from interactive artists, workshop artists, installation artists, art fair participants, exhibition curators, and musicians / performers for their 13th installment, which takes place August 15 – 18 in Dawson City. Initial review date is April 1, 2013. A small amount of travel funding is provided, along with meals for the festival’s duration. Learn more at the festival’s website.

4. Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design

Submissions are open for the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax – Nova Scotia’s only fine craft public gallery. They are looking for traditional and contemporary fine craft created by local, regional, Canadian and international artists. Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2013. For requirements and more info, visit the website.

5. Paper Route Artist Online Classifieds

Paper Route is a brand-spanking-new DIY directory published quarterly to promote small businesses and individuals offering services in Toronto. The paper publishes classified ads for free and distributes copies to the public across the city. For their first issue, they are running free ads for small businesses or individuals that offer a service. There are a number of options, including “draw your own ad.” Did we mention this is free? Pretty awesome. Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2013. Visit their Facebook group for more info.

6. Best Gay Erotica 2014

The anthology is seeking one-to-20-page stories of male-on-male eroticism. Established writers and newbies welcome. Deadline: April 15, 2013. Go to the project’s website to learn more. Sizzzzzzler!

Calls for Submissions and Etc.

1) Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013

2) Call for Submissions: Closed Caption’s Pirate Aesthetics Zine (UK)

3) Writer’s Union of Canada: Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers

4) Residency: Quest Art (Midland, ON)

5) Residency: Sparkbox Studio Emerging Artist Award (Prince Edward County, ON)

6) Call for Submissions: Bourbon for Blood Poetry Anthology


1) Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013

In the Indie Writers’ Deathmatch, the top eight entrants selected by Broken Pencil are pitted against each other two by two. The winning story is decided by Broken Pencil readers themselves, through a vote on the official magazine website. Each week, two stories will be pitted against each other in the online arena, where anyone and everyone can read them and vote on which one deserves to reign supreme.

This year the Deathmatch winner gets a prize pack including a consulation with literary agent Sam Hiyate of the Rights Factory, a feedback session with novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith and a feedback session with one of Canada’s top independent presses. All this plus publication in Broken Pencil and cash! The top 3 runners-up get $100 and publication in Spring 2013 issue of Broken Pencil Magazine!

Check the Broken Pencil website for complete contest rules and regulations. Deadline to enter: December 31, 2012.


2) Call for Submissions: Closed Caption’s Pirate Aesthetics Zine (UK)

Pirate content isn’t what it used to be. The physical manifestations of  illegal content are becoming lost in a world of removable hard drives and usb sticks. In the not-so-distant past we used to embellish our content with marker pens, drawings or even secret messages. From your excessively-decorated mix CDs to those DVDs that have completely useless titles like ‘New Music’ or ‘Top secret bullshit’, we are celebrating the beautiful and the mundane.

Closed Caption are asking for contributors to dig out any of your physical pirated content. This can be anything from VHS tapes, CDs, mix cassettes, DVDs and take a photograph of them and then send it to us at

We are looking to publish this collection in zine form and have an exhibition and release party in early February. Deadline for submissions is January 10th 2013.


3) Writer’s Union of Canada: Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers

Winner and finalists will have their stories submitted to three Canadian magazine publishers for consideration.
Entry Fee: $29 per entry. $2,500 Prize. Cheque or money order made payable to The Writers’ Union of Canada.
Eligible Writers: Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, and all writers who have not been published in book format, in any genre and who do not have a contract with a book publisher.

Eligible Entries: Nonfiction and fiction prose; up to 2,500 words, English language. Not previously published in any format. Multiple submissions are welcome.

How to Submit Entries: Hard copy format only, double-spaced, on numbered pages, plain 8.5” x 11” paper, not stapled, with  separate cover letter with full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, number of pages of entry, and whether submission is fiction or non-fiction. Please type name of entrant and title of entry on each numbered page. Manuscripts will not be returned.

Deadline: Entries must be postmarked March 1, 2013.

Send entries to: SPC Competition 
The Writers’ Union of Canada
90 Richmond St. E, Suite 200
, Toronto, ON, M5C 1P1.


4) Residency: Quest Art (Midland, ON)

Quest Art’s Artist in Residence, a brand new program, will provide opportunities for new, emerging, or established artists to create, explore, learn, exchange ideas, and insights within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Applications, which will be reviewed by an adjudicating committee, are now being accepted for month long residencies in January or February 2013.

An application should include a resume or cover letter, and artist statement, a DVD with 10 accompanying images, a list of professional references as well as a non-refundable application processing fee of $25 payable to Quest Art.

Applications can be dropped off at Quest Art in the Midland Cultural Centre or mailed to Quest Art, c/o Ninette Gyorody, 333 King Street, Midland, ON L4R 3M7. Selected residents must provide their own accommodation as this is not a live-in residency.

The residency includes a 700-square-foot facility, one large window facing north, overlooking the Midland Cultural Centre atrium that provides natural light, professional grade easels, a hanging system (4 walls), storage closet with two sinks as well as tables and chairs.

For more information, please call 705-526-ARTS (2787), or visit our website.


5) Residency: Sparkbox Studio Emerging Artist Award (Prince Edward County, ON)

Beginning your career as an emerging artist can be tough, which is why Spark Box Studio is offering FREE RESIDENCIES to fine art students and emerging artists. This residency opportunity is a unique way for young and emerging artists to cultivate new ideas, access a rich library of arts resources, learn about career-building opportunities, and develop an understanding of the art world from a business perspective.

Six emerging artists will receive a one-week (7 days) residency at our studio in Prince Edward County. The selected applicants will be given a private studio space and given access to the Spark Box Studio equipment and resources. As well, winners will be provided with living accommodations for their week-long stay. They will also have access to career guidance from owners Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping, along with local community members. The winter residency award runs from February 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013. Please be advised that the award is for 7 consecutive days.

Applying for the Residency Award gives artists the opportunity to practice an essential business skill in the art world: the application process. Deadline for applications is January 1, 2013.


6) Call for Submissions: Bourbon for Blood Poetry Anthology

Winged City Press and Two of Cups Press announce a call for submissions for the forthcoming anthology tentatively titled BOURBON FOR BLOOD, due out in July 2013.

We are looking for well-crafted, full-bodied poems that mention bourbon. From a passing reference or a traditional ode to your favorite distillery – we have no stylistic preferences other than to demand that your work is top shelf.

Submission guidelines: Send up to three bourbon-related poems to by Jan 1, 2013.

Previously published poems are accepted for consideration as long as all the required information is provided in the submission. Contributors will receive one copy with the option to buy additional copies at cost. Bios will be requested if your poem is selected.

Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013

Killam Library Artist Residency (Halifax, NS)

Thematic Residences and Banff Artist-in-Residence Program (Banff, AB)

Guest Programmer, aluCine Latin Film and Arts Media Festival (Toronto, ON)

Call for Submissions: Chrysalis Zine (Ottawa, ON)

Friends of Merrill Short Story Contest


Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013

In the Indie Writers’ Deathmatch, the top eight entrants selected by Broken Pencil are pitted against each other two by two. The winning story is decided by Broken Pencil readers themselves, through a vote on the official magazine website. Each week, two stories will be pitted against each other in the online arena, where anyone and everyone can read them and vote on which one deserves to reign supreme.

This year the Deathmatch winner gets a prize pack including a consulation with literary agent Sam Hiyate of the Rights Factory, a feedback session with novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith and a feedback session with one of Canada’s top independent presses. All this plus publication in Broken Pencil and cash! The top 3 runners-up get $100 and publication in Spring 2013 issue of Broken Pencil Magazine!

