Zine Review — Love-Addict: Trials in Online Dating

Love-Addict: Trials in Online Dating

Perzine, Aleksandra McHugh & Stuart Calton, Earthly City productions, 26 pgs, $5

Transparency is Love-Addict’s biggest strength, and perhaps its most oblivious flaw. This peek into a life of online dating through the lens of someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD) has such lucidity, clear and without filter. The clarity of Love-Addict can be disturbing and illuminating, as most art sprouting from personal epiphany can be.

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Staff Pick: Rock and Riot

The Jacquettes by Chelsey Furedi

There’s this moment in the beginning of Grease when Danny Zuko and best friend Kenickie reunite after a summer apart. Stoked to see each other, the two young men hug tightly only to immediately spring apart — in the spirit of “no homo.” They whip out their combs and run them through their hair, reaffirming their manliness.

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Zine Award Entries Rolling in!


As the deadline for the Broken Pencil Zine Awards approaches many new entries are rolling in everyday! Here are some of the covers of amazing submissions we have received so far! Its not too late to still enter click here to view submission rules and how to enter!


Comics by Gord Hill: What Is Antifa?

Gord Hill’s comics appear in every issue of Broken Pencil. Click the image to view it in a larger format.

Gord Hill is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation on the Northwest Coast. Writer, artist, and militant, he has been involved in Indigenous resistance, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist movements for many years, often using the pseudonym Zig Zag. (Bio from


Book Review: Guy


Jowita Bydlowska, 264 pgs, Buckrider Books,, $20

I was drawn to Jowita Bydlowska’s novel because I wanted to find a protagonist to look down upon, to make me feel morally superior. Guy certainly delivered that in abundance.

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Zine Review: Dislocations #2

Dislocations #2

Perzine, Candace Mooers, 2393 Sheppard, Montréal, QC, H2K 3L1, $1–$3, PWYC

Have you heard of Fun-A-Day? In January, people are encouraged to start an artistic project they then complete daily for the month — many zinesters use this opportunity to write a new issue. In Candace’s case, they had other Fun-A-Day plans, but ended up writing Dislocations #2, subtitled Poly Queer Gemini Heart, on the eve of the Montréal Fun-A-Day showcase. Part (fictional) journal of the author’s life, part interviews with activists they admire, Dislocations is a text heavy read. I found the diary portions of the zine more difficult to read, as Candace mentions many friends and lovers — I didn’t always remember which person they were referring to, and what their relationship to them was. Still, it was an interesting look into a polyamorous person’s life.

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