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The Can't Lit Fearless Fiction Package
This is the perfect product for the lover of radical underground writing. Includes: *One year (4 issue) subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine. *A copy of Can'tLit:Fearless Fiction from Broken Pencil (ECW Press). The best of the last 10 years of short stories published in BP! *The limited edition Can'tLit t-shirt! (Note we will email you after we get your order to ask what size shirt you want.)
The Young Indie Package
This is the package for the creative teenager in your life! Includes: *One year (4 issue) subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine. *A copy of The Big Book of Pop Culture: A How-To Guide for Young Artists. This is Hal Niedzviecki's award-winning book for teens about how and why you should subvert the system by making your own zines, videos, music and more. *A set of 5 different Broken Pencil buttons.
Issue 40 - Summer How-To
The Summer How-To Issue! Reviews of DIY guides including bike maintenance, book marketing, preparing the perfect wedding, and much, much more!
Issue 41 - Comedy Issue
We've got this comedy thing down pat. Featuring: Why our funniest writers desperately want to be taken seriously, Canada's funniest literary journals, and a metric ton of reviews!
Issue 42 - Tabloids
Our most tantalizing issue yet! Includes the shocking story of the rise and fall of the Canadian tabloid industry, porn colouring books, plus plenty of reviews, comics, and short stories to keep your curiousity sated!
Issue 37 - They feast on flesh!
Discover what vampires call their new lair, plus a round-table discussion on indie horror, DIY fake blood tips, and a gory pile of new reviews, comics and stories!
Issue 15 - Small Town Savvy
Neo-psychedelic music guru tours Europe for the first time. Plus: Indies take over Main Street, and can Chris Rickett's zine What's Up Chuck save the town of Stratford?
Issue 19 - disCultural Baggage
Featuring a look into the fate of The Criminal Cinema, the Royal Art Lodge, and Slovenian Indie Culture commune Metelkova. Plus: More reviews and stories!
Issue 24 - Is there life after hip?
Hipsters, comics and reviews! What more needs to be said?
Issue 30 - Day Jobs
Wrestling with shitty jobs, wrestling with writing, and wrestling with... wrestling. All that, plus a ton of new reviews and stories!
Issue 31 - Building the Independent City
Featuring new dystopian indie literature, selling street art, and indie cartography. Plus: Surprise! More fantastic reviews and stories!
Issue 32 - Family Issue(s)!
An issue all about family matters, from childhood to parenthood. And even more reviews and stories to read on the family couch!
Issue 35 - Indie International
Features include: Interview with Paul Wilson, bandmember of Czech rock band Plastic People of the Universe, and a look at the Online Zine reference site ZineWiki!
Issue 59 - Look! Up in the Sky!
Comic-stravaganza featuring a profile of kickass comic publisher Annie Koyama, Mark Connery on his zine doodle style, all new original comics and a cover designed by John Martz! Plus: The new direction of indigenous indie artists and the winners of our 2013 Indie Writers' Deathmatch. And, of course, the latest in zines, books & independent creations.
Issue 36 - The Indie Style Issue
DIY haircuts, indie designers and the fast times (new roman) of font history. Buy this issue before it goes out of style.
Set of 5 Broken Pencil Buttons
A set of five different Broken Pencil buttons. A must for all BP and indie culture fans! Includes "the stapler", "the copier", "the broken pencil" and more!
Hello, I'm Special Package
The Hello, I'm Special Package! Perfect for the free-thinking nonconformist in your life. Includes *One year (4 issue) subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine. *A copy of Hal Niedzviecki's groundbreaking book Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity (City Lights Press) *A set of 5 different BP buttons.
The Underground Lit Package
This is a great package for those who love cutting edge new fiction. Includes: *One year (4 issue) subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine. *One copy of Look Down, This is Where it Must Have Happened (City Lights Press), short stories by Hal Niedzviecki, Broken Pencil founder and fiction editor. *One copy of The Program (Random House Canada), a novel by Hal Niedzviecki.
Broken Pencil t-shirt
The gorgeous limited edition Broken Pencil t-shirt. We're sold out of small. M, L, XL available. Note: Once we receive your order we will email you to get your size.
Issue 54 - Zines vs. Art
Get Broken Pencil issue #54. Zines vs. High Art and so much more!
Issue 53 - Mad Zines
The Best of Zines, Comics, Reviews and Underground Culture. Buy Issue 53 TODAY! Mad Zines: Creators Confront Mental Illness PLUS: Piracy Hits the Underground & How Indie Ideas Become Franchises Note: Price includes shipping to Canada or US.
Issue 58 - Rae Spoon
Montreal musician-turned-writer Rae Spoon; The Year the Punk Book Broke: Indie Presses Chronicle Canadian History of Punk Rock; New fiction by Jon Paul Fiorentino and so much more....
Issue 34 - The Games Issue
Get hip to hipster bingo, get lost at an island for zinesters and lead an urban gaming revolution. Viva la play and buy this issue!
Issue 33 - The Food Issue
You can grow your food and hack it too! Made of 100% dead trees and indie culture, issue #33 is preservative-free and gluten-free. Get your daily zine review intake and buy this before it goes bad in our fridge.
Issue 57 - Prison Zines
The Prison Issue. Features on: Prison Zines, Arrested Artists, Book Thug & the YA Underground.
Issue 44 - The DIY Issue
How to do Screen Printing How to Make Your first Video Game How to Make a Screen Printing Press Best Practices for Making your own Show Poster... and so much more!