Check here for complete contest rules and regulations. Deadline to enter: December 31, 2012


Killam Library Artist Residency (Halifax, NS)

Six week residency, January 21 – March 1, 2013. Application deadline: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at midnight. The Killam Library is architecturally distinct internally and externally. Completed in 1971 in the Brutalist style, the lack of exterior windows is in sharp contrast to the interior glass courtyard filled with greenery. The slate floors and concrete or glass walls bounce sound through a space intended for research and quiet contemplation. These contradictory architectural qualities are intriguing potentials for an artist to consider, as are the notions of libraries as repositories of knowledge, the physicality of books themselves, student interactions, and the notion of multidisciplinarity. This library is active visually, aurally, socially, and academically.

Your digital only application should include:

  1. A 250 word description of your proposed project
  2. 5 images (each file no larger than 400 kb) / short video or sound files (links to online files) / documents of previous and/or proposed work
  3. CV (no longer than 3 pages)

Send to:


Thematic Residences and Banff Artist-in-Residence Program (Banff, AL)

AMAZING new programs are open at the Banff Centre right now, including “Society Is A  Workshop,” a program that explores the “physical and metaphoric docks, as well as practices of docking in art, culture, design, critical theory, cultural studies” and a wonderful Artist-In-Residency program. Go to the Banff Centre website for more information and deadlines.

Guest Programmer, aluCine Latin Film and Arts Media Festival (Toronto, ON)

aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival is seekign a guest programmer for the thirteenth edition of aluCine in March! If you or someone you know has a strong knowledge of contemporary Latino-Canadian film, then you may be a candidate for the curation of a program of new Canadian content to be screened at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall as part of Canada’s longest running Latino film festival. The selected programmer will be compensated for their efforts. Please email for more information.

Call for Submissions: Chrysalis Zine (Ottawa, ON)

Ottawa’s Chrysalis Zine is looking for submissions for its third issue, with the theme “Impressions.” Please include a brief bio separately from your submission document. Do not put your name on your submission document. Visual artists, please send your submissions in jpeg format. We will be publishing a limited
number of colour pages. Deadline is Friday, December 14th. Please submit work to We are also always looking for reviews of art, music and literature for the Chrysalis blog.

Friends of Merrill Short Story Contest

This very cool speculative fiction contest is seeking innovative, inclusive, original fiction. Prizes include cash ($350 CDN total), chances to pitch a novel to ChiZine Publications, and more. Length: 5000 words max. Entry fee: $5 per entry. Deadline February 15, 2013. Learn more at the contest’s website.


Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013
Call for Submissions: Thematic Residency, Gibraltar Point (Toronto)

Call for Submissions: Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (Hamilton)
Call for Submissions: Hundred Dollar Film Fest (Calgary)
Call for Submissions: Inside Out LGBT Film Festival (Toronto)
Call for Submissions: Union Gallery (Kingston)
Call for Submissions: You Are Here (Arizona)


Call for Entries: Broken Pencil Literary Deathmatch 2013

In the Indie Writers’ Deathmatch, the top eight entrants selected by Broken Pencil are pitted against each other two by two. The winning story is decided by Broken Pencil readers themselves, through a vote on the official magazine website. Each week, two stories will be pitted against each other in the online arena, where anyone and everyone can read them and vote on which one deserves to reign supreme.

This year the Deathmatch winner gets a prize pack including a consulation with literary agent Sam Hiyate of the Rights Factory, a feedback session with novelist and Globe and Mail columnist Russell Smith and a feedback session with one of Canada’s top independent presses. All this plus publication in Broken Pencil and cash! The top 3 runners-up get $100 and publication in Spring 2013 issue of Broken Pencil Magazine!


All writers who win their first round will have 24 hours to submit a revised version of their story before the next round. All DM round 1 winners must submit a story revision they cannot use the round one story in round two without revisions. The BP editors will determine, in consultation with the online community of voters and commentators, which version of the story will ultimately appear in Broken Pencil.

Check here for complete contest rules and regulations. Deadline to enter: December 31, 2012


Call for Submissions: Thematic Residency, Gibraltar Point (Toronto)

Soi Fischer is now accepting applications for the January 2013 session of the Thematic Residency Program: NEW NOISE by Niall McLelland.
Program Dates: January 2 – 15, 2013
Application Deadline: November 28, 2012
Price: $850 + HST
The Thematic Residency Program in Toronto, Canada offers artists the opportunity to work independently with the mentorship of a visiting professional artist, curator or critic working in international contemporary art. Thematic residencies explore various models including studio work, formal lectures, group discussion, peer collaboration and outdoor retreats. This direction allows individual residents to find common ground amongst each other’s disparate practices and establish new connections through communal dialogue.

Call for Submissions: Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (Hamilton)

Centre3 for Print and Media Arts (formerly The Print Studio) invites submissions from Canadian artists using cutting-edge technology in their art practice, including but not restricted to tablets, interactive (video etc) technology, and cell phones etc. New Media takes the form of innovative artworks integrating technology or robotics, kinetic sculpture, installations, performances, immersive environments, web art, VJing, electronic art, and interactive works. Only electronic submissions will be accepted, whether e-mailed or submitted on CD or DVD. Text is to be in Word documents. Selected artist(s) will be presented in an exhibition in the Main
Space in September, 2013. DEADLINE: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2012. More info here.

Call for Submissions: Hundred Dollar Film Fest (Calgary)

The 21st annual Hundred Dollar Film Festival (March 7-9 2013) showcases independent and experimental short films made on celluloid. We are looking for:
Short films (under 22min)
Finished on film (Super 8 or 16mm)
Released after December 1, 2010
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: December 1, 2012 No entry fee! For submission form visit our site.

Call for Submissions: Inside Out LGBT Film Festival (Toronto)

Inside Out hosts one of the largest queer film festivals internationally, highlighting the diversity of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and transgendered film and video making in documentary, narrative and experimental shorts and features. Taking place over 11 days, the Festival draws crowds of 35,000 to screenings, artist talks, panel discussions, installations and parties that highlight more than 180 works from Canada and around the
world. The Festival includes both Canadian and International juries as well as audience awards and cash prizes.
We are currently accepting submissions for our 23rd annual festival edition (May 23-June 2, 2013). Early submission deadline is December 17, 2012 ($20 submission fee), regular deadline is February 8, 2013 ($25 submission fee).

Call for Submissions: Union Gallery, 1st floor, Stouffer Library (Kingston)

Union Gallery is accepting submissions for the Main Space and Project Room.The program supports the presentation of contemporary art, encouraging original, collaborative and experimental ideas and provides a forum for the exchange of information concerning contemporary art practices.
The main space is approximately 1,000 square feet. The project room is a 16′x10′x16′ self-contained space located inside the main gallery. It is a venue to present primarily installation, new media and time and sound-based works though other proposals will be considered. Submission Deadline: November 15th. For more information and to download the application guidelines go to:

Call for Submissions: You Are Here (Arizona)

you are here: the journal of creative geography seeks submissions of poetry, prose, original artwork, and multimedia.
Geographers have long been concerned with understanding the planet and the relationships that exist throughout it: physical, social, political, emotional, and beyond. However, geographer or not, humans require multiple forms of accessing, interpreting, and interacting with the world. To exist, we must sense. The 2013 issue of you are here: the journal of creative geography seeks submissions that explore and expand our concept of SENSING the world.
All submissions must be received by February 1st. All entries are limited to 10 pages. Please include with all
submissions a cover letter containing complete contact information. Original material will not be returned unless
requested. Submissions may be sent to (replace
(at) with @) or mailed (along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:
you are here
School of Geography and Development
University of Arizona
Harvill Building, Box 2
P.O. Box 210076
Tucson, AZ 85721-0076

Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Submissions: Running With Concepts, the Sonic Edition

Call for Masks: Sophia Bartholemew

Call for Submissions: Prism Intl Magazine

Call for Submissions: Vector Art & Game Conference

Call for Participation:  Dear Diary



Call for Submissions: Running With Concepts, the Sonic Edition

This hybrid event is part-workshop, part-conference, part-crit session, part-master class, part pechakucha (but longer), part ignite (but longer still). The event is founded on the following questions: How do ideas take form? How does one embark on the process of extracting, editing and distilling an idea into a presentable format? These types of questions are found in all disciplines. This year’s installment focuses on sound.

