Zine Review: The End and The Beginning- Thoughts From the Tragically Hip’s Final Shows

The End and the Beginning: Thoughts from the Tragically Hip’s Final Shows
Fanzine, Vish Khanna, 16 pgs,,

ZINES_The End and the Beginning (Cam Gordon)A ton of ink was spilled in 2016 about the Tragically Hip. The year in music basically sucked in terms of lives lost and the Hip news was barely better, based on the revelation that Hip lead singer Gord Downie had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. It seems almost backwards to be flipping through a zine that recounts the band’s final shows.

Zine Review: Hoser Punx #4

Hoser Punx Vol. 4
Fanzine, Shelby Monita,, $7

ZINES_HOser Punx 4 (Chris Landry)2016 was a straight up heinous year: beloved rock icons like Leonard Cohen and Prince died, the twin political calamities of Brexit and Trump happened, and it’s remained fashionable to wear jogging pants in public. At the rate things are going, I expect airplanes will soon just start falling out of the sky. So it is fitting (and appreciated) that Shelby Monita (editor of Hoser Punx) started out the zine’s fourth installment by saying, hey, we know it’s been tough, we feel your pain and hope this little punk zine lifts your spirits just a little.

Zine Review: Cockroach #18

Cockroach Issue #18
Advice zine, Various, 26 pgs,, $5

ZINES_Cockroach (Jeff Low)It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a zine with a clear purpose. Cockroach is here to lend a helping hand and a little bit of perspective. The latest issue of the long-running Winnipeg-based eco-feminist zine compiles a handful of personal experiences and stories. The elements of interactivity scattered throughout are a nice touch too.

Learning to love Melania Trump

melania bpw

by Jonathan Valelly

I love Melania Trump.

Really, I mean it.

Sure, as a queer, lefty, zinemaking American expat in Toronto, you might assume that anything to do with Donald Trump or his family would cause an immediate wretching on my part. And it’s true that, like any person with half a soul, election night brought me a mix of a deep fear and a hardening conviction to resist the awful futures Donald Trump’s presidency makes possible. Yet Melania Trump still makes me smile, and I’m finding that it’s less out of some perverse, campy irony (though there’s some of that) and more because there’s just so much I find fascinating about her.

Zine Review: Kill Your TV

Kill Your TV
Zine, Wrrrtika, 12 pgs.,, $5

ZINES_Kill Your TV (wrrtika J Barton)


Listen, I enjoy television as much as the next chump, but I think you, me and the Toronto-based musician and glitch artist Wrrtika all know it’s time to Office Space that sucker with a baseball bat, or another bludgeoning device. Dark times call for dark measures – and from here in my American home (aka Trumpland), I can tell you things are the darkest they’ve ever been. TV is at least 50% responsible for getting me and the rest of your neighbors to the south into this mess (BTW: the other 50% is racism). So, Canada, learn from our mistakes and from Wrrrtika’s wisdom: put a hockey stick through that LCD screen and never look back.

Making and smashing the Trump piñata: a how-to guide

TRUMP PINATA 2 Cory is a zinemaker and printing press operator from Omaha, NE who helped make a Trump piñata filled with zines for an afterparty Omaha Zine Fest in March of 2016. They told us how they did it over email. You can follow them on Twitter @circled_a.

During the primary election, when Trump was addressing his most inflammatory rhetoric and when many people were still considering him merely a scarecrow, I had seen Vines of kids beating on Trump piñatas at birthday parties and thought it was a great way to bring some fun into political dissent.