Issue 55 - Working Words
A feature on up and coming publisher and poet Emma Healey plus Bartering and the Rise of the Videogame Zinester
Issue 10 - While the Media Eats Us Screaming
Our tenth issue is a massive 100 pages. featuring an essay by Hal Niedzviecki on how mainstream media reports on zines. Plus Toronto vs. film crews, Spooky Winnipeg and so much more.
Issue 61 - No Apologies
Issue 61 features an article on zinesters of colour, a piece on the successes and dangers of incorporating zines into classroom lectures plus hundreds of reviews, graphics and fiction.
Issue 12 - Are Zines Dead?
In this classic of the early days of the internet, angst takes hold and we ask: Are Zines Dead? Plus all the zine reviews and excerpts you can handle.
Issue 13 - The Search for Home
A lovely little issue exploring different ways we think about home. Emily Pohl-Weary on postering. Skot Deeming on the history of London, Ontario. And more...
Issue 29 - The New Burlesque
Featuring: The new Burlesque, a round up of the rise of underground burlesque performance. Plus: Home-made Porn plus meet the Azburbs and 100s of zine reviews.
Issue 14 - After the Riot
All girl zine issue! Plus features including I Feel Funny Mommy: Shary Boyle on the Art of Shame (and Fame), Dear E-Diary: Public Confessions and Private Doubts, and over a hundred reviews!
Issue 52 - The DIY Strategies Issue
What do you think about game designers? Check out this issue to read our feature on a few things that artists can learn from indie game developers. Also! How to stage a spectacle: Melissa Bull shows us how poet, painter, illustrator and showman, Sherwin Tjia is a beloved phenom unto himself. Buy this issue! Do it! There is tons of fun stuff in it!
Canzine 2013 tshirt
The limited edition Canzine 2013 t-shirt. Available in xl, large, medium, and small. Order now we only have 40! Note: this product has to be PICKED UP at Canzine or Canzine West. We will have your name at the door and you can pick up your shirt and your desired size as you make your way into Canzine!
Issue 2 - Can Comic Craziness
The second issue ever of Broken Pencil magazine. Reviews and excerpts from 1996. Cover features a handmade map of zines in the shape of Canada.
Issue 4 - Winter 1997
Featuring interviews with Ian of Pas de Chance (creator of the Lost Pet series of zines) plus vancouver artist Germaine Koh and indie comic legend Dave Sim!
2-for-1 Subscriptions
2-for-1 Subscriptions for the Holidays! START YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING RIGHT NOW! Give the Gift of Indie this Holiday Season! Buy one $15 (4 issue/1 year) subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine and get another subscription FOR FREE!* All orders will come with a personalized holiday gift card from the BP TEAM! Order now to make sure the card arrives on time for the holidays! note: after you make your purchase, we will email you to find out who your subscriptions are for and where you want your subscriptions sent to. if you have any issues at all, email us at and we will get it all sorted out. * in print subscription offer valid for Canadian addresses only. for US and international addresses, this offer is only for subscriptions to our digital edition for web/ios/android) **subscriptions start with the next issue of BP - January 2015. If you want an extra recent issue to stick in the sock or put under the Hannukah bush, let us know and we can hook you up for $5 extra. (which mostly just covers mailing)
Issue 7 - Post-Punk Music Issue!
1998's halmark music issue of Broken Pencil. comes with a flexi-disc if you can believe that! Features Hardcore Logo, Robert Dayton, Canada's best Music Zines and the Forgotten Rebels.
Issue 8 - Zine Writing and the Death of Literature
Yeah we were taking no prisoners on this one. Features Sonja Ahlers, great fiction and more.
Issue 39 - Skim is In
Featuring interviews with graphic novel author Mariko Tamaki and visual and performance artist Jesika Joy. Also: More reviews and stories, and a pictorial profile of Roxanne Bielskis!
Issue 38 - Indie in the Age of the Internet
This issue is all about independent culture in the Google era and digging the dirt on ex zinesters. Also, two Broken Pencil staff members debate the benefits of the Internet as a cultural tool. You might want to check that out!
Issue 60 - Summer DIY Issue
How to Build Your Own Cardboard Record Player. How to Argue for Paper vs. Digital. How to Write Fan Fiction. Plus - Inside the Harper Government's Attack on Indie Artists.
Issue 1 - Debut Issue!
Our very first issue to see the blinding, retina-burning light of day! Check out our hard-hitting interview with a Gap employee, our first crack at reviewing zines and other rad articles. Will surely be a collector's item in several centuries, so buy it while you can!
Issue 56 - The Foodies
Issue 56 of Broken Pencil - The Foodies, How Pop Up Chefs Became the New Indie Rockers. Plus Summer DIY - Make your own board game, primp your zine and discover DIY gynecology.
Issue 62 - Winter 2013 Volunteer Burnout
Will working for free kill indie culture? Plus: The Rise of the Aging Zinester, Loserdom Keeps Irish Punk Alive and Unscientific Facts from Finland
Issue 63- Spring 2014
How the end of home mail delivery will affect indie artists. plus: Indie Writer's Deathmatch 2014 winners, Prairie comics from Dakota McFadzean, Why queer zines (still) matter, and 100s of Zine and Book reviews!
Issue 64 - Summer DIY Science Issue
Summer DIY Issue featuring: BioPunk: Rise of the Citizen Journalist, plus Home Experiment: Extracting DNA from a Strawberry and Why People Fail at Crowdfunding But You Won't.
Issue 65 - Aaron Cometbus
Aaron Cometbus' Last Supper plus Queer Occult, Grief Zines and more!
Issue 66 - Twine
Merrit Kopas and Twine plus: Women Reclaim alt-lit and 100s of zine and book reviews.