One half of this intensive two day event will be led by the three invited mentors who will model the process by which they each move from the conceptual to the ­final stages of a project.  The other half of the weekend will feature presentations by graduate students, undergraduates, recent alumni, and practicing artists and scholars, selected from the submissions we receive.

To propose a presentation, submit a 250-word description of your project including what type of presentation you have in mind (PowerPoint, performance, etc.) plus bio or CV to

Current graduate students will be given priority, but recent grads, upper level undergrads, young scholars and emerging artists may apply.

Deadline: Monday December 3, 2012.

Call for Masks: Sophia Bartholemew

a call for submissions : a call for masks : i am seeking your sneaking suspicions : i want to wear your masks : to disguise my ‘self’ when photo graphing my aversions – 382 consecutive t-shirts : check it out here :
MAIL ME A MASK : 31B sunbury street, fredericton NB
leave me whatever contact information you like. i will wear every mask.
other con figurations : depending on what you send :
i’ll post your name and web sight on the tumblrr and on the blog here :
send me other photos of the the mask and i will post them on the tumblrr and file them in the archive : If the masks are in some way a part of an upcoming exhibition, i’ll
be in touch.

Call for Submissions: Prism Intl Magazine

PRISM International 2012/ 2013 Contest is now accepting writing submissions in: Literary Non-Fiction, Short Fiction and Poetry.

Literary Non-Fiction deadline: November 28, 2012.
Short Fiction deadline: January 25, 2013.
Poetry deadline: January 25, 2013

Literary Non-Fiction First Prize: $1500, Runner-up: $300, Second
Runner-up: $200.
Short Fiction deadline First Prize: $2000, Runner-up: $300, Second
Runner-up: $200.
Poetry deadline First Prize: $1000, Runner-up: $300, Second
Runner-up: $200.

2012/ 2013 Contest Judges
Andreas Schroeder: Literary Non-Fiction
Annabel Lyon: Short Fiction
Rhea Tregebov: Poetry

Call for Submissions: Vector Art & Game Conference

Vector Game + Art Convergence, Canada’s first ever festival focusing on video game art, invites you to submit to its inaugural edition taking place February 21-24, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The practices within game art are varied and diverse, as such this open call will be open to artists working within many creative contexts. Vector is seeking works that critically address the politics, technologies, representations and aesthetics of video games. We are seeking works from artists in all stages of their creative careers from emerging to established.

Submit to:
Works For Exhibition.
Film/ Video Works for Screening Series.
Written Works for Catalogue.
Artist Multiples for Pop-Up Shop.

How to Submit.
** All submissions must include an attached copy of the Vector Submission Form, as well as samples of the work being submitted.
** For video and audio works: for digital submission please supply links to samples of the work being submitted. If mailing please send CDs/DVDs to the address below.
** Photographic documentation of other works should be limited to no more than 10 images.
** All submissions must be sent to, with the subject heading “VECTOR SUBMISSION”, followed by the name of the stream you are submitting to, (Screening, Exhibition, Catalogue, Pop-Up Shop).
**Works may also be mailed to: Vector c/o Skot Deeming/ 531 Quebec Ave/ Toronto/ Ontario/ Canada/ M6P 2V6.
** Please consolidate all files into a .zip folder titled Vector Submission.
** All submissions must be received before 5pm on December 10th,2012. Final Programming announcements and acceptance letters will be sent out on January 1st 2013.

Call for Participation:  Dear Diary

Dear Diary (tentative title) is a community based art project which shares and celebrates the tradition of the diary. This is a call for participants who are willing to anonymously share ‘a day in their life’ in the form of a diary entry. The entry can be from the present or the past, capturing any kind of moment. Selected statements should be one sentence to one page in length. Anonymous diary narratives will be included with the artists personal diary entries, those of celebrities, and other historic figures. Selected narratives will be embroidered on vintage and antique textiles along with illustrations (embroidered and drawn).
For more info or to submit a diary entry, please see

Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Submissions: The Depanneur (Toronto, ON)
Call for Grants: 4Cs Foundation (Halifax, NS)
Call for Gallery Proposals: Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (Canning, NS)
Call for Submissions: Living Arts Centre (Mississauga, ON)
Call for Submissions: Conte Journal



Call for Submissions: The Depanneur (Toronto, ON)

The Depanneur will now play host to College’s teeny-tiniest exhibition and installation space. Small works, 2D and 3D work, site-specific installation, and new media are being considered for exhibitions ranging 1-3 months in length.

THE SPACE: A glass rectangular prism – approx 6′x3′x3′ in size, transparent on all sides and raised to waist-height.

THE VENUE: The Depanneur is a culinary event space. We are a different space depending on the day, sometimes hosting drop-in dinners, sometimes 3-course prix-fixes, sometimes farmshares, sometimes film screenings. We are a diverse and ever-changing cast of characters.

THE REQUIREMENTS: Art on College West is “en panne”. The Depanneur will accept any type of proposal, provided it can be installed for a minimum of one month, and you can work with us to throw a raucous opening party for your art. We’ll do our best to promote your work. You’ll take home half the proceeds from the opening and 75% of the sale of your work.

CONTACT: with all proposals.
DEADLINE: October 31st.

 Call for Grants: 4Cs Foundation (Halifax, NS)

The 4Cs Foundation would like to remind interested groups, organizations, and schools of the approaching October 15, 2012 deadline for grant applications to the foundation.

The 4Cs Foundation funds community arts projects that foster the development of relationships and connections between young people and others in their community.  4Cs Community Arts projects are specifically about bringing young people together with others in their community under the guidance of  a professional artist(s) to collaboratively create artistic activities and artwork(s).The artworks can give voice to a population,  tell stories that have meaning to a community,  illustrate through dance, music, movement or visual art the concerns, issues, pride, or history of a group of people or of a geographical location, such as a neighbourhood.

Please visit our website for more information. In particular, read the page “Applying for a Grant”.

Terri Whetstone, Executive Director
4Cs Foundation
Suite 104, 5663 Cornwallis Street
Halifax, NS B3K 1B6

Call for Gallery Proposals: Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (Canning, NS)

The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts invites visual, sound, performance,installation etc. artists to submit proposals for the Ross Creek Professional Gallery’s 2013-2014 season. We encourage submissions from individual artists and from collaborative artists interested in exhibiting together.

The Centre is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting the arts through education and arts development.

Selection for the Professional Gallery is a juried process; please submit your work in a digital format on either a CD or DVD. Include 10 to 20 images, CV, artist statement, and proposal for the exhibit. Gallery specifications can be found at

Email Lindsay Ann Cory, Artist Programs Director at if you have any additional questions.

 Call for Submissions: Living Arts Centre (Mississauga, ON)

Darn it! Juried Exhibition
November 16, 2012- January 20, 2013

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, October 22, 2012

The Living Arts Centre invites artists to submit works for Darn it!, an exhibition about repurposing and redefining materials and their functional associations.

Like darning an old pair of socks, this exhibition asks artists to re-evaluate found and traditional materials in order to open up new dialogues that are relevant to current practices. With a focus on a range of contemporary media, Darn it! asks artists to reclaim materials in order to breathe new life into objects past their prime. This exhibition will feature works that discuss topics of sustainability, contemporary craft, and interdisciplinary practice.

Artists working in all media are encouraged to submit up to two works for consideration. Traditional and non-traditional media will be considered. Cash prizes will be awarded. For submission details, click here.

Please send submissions to:

Darn it! Juried Exhibition
c/o Exhibition Curator, Megan Press
Studio Arts
Living Arts Centre
4141 Living Arts Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5B 4B8

Call for Submissions: Conte Journal

The editors of Conte, an online journal of narrative writing founded in 2005, announce an open submissions call for poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction for our eighteenth issue, slated for publication in Winter 2012-2013. Recent
contributors include Norman Dubie, Erika Meitner, Bruce Weigl, Robert Wrigley, Sandy Longhorn, Jim Daniels, Nin Andrews, Thorpe Moeckel, and E. Ethelbert Miller, among others. Visit our website for specific guidelines and
past issues. We accept simultaneous submissions through Submittable and strive to respond in three months or less. We look forward to reading your work!

Calls for Submissions and Etc

Residency: Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax, NS)
Call: Critic-In-Residence, Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (Anywhere)
Call for Submissions: DIY Games Room at Canzine
(Toronto, ON)
Call: Struts Gallery Artist-in-Residence (Sackville, NB)
Call for Submissions: Ghost Hole IV at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto, ON)
Call: Hard Liquor and Porn Festival (Toronto, ON)
Call for Submissions: Inch Magazine




Residency: Roberts Street Social Centre (Halifax, NS)

We’ve had a cancellation from one of our residents, and so we’re giving you the opportunity to apply for the October 3rd – 16th residency! Since 2007 we have hosted two week long residencies in the summer and fall. Residents are provided with space, equipment and support for their project as well as living space in a garden shed in the backyard of the Centre.

We are interested in proposals for projects that embody the same sort of do-it-yourself spirit as the Social Centre, and that contribute in some way to the community and/or the space. Take a look at our website for examples of residents from past years.

To apply please send us your name and contact information, a brief description of the project you want to work on while you are here, and how you plan to share your work with others (an event, launch, workshop, show, etc. that you’d like to hold).

Applications should be sent to by Thursday September 27th (today!) and we will make our selection that weekend.


Call: Critic-In-Residence, Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (Anywhere)

CWILA seeks to support a female Canadian writer (poet, novelist, storyteller, scholar) as its resident critic for a calendar year. The aim of the residency is to foster vital criticism that promotes public awareness of women’s literary and critical presence in Canadian letters. The critic-in-residence will work on critical essays and/or book reviews and submit them to one or more Canadian review venues (print or web). This work will also be archived by CWILA and will become available through its website following publication elsewhere, copyright permitting. If time allows, the critic-in-residence is encouraged to support a climate of critical responsiveness in Canadian letters through a collaborative or community-based project of her choice. The writer will be free to work from home.

Criteria: Applications should include a letter of intent describing the project or projects the applicant wishes to undertake, the venue or venues to which they plan to submit, a one-page CV, and a short sample of critical work.

We encourage applications from genderqueer writers, Indigenous writers, as well as other women and/or genderqueer writers of colour.

Stipend: $2,000

Applications: Applications can be sent to and must be received by November 1, 2012.

Call for Submissions: DIY Games Room at Canzine (Toronto, ON)

Broken Pencil magazine and their DIY tech columnist skot deeming (aka mrghosty) are planning something special at this year’s Canzine. Toronto has a rich creative community of DIY game makers working with various formats. We want to show them off at Canzine Toronto 2012.
We’re looking for a number of people who have made DIY games to come down to the games room and demo them, allowing Canzine attendees to experience DIY game culture first hand.
If you’re a board game, card game or a digital game maker, we want to bring you in, share your work and come play with us on October 21st! Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2012.
Send all inquires and registration info to  Please include your name, the title of your game and a brief description. All those selected to demo games at Canzine will get free admission and the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine.

Call: Struts Gallery Artist-in-Residence (Sackville, NB)

Each year Struts Gallery hosts a series of artist residencies in our Open Studio Program. Each artist-in-residence spends five weeks in the gallery continuing their practice in a public venue. The artists present talks on their work, studio visits and other public presentations as well as workshops related to the work they are engaged in. The artist is paid an artist fee and provided with a per diem and accommodations in Sackville; travel costs are covered by Struts. There is also a budget for advertising, workshop supplies and documentation of the residency.

Project proposal: a brief description of your Exhibition, Performance, Residency, or other event. Specify which program you are applying to. 2) A brief bio. 3) Documentation of your work: up to five images or five minutes
of audio visual material. All images and audio visual material must be Mac compatible. 4) Current curriculum vitae. 5) Other supportive documents or weblinks. 6) Technical needs or site specifications. 7) Self-addressed stamped envelope Please Note: All applications are reviewed by our membership at open programming meetings.

All submissions must arrive at the gallery before 5pm on October 1st. Email submissions are accepted.

Call for Submissions: Ghost Hole IV at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto, ON)

Its that time of year when the light begins to fade and the shadows come out to play. Through painstaking hours of divination and communing with spirits, this year’s premonition is that Ghost Hole IV will reveal itself in Toronto Island’s “Haunted” Public School. (aka Artscape’s Gibraltar Point Art Residency)

Ghost Hole IV will be opening between these dates: October 26th and 27th, 2012.

This October 2012, we are looking for creative ghosts and ghouls to activate the old public school by presenting artworks, photographs, installations, performances, dance, storytelling and other ritualistic means of activating the space.

Also this year, art-psychics and their mediums will be welcomed to rent spaces in Artscape and participate in the Ghost Hole for a two-week residency prior to the event.
Submit: Name, Brief Bio, Contact Information, Project Title, Project Description, Supporting Material: (Maximum 5 photos or videos), Interest in Residency: (yes?/no?)

Send Submissions to Deadline: October 7th at Midnight.

Call: Hard Liquor and Porn Festival (Toronto, ON)

Attention Filmmakers: Send us your funny, dirty, sexy short films. The Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival is a comedy short film festival about sex. It’s not a porn festival (well, mostly not). After a two year break The Festival is back for its 11th year.
The next Festival is November 17, 2012 in Toronto. Screenings in other cities may be announced later.

We encourage all film makers to have fun and make films they enjoy. We are looking for films that are sexy, creative, fun and well done. Raunchy or racy, dirty or demure, taboo or tame, anything but lame. Films about sex, porn, nudity, swearing or something else naughty. Any genre or style is accepted: live action, animation, music video, mobile phone movies, etc.

Films should be 5 minutes or less. International entries accepted. Earlybird deadline: Oct. 1, 2012.  After October 1, 2012 there will be a $20 entry fee. Films may be submitted directly on our website.

Call for Submissions: Inch Magazine

Inch is a quarterly magazine devoted to tiny poems and tiny fiction. We believe that good things come in small packages, so we focus our eight pages on poems of one to nine lines, or fiction of 750 words or fewer. Don’t send us a few good lines or paragraphs–send us complete poems and stories that bite, resonate, or sleep with giants. We’ve published work by acclaimed authors, such as Betty Adcock, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, and Daniel Wallace, but we are equally committed to publishing the work of emerging authors.

Nonfiction: Our Fall 2012 issue will be dedicated to short memoir. Submit by November 1, 2012. Our theory is, if life is too short, as most agree it is, you shouldn’t need more than 700 words. Include a cover letter. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please note in your cover letter if your story is submitted elsewhere. We do not accept previously published work. All rights revert to the author upon publication. Pays three copies. We prefer electronic submissions. Submit your work online, and you will be able
to log in and check the status of your submission at any time.



Calls for Submissions and Etc

Call for Submissions: DIY Games Room at Canzine (Toronto, ON)
Call for Submissions: 2013 Waygooze Anthology (Grimsby, ON)
Call for Submissions: The Hundred Dollar Film Festival (Calgary, AB)
Call for Crafters: Heart and Pocket Revue (Sackville, NB)
Call for Zines: Fight Boredom Distro (Montreal, QC)

Call for Applications: Queer Press Grant (Prism Comics)
Contest: Poetry Chapbook Contest (Concrete Wolf)


Call for Submissions: DIY Games Room at Canzine (Toronto, ON)

Broken Pencil magazine and their DIY tech columnist skot deeming (aka mrghosty) are planning something special at this year’s Canzine. Toronto has a rich creative community of DIY game makers working with various formats. We want to show them off at Canzine Toronto 2012.
We’re looking for a number of people who have made DIY games to come down to the games room and demo them, allowing Canzine attendees to experience DIY game culture first hand.
If you’re a board game, card game or a digital game maker, we want to bring you in, share your work and come play with us on October 21st!
Send all inquires and registration info to  Please include your name, the title of your game and a brief description. All those selected to demo games at Canzine will get free admission and the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine.

Call for Submissions: 2013 Waygooze Anthology (Grimsby, ON)

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is excited to announce an open call for submission of print works for the special 35th Anniversary 2013 Wayzgoose Anthology Vol II.
The Grimsby Wayzgoose is a one-day festival held annually on the last Saturday of April to celebrate the book arts. Private press printers, printmakers in all media, book binders, papermakers and related artists gather at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery to celebrate the art of the hand-made book.
To celebrate Wayzgoose’s 35th anniversary, the gallery is publishing a special two-volume anthology in an edition of 135 that will showcase and celebrate print media and the books arts across Canada and internationally.
We are accepting submissions for the second volume of the Wayzgoose Anthology 2013 from printmakers, private presses, and other print media artists for inclusion in the anthology.  The work may be a collaboration or individual work.Each year the gallery also publishes an anthology of signatures submitted by participants of Wayzgoose.
A completed entry form, sample of work and $10 non-refundable entry fee should be received by the gallery no later than 5pm on November 16 2012. The theme for submitted works is the artists’ sense of place in the world, which will provide the anthology with a panoramic perspective on the world and people around us. Your work must measure 8 ½ x 5 ½ inches and accommodate binding in size and folding.  A jury of local arts professionals will make a selection from the submitted works for inclusion in the 2013 Wayzgoose Anthology Vol II. Get your entry form here.
Artists will be notified no later than 14 December 2012 whether or not their work has been selected.

Call for Submissions: The Hundred Dollar Film Festival (Calgary, AB)

The 21st Annual Hundred Dollar Film Festival is open for submissions! Films must be 1) Short (under 22 min)
2) Finished on film (Super 8 or 16mm) 3) Released after Dec 1, 2010. Deadline: December 1, 2012.
The festival runs March 7–9, 2013. Download entry form here.

Call for Crafters: Heart and Pocket Revue (Sackville, NB)

Call for Crafters for the Heart & Pocket Revue
The Heart & Pocket Revue (October 26 & 27 in Sackville, NB) is an independent and alternative market held in conjunction with A Handmade Assembly, organized by Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre with the participation of the Owens Art Gallery. A Handmade Assembly  invites artists, curators and others from the region and away to lead discussions, facilitate workshops, initiate projects, open exhibitions, and share in a common thread, the handmade. We are looking for independent crafters, printmakers, zine-makers, bakers, and so on, to show and sell their goods at the Heart & Pocket Revue.
If you are interested in applying, please send a brief description of your work and 3-5 images of what you do to before 5pm on Friday September 28th. All submissions will be reviewed by a selections committee. The table fee is $15 per day or $20 for both Friday and Saturday.
To see images from last year’s Heart & Pocket Revue, see the Assembly website.

Call for Zines: Fight Boredom Distro (Montreal, QC)

From owner Amber Dearest:

I’m on a distro-stocking frenzy at the moment and I want YOUR zines at Fight Boredom Distro. As you may know, I’m visiting the UK for six weeks in the fall and winter (itinerary-in-progress here), and part of my trip involves tabling at some zinefests (like the Leeds Zine Fair and Queer Zine Fest London, among others). I’ll have a backpack overstuffed with zines, and I wanna bring a whole lot more with me.

Work by queers, anarchists, feminists are a bonus (and remember: my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit). I like diary comics and thoughtful accounts of things like small towns, community-building, livin’ on the cheap. I’d also like to stock more zines on sex work, sobriety, and general hopeful tales of creating yr dream life. Also, more zines from Canada and Québec please! Send zines to Amber Dearest / 344 rue St-Ferdinand / Montréal, Québec / H4C 2S8 Canada.

Call for Applications: Queer Press Grant (Prism Comics)

Every year, Prism awards the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant to assist in the publication and promotion of LGBT comics. The grant is funded by donors who are either creators who want to help others just starting out, or fans who want to see more LGBT creators get published.
The submissions are judged for a variety of elements. First and foremost is the quality of the work itself; the level of the illustration and writing, the use of cartooning techniques such as panels, lettering, and page layout, and the thematic depth and ability to develop character and plot, for example, all play significantly in the decision.
Also under consideration, however, are financial need, the thoroughness of the business plan, and the presentation of the grant proposal. A well-written proposal with no grammatical or spelling errors, for example, can provide the crucial few points to break an artistic stalemate.
The work can be in black and white or in color, and in comic strip, comic book, or webcomic format. It must simply be what we would define as “comics.”  Deadline: October 1, 2012.

Contest: Poetry Chapbook Contest (Concrete Wolf, Kingston, WA)

Deadline: November 30, 2012. Prize: 100 copies of a perfectly-bound chapbook. Reading Fee: $20, checks payable to Concrete Wolf. Final Judge: Kelli Russell Agodon
Submission Guidelines: We prefer chapbooks that have a theme, either obvious (i.e. chapbook about a divorce) or understated (i.e. all the poems mention the color blue). We like a collection that feels more like a whole than a sampling of work. We have no preference as to formal or free verse.
16 to 26 pages of poetry, plus a table of contents and acknowledgments (if applicable). Please number all your pages. Include 2 cover sheets, one with title, author information (including email and
phone), and one just with the title. Reading Fee: $20, checks payable to Concrete Wolf.
Winner will be announced in February 2013 and published Fall 2013.

Call for Submissions and Etc

Open Studio Seeking Submissions, Residencies (Toronto)

Submissions are being accepted to exhibit in the Open Studio Gallery for the period between September 2013 and July 2014. The gallery is also accepting applications for their visiting artist residency program (September 2013 – April 2014.)

Open Studio is an artist-run printmaking studio and exhibition venue that presents a wide range of traditional and experimental print media-based work. Accepted formats include: 2- and 3-dimensional works, bookworks, digital and multi-media installation-based work. We welcome proposals by individual artists, groups and curators. CARFAC Artist Fees are paid. Please review our submission guidelines by visiting and clicking on Submissions.

DEADLINE: Submissions must be received on or before 5:00 pm on Monday, September 17, 2012.

For more information about each program and guidelines on how to apply, including digital submission requirements, please visit the Open Studio website.

Blue Heron Studio Repurposed Books Contest (Uxbridge, ON)

The Blue Heron Studio (based out of Uxbridge’s Blue Heron Bookstore) is celebrating its launch by inviting artists and craftspeople to re-imagine discarded books into new objects. These objects can be sculptural, functional or two-dimensional. You are invited to produce up to two objects for this event either in your own space or at our upcoming workshop on Wednesday, August 8th from 6:30 – 9:30pm. Submissions for the exhibition are due at Blue Heron Studio by Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 4pm.

For the more ambitious, we are also accepting proposals for installations which will be housed in various storefronts and retail spaces. Deadline: Friday, August 24th, 7pm.

The grand prize is $500. Jury selection for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize will be announced at the opening reception on Saturday, September 22nd. The public will be invited to select a People’s Choice Award during the exhibition of entries from September 22nd to September 29th. All work must be picked up between the hours of 5:30—8:30pm on Friday, September 29th, 2012.

Lift Out Loud Call for Short Scripts (T0r0nt0)

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) runs a popular screenplay reading series called LIFT OUT LOUD. We are
currently looking for short screenplays for our LIFT OUT LOUD reading in October.

Please submit them as either a PDF or Word document by Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 to: liftoutloud(at)
Subject Heading: “LIFT OUT LOUD October 2012 Submission.”

Please note: To facilitate impartiality, please include your name in the body of your email, but NOT anywhere on the script.

If selected, non-member submissions will be required to join LIFT’s membership:

Low-Fi Sci-Fi Film Challenge (Toronto)

Make a  five-minute science fiction-themed movie in one weekend. Starting Friday, August 24, you will have 48 hours to make a sci-fi mini-masterpiece. On August 24 at 7pm, challengers will receive three prompts – a track of music, a line of dialogue and a physical prop. You then have to incorporate these three things into your piece however you see fit. The finished products will be screened at Toronto’s Monach Tavern the following night (August 27th) at 7pm.  Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or a newbie, this is for you.  Deadline for registration is August 21.

Bloodroot Literary Magazine Poetry Competition (Vermont)

Three prizes of $200, $100, $50, three honorable mentions and publication in 2012 Bloodroot Literary Magazine edition. Reading period runs April 1 through September 15. Please consult full contest guidelines here.

The competition is open to any poet who writes in English. Manuscripts should be typewritten or computer-printed on white 8-1/2″ X 11″ paper. We can only accept hard copies. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. Submit original, unpublished, free verse, 10 lines to 2 pages. Entry fee: $15 for three poems, $5 each additional poem. Your name must not appear on the manuscript. Please provide name, address, email address, titles of poems in a cover letter.
Entries must be postmarked no later than September 15, 2012. Manuscripts cannot be returned. Please no simultaneous submission to other publications.

Watercress Journal Short Fiction Contest (Ohio)

Watercress Journal is a new online literary magazine based in Lakewood, Ohio. It is currently taking submissions for its first short story competition. Submissions should not exceed 5,000 words. Every entry will be provided feedback from one of the five judges and be considered for publication in the journal. The top three entries will receive feedback from all five
judges. First place will receive $100 prize. We are looking for previously unpublished fiction. Surprise us, inspire us.
Send us your best work. Simultaneous submissions are okay with notification upon acceptance elsewhere. Deadline August 15th.
There is a $5.00 reading fee – Please provide your PayPal confirmation code at the top of your entry.

Calls for Submissions and Etc

Here’s another round-up of calls for submissions and other contests that we like. Email if you have any to share.

Papirmasse Call for Submissions

Papirmasse is an affordable art subscription that sends a monthly print with art on one side and writing on the other to people around the world for the incredible price of $5 a month. If you are an artist or a writer, now is your chance to have your work sent around the world! Selected Contributors receive a stipend and three free copies of their issue.  Before submitting, please review our past issues here. Learn more about us here. Deadline is October 15, 2012.

Wanted: Writing About Toronto Food

Stained Pages Press seeks submissions for an anthology of food writing about Toronto. Accepting poetry, essays and short fiction. Length: 3000 words max. Deadline: November 30, 2012. Payment: One copy.

Vallum Magazine Seeks Poetry on Magic

Vallum Magazine (Canada) seeks poetry for issue 10:1. Theme: Magic – What is magic? Does it exist in today’s technological world Poems accepted by regular mail only. Deadline: October 15, 2012.

Call for Vendors: City of Craft (Toronto)

Even though it is the middle of summer, applications are now open for one of Toronto’s coolest winter craft fairs, City of Craft (taking place December 8 and 9, 2012.) This much-anticipated show draws crowds upwards of 5000 people to its tightly curated Queen West West event annually. The competition to get in is historically tough but is worth the annual gamble to catch a ride on what feels like Toronto’s most dazzling annual indie craft carnival. Deadline for applications is August 31, 2012.

Descant Magazine: Winston Collins/Descant Prize for Best Canadian Poem

Maximum entry length is 100 lines, typed, double-spaced. Previously published material will not be considered. Winner will receive CAN $1000, plus payment for publication in Descant. $30 entry fee (includes GST and a one-year subscription). Deadline for entries: October 12, 2012. Prize Announcement: Spring 2013. For a complete list of rules, please click here.

Ghost Story Writing Contest (Texas)

Friends of the Dr. Eugene Clark Library (Texas) invite entries for the Scare The Dickens Out of Us ghost story writing contest. First prize: US$1000. Length: 5000 words max. Open to all. Contest is privately funded. Entry fee: US$20. All entry fees support the library. Deadline: October 1, 2012

Fading Light Juried Writing Competition (St. Paul, MN, USA)

Open To Interpretation is a new collaborative book project that begins as a two-part process. The photography call for entry comes first. The judge’s results will be posted on-line. Writers and poets will then be invited to view the images and submit stories or poems that are inspired by the posted images. For more information, please click here.
Theme: Fading Light
Judge: Jacqueline Kolosov
Submission Fee: $20 for 3 poems or prose, $10 each additional
Deadline for Submission: November 13, 2012
Awards: $500 Judge’s Selection Award




Calls for Submissions and Etc

Hey everyone! This week we’re introducing a new  feature on the website where we find a handful of contests, calls for submissions and residencies that we deem BP-friendly and collect them here. If you know of any calls for submissions that we have missed, please email Alison at

Trio House Press July Open Reading Period extended to August 15

Trio House Press will accept submissions of full-length poetry manuscripts (48-70 pp.) until August 15 for its open reading period.
Poets whose manuscripts are selected must serve as Collective Members of Trio House Press for a period of twenty-four months.
All submissions are through Submittable, accessed through our website. Please include a detailed cover letter, approximately two pages in length, with bio, publication history and marketing plan at the beginning of the file in front of your manuscript. Open reading fee is $20.

Call for Submissions: Dead Gender Magazine

dead gender magazine is calling for art+lit submissions for our FOURTH ISSUE— the Fall 2012 issue!

DG is less of a magazine, and more of a collection of cool; an anthology of AWESOME.
We’ve published a diverse range of artistic styles and media by an even more eclectic bunch of artists and writers from all around the world.
We like the radical, and the hilarious! WE ALSO REALLY LIKE ACTIVISM.
Visual art: attach up to five visual pieces (high-res jpg. doc’s/photos)
Lit: attach up to five poems, or prose pieces no longer than 2000 words!
*include literature in the body of your email, or as a single attachment!

Submissions and questions can be sent to:
(you must include your mailing address and a short biography with your submission!)


Fall/Winter Residencies At Artscape Gibraltar Point

Open year-round, Artscape Gibraltar Point is peaceful artist retreat centre located on the Toronto Islands, a natural haven that feels worlds away. Enjoy clean and cozy private accommodations, a variety of bright and spacious studio spaces, a shared kitchen and lounge, free Wi-Fi, bike rentals, beautiful green spaces and the Gibraltar Point Beach!
To find out more about artist residencies, visit us online to check out rates and amenities.
We are now booking for Fall/Winter 2012 and beyond. Contact Lisa Cristinzo at 416-392-1030 or to learn more.

Springfield Writer’s Guild 19th Annual Literary Awards

#1 Poetry Any subject, any form Limit: one page, single spaced
#2 Fiction Any subject Limit: 1,000 words, double spaced
#3 Non-Fiction Any subject Limit: 1,000 words, double spaced
Awards: 1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $50, 3rd place – $25, one Honorable
Mention, plus Certificates
(Fee: $3.00 per entry)
There is no limit to the number of entries as long as the $3.00 fee is paid for
each submission.
Only one award will be given per person in the same category in the Jim Stone

Limit: 1,000 words, double spaced Limit: 1 page, single spaced
#4 Fiction, any genre # 8 Any Specific Form, any subject
#5 Non-Fiction, any subject # 9 Humorous, any form
#6 Humorous #10 Free Verse, any subject
#7 SWG Members Only: any genre, any subject #11 Shakespearean Sonnet, any

Awards: 1st place – $25, 2nd place – $15, 3rd place – $10, one Honorable
Mention, plus Certificates
(Fee: $2.00 per entry)
NOTE: There is no limit to the number of entries as long as the $2.00 fee is
paid for each submission.
It IS possible to win more than one award per person in the same category in
these Prose and Poetry Divisions.

Click here for entry regulations.

San Gabriel Literary Festival Chapbook Contest

The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival announces its first chapbook contest open to everyone. Prizes will include $100 and a featured reading at the upcoming San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival in West Covina, California. To enter, log on the festival website and download an application.

Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards

A Short Story Competition from Writer’s Digest.
Devise a thriller. Scare up a horror. Entice a romance from your most tender recesses. Whatever your genre, we’ve got the category for you.
Choose your favorite genre and enter your best in 4,000 words or less. Each of the 6 categories offers the a place for everybody’s story.
Compete and win in All 6 Categories! Entry Deadline: September 14, 2012
Wondering what’s in it for you?
•    A chance to win the Grand Prize including $2,500 and a trip to the 2013 Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City.
•    A chance to win one of the six $500 Category First Prizes
•    Get your fiction story featured in Writer’s Digest and on
•    Win $100 off a purchase at
•    Receive a copy of the 2013 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market

PushPin’s 2012 Zine Challenge

There are many zine- and print-related events which encourage people to create physical objects for their own and their community’s reading enjoyment. There’s the 24-Hour Zine Thing, Revenge of Print and right now UK-based Pushpin Zines is encouraging creators to make a personal commitment to make that zine they’ve been mulling over.

It’s a pretty easy commitment to make. By signing up for the challenge, participants agree to make a zine before July 1, 2013. There will be no one tracking your progress, but the idea is that by making the public commitment to zinemaking, you will be able to motivate yourself to get things done. As an added incentive, if you add the 2012 Zine Challenge image (shown above) to your blog or website, you may start being reminded by friends and readers that people are waiting for your zine.

A final incentive from Pushpin is prizes. Participants who send their zine to Pushpin before July 1, 2013 will be added to a draw to win a £10 voucher to buy zines from Pushpin. There will also be the opportunity to distribute your finished product through Pushpin and, if you send your zine to the UK distributor, they will write about your zine in a final round-up on their website.

If you visit the list of challenge participants on Pushpin’s site you can read testimonies from creators who have accepted the challenge. One first-time zinemaker says “I’ve always been really into zines. They’re extremely fun to thumb through and admire. I’d love to create some sort of art zine, but I’m not really sure how I’ll approach it as of yet. But, I’m super stoked to do some research and get to work on my first zine!.”


Canzine 2012: Call for Submissions

Canzine Toronto is coming up in October, and we are currently on the hunt for art room and workshop submissions. Details below:

Art Rooms:
During past Canzines, artists have turned rooms into forests, filled them with typewriter-playing musicians, conducted zine funerals and given lessons in crocheting breasts and testicles. This year Broken Pencil will continue the tradition and are currently looking for artists who would like to rent a room from which they can entertain the masses and sell their wares.

Art rooms are $75. You get a whole room to display your work, create a spectacle and to sell your creations.

If there’s something you would like to learn (or teach!) at Canzine, let us know.

If you would like to share your skills with the Canzine audience, send us your pitch detailing what you would teach, how you would teach it, why this is relevant to the Canzine attendees, and how long you think the workshop would take. If you do not necessarily want to teach something but would like to learn something specific at Canzine, let us know about that too.

Send proposals and ideas to Broken Pencil editor, Lindsay Gibb, at Send a detail of your plans and requirements with either the subject line “Canzine Art Room Proposal” or “Canzine Workshop Pitch.”

Deadline for proposals: July 1st

Canzine Toronto takes place October 21, 2012 at 918 Bathurst Cultural Centre and Canzine West will be in Vancouver on November 17th at W2 (111 West Hastings Street).  Stay tuned for table registration and programming announcements.

Operation: As Hot As Possible

This month, creator of Everybody Moon Jump, Dave Cave, started a grant for unemployed zinesters. Entitled Operation As Hot As Possible (AHAP) and offering $150 to the winning applicant, the grant’s requirements ask that creators strive to get “As Hot As Possible” (by their own standards) and write a zine about it. Broken Pencil spoke with Cave about his new initiative and what put this idea in his head.

Lindsay Gibb: What was the impetus for creating this grant?

Dave Cave: Lately (always?) the topic of privilege has been appearing in a lot of zines and within The Big City Asymetrical-Haircut Zine Community. To me, it turned into this giant pissing contest of who was aware of the most ways people are privileged, and I was like “Okay, but is anyone actually DOING anything about it?” I’m fortunate to be employed with extra income, so I decided to turn my privilege-guilt into a positive action instead of just sitting around and having inert discussions and showing off what I learned in my first year of university.

Operation AHAP is about action.  How much action can you take in your life in three months to make yourself hotter/happier/healthier?  My favourite zines are the motivational, get-shit-done zines, so this is also a way to encourage more [of those type of zines] to be published.

Also, I drank a lot of coffee one morning and sometimes my manic, scrambley ideas get really real, really fast.  One time I had an espresso and accidentally bought a plane ticket to Dawson City.

L.G.: How will you be judging the candidates?

D.C.: I don’t know. This is a new process for me, and I’ll have to wait to see the submissions. I’m looking for people who have previously published a text heavy zine, who is ready to get well, and lays out an interesting plan [for] how they will spend the three months. I’m looking for writers who are not afraid to write about personal issues and lay out their secrets on paper.  Negative points if you spell “dieing” instead of “dying”.

L.G.: Any tips for potential applicants?

D.C.: Don’t be terrible!

Also, can someone tell me how you can attach a document in blogger so people can download the form?  Because right now I’m just having people email me and then I send them the form and I’ve only done it three times and I’m already tired.  I tried to go into the tabs in blogger but I just started playing around with the colour scheme instead.

Remember to mail a copy of one of your zines with the form!

Stop jock hate!

For more information about how to submit visit Operation AHAP’s website. The deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2012.

XPACE needs your zines

XPACE Cultural Centre (an artist-run centre in Toronto) is looking for zine donations to start up its new zine library.

Starting March 2012 the zine library will be accessible in XPACE’s main space during regular gallery hours (Tuesday through Saturday). The zine library will exist alongside two other library projects: a monthly curated library which will coincide with the main gallery exhibits and the boogie woogie mix tape library, a curated sound project wherein themed mix tapes may be enjoyed via provided walkmans.

XPACE is accepting any type of zine, from screenprinted newspapers to hand-bound one-offs, fanzines, mini zines, comics zines, art zines, and any other kind of self-published work.

For more info or to donate zines please contact Alternately, zinesters can drop off or mail zines directly to XPACE Cultural Centre, 58 Ossington Ave., Toronto, ON, M6J 2Y7.

The Broken City

Online literature and arts magazine The Broken City is now accepting submissions for its summer 2012 edition: The Future.

You read that right, aspiring cosmonauts: The Broken City is tackling speculation — science fiction, science fact, utopias, dystopias, time travel, space travel, robots. If it has blinking doodads and happens after today, they want to see it.

Send your poetry, fiction, essays, comics, illustrations, photography and music and/or book reviews to

More details at

Deadline: June 1, 2012.

Call for Short Fiction: Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters is looking for unpublished works of fiction in any genre that are less than 10,000 words long. If you have a story that you would like to submit, please send it as an attached document to Here Be Monsters is an independent speculative fiction anthology based out of Montreal which likes to showcase the weird and wonderful in its books. The anthology is currently looking for stories for the sixth issue, which will be out in Winter 2012.

The deadline to receive submissions is January 16th, 2012. If you’d like to learn more about Here Be Monsters, please visit

Deathmatch Prize Update!

Indie Writers Deathmatch short story contest breaking news!

We’ve sweetened the pot for our winner! The writer who wins Deathmatch 2012 will now get:

12 gorgeous silkscreened prints by acclaimed Montreal illustrator Raymond Biesinger.

That’s in addition to

*Publication in Spring 2012 issue of Broken Pencil Magazine.

*$250 in cash money!

*Stacks of recent titles from great indie presses Coach House Books and Tightrope Books, plus subscriptions to amazing magazines Geist, Taddle Creek and SubTerrain!

Enter the world’s most audacious short story contest right now!

Want to see what you are getting into? Check out past years of Deathmatch insanity — 2010 is here and 2011 is here.

Now we’ll leave you with a nice gallery of  Raymond Biesinger’s work. These are just some of the prints the winner of this year’s DM will receive!












































Broken Pencil is Hiring a New Associate Fiction Editor – Volunteer Position

Job Posting:
Associate Fiction Editor – Broken Pencil: the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts

Volunteer Position.
Downtown Toronto.

Broken Pencil is now accepting applications for the position of Associate Fiction Editor.
This is a volunteer position. It is an ongoing position performed on a part-time basis. Bi-weekly meetings in downtown Toronto are required.

Duties for this position include: Reading fiction submissions to Broken Pencil on an ongoing basis. Helping to shape Broken Pencil Magazine’s fiction publishing online and in print. Working closely with the other editors of Broken Pencil Magazine to select, edit and shape content. Attending bi-weekly Broken Pencil staff meeting. Generally assisting in the ongoing operations of Broken Pencil as required.

The successful applicant will have:
*Familiarity with Broken Pencil Magazine, particularly our tradition of publishing new, exciting, unconventional fiction.
*Familiarity with current and developing trends in independent publishing and culture.
*Proven knowledge of the small press scenes in Canada and the United States.
*Excellent writing and editing skills.
*A demonstrated ongoing commitment to developing independent literary culture.

Please send cover letter, resume and writing sample to



Call for Short Fiction: Ribbon Pig

Ribbon Pig  is currently seeking content for its newly established literary operations. Send short fiction (approximately 2,500 words) or nonfiction or poems to Deadline is Oct 15th.

Ribbon Pig, established in 2011 and based in Montreal, is the literary arm of Maison Kasini and a publisher of poetry, fiction and other forms of literary expression. We are interested in literature that focuses on contemporary issues and settings. For general inquiries or to submit work, please email us at

Call for Project Proposals: Whippersnapper Gallery

Whippersnapper Gallery is currently accepting project proposals for its Toronto street level gallery space from individual artists, creative collectives, and curators. Successful applicants will be offered four-week exhibitions within our unique gallery space in our 2012 –2013 programming year. Whippersnapper Gallery supports New Generation professional visual, new-media, and performance artists thirty years of age and younger, with an emphasis on site-sensitive installation and social practice projects.

You can see the full project call-out, in all its detailed glory, here.

Calling All Unsigned Musicians!

Verbicide is hosting its annual Unsigned Contest in search of the most talented unsigned musicians out there. All genres are welcome and the prizes are kind of a big deal (think thousands of CDs to add to your collection, PR help, media exposure and money).

Any unsigned musician can apply. Enter by October 21. Fan voting will end November 7, and winners of the Judge’s Choice and Reader’s Choice will be announced the following week. For more information log on to the world wide web and visit


Carousel Call For Submissions: September 16

Calling all writers, get those pencils to paper and fingers to the keyboard because Carousel is seeking submissions for their upcoming issue! The work can be any genre and must be previously unpublished. If you consider your writing to be unique and though-provoking, Carousel wants to read it! Submissions can be sent either by email or through the post, but if you are sending through the mail, don’t include a self-addressed stamped envelope, because Carousel will not use it. Are you still sitting here reading this? Get writing!

Be sure to check their website for additional submission guidelines here:

Deadline: September 16, 2011

Room Magazine Call for Submissions

Room Magazine, Canada’s oldest literary magazine by and about women, is looking for submissions to its summer 2012 and 35th anniversary issue. Please send original short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, or art to the magazine before January, 31, 2012. View the submission guidelines here for more information.


Queer Enough Zine Call for Non-Fiction Stories and Essays

“Queer Enough”  seeks illustrations and non-fiction stories or essays that reflect on experiences in different-gender relationships while being out as queer, for issue #2! Different-gender partners of queers who may not necessarily identify as queer are also welcome to share their thoughts and perspectives.

More information on guidelines here :
Submissions and questions should be directed to

Issue #1 is available online at

The Broken City

The Broken City, an online literature/arts magazine, is accepting submissions for its winter 2011 issue: This is why I drink.

In this edition, The Broken City will be tipping back a bottomless bottle of the nectar of the gods as it examines anything and everything related to boozing and carousing: beer, spirits, wine, cocktails, keg parties, open bars, closing time, fisticuffs and, of course, the inevitable hangover that follows it all.

Send your poetry, fiction, essays, comics, illustrations, photography and music and/or book reviews to

More details at

Deadline: November 1, 2011.

Canzine Call for Art Room Entries

Broken Pencil is looking for artists who are interested in creating interactive installations in rooms during Canzine. During past Canzines, artists have turned rooms into forests, filled them with musicians, conducted zine funerals and given lessons in crocheting breasts and testicles. This year Broken Pencil will continue the tradition and are currently looking for artists who would like to rent a room from which they can entertain the masses and sell their wares.

Interested parties should send a pitch detailing their plans to Broken Pencil editor, Lindsay Gibb, at with “Canzine Art Room Proposal” as the subject line.

Art rooms are $75. You get a whole room to display your work, create a spectacle and to sell your creations.

Deadline for proposals: September 22nd

We are also currently accepting table registrations for both Canzine Toronto and Canzine West. Tables are $10. To register please visit

Canzine Toronto:
Sunday, October 23rd
918 Bathurst Centre
Downtown Toronto, 918 Bathurst St (Bathurst just North of Bloor), 1-7pm

Canzine West:
Sunday, November 13th
Vancouver – Ukrainian Hall
805 Pender St. @ 1 – 7 pm

$5 admission comes with a free copy of the Fall issue of Broken Pencil magazine

For additional information about Canzine contact Tory at

The Other Herald

Heralding the art of words since 2006, The Other Herald seeks submissions of short-short fiction, poetry, B&W/greyscale art, comics, articles of interest to writers/creatives, writing exercises or prompts and essays. Quarterly (print) 16-page issues are loosely-based on themes; upcoming themes for 2012 issues are  “Water,”  “words on the top of the head & the bottom of the feet,”  “Walls” and “Fads Ageisms & Generations.” Submit by mail with a bio and SASE to: TOH, P.O. Box 172, Perry, NY 14530, or email to

For more information visit

No deadline mentioned.

Salford Zine Library Video & Zine Submissions

The Salford Zine Library is working on an exhibition for the Salford Art Gallery which will run from October 15, 2011 to January 29, 2012. For the exhibit, the library is creating a film about zinesters, what they make and why they chose self publishing. To submit, email your short (5 minutes or less) talking head videos to Craig at All are welcome to contribute to this project, as they would like to get an eclectic range of zine makers to participate, covering all genres.

In addition, if you would like your self published work to show in the gallery, send your contributions to :48 Landos Court, Manchester M40 7WT United Kingdom.

For more information visit the Salford Zine Library‘s site.

No deadline mentioned.

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

Started in 1973, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives has grown to be the second largest LGBT archive in the world. They acquired an art gallery and museum space that opened in 2009, and are now accepting proposals for their 2012 to 2013 jury-selected exhibitions.

Deadline is August 31, 2011. Artists and curators may apply.

See for information or email

Urban Graffiti

The now web-based Urban Graffiti seeks fiction, poetry, essays, manifestos, comics, and B&W artwork and photography for online publication. Submissions should engage in some way with transgressive behaviour and alternative lifestyles.

See for details.

City of Craft

City of Craft is looking for handmade installations and vendors of handmade wares for its 5th annual celebration of indie craft, art, and culture. Since December 2007, the fair has fulfilled Toronto’s need for “communion and collaboration” and is a place to share craft culture with the larger public. Vendors and visitors alike can “buy, observe, experience, chat about, share, and re-imagine all things handmade.”
The fair will be held at The Theatre Centre (1087 Queen Street West) on December 10 and 11, 2011.

The application deadline is August 31, and there is a $5 application fee. Hop to it, crafters!

Vendor FAQ:
Vendor Application:
Email for information on installation possibilities.