Canzine Portraits: LOCUS Zine


LOCUS is an illustrated anthology created to provide viewers with a dose of fresh art, while giving established illustrators, as well as up-and-comers a place to showcase their work. Each issue of LOCUS looks at a different theme.

LOCUS is making its first Canzine appearance, debuting their seventh issue : UPSIDE DOWN featuring illustrations from: Spencer Caverly, Brandon Celi,Eric Diotte, Jackie Ferrentino, Glenn Harvey, Pablo Iglesias, Alex Azalea Jin, Jeannie Lee, Cornelia Li, Christy Lundy, Marianne Mastrofini, Samone Murphy, Steve Niilo, Suharu Ogawa, Kim Ryu, Daniel Salmieri, Julia Tian, and Lis Xu.

We will also have our past issues for sale along with limited prints of some of the work featured in them at Canzine Toronto.

Cover Illustration by: Jeannie Lee

Canzine Portraits: Jessica Bromley Bartram & Otter Days



Otter Days is a wordless, fantastical risograph comic that chronicles a day in the life of a Sea Otter Witch as she travels the ocean and cares for her sea otter pals. Inspired by a character created during last year’s Inktober (a daily ink-drawing challenge that happens every October), this comic is volume one in what will hopefully become an ongoing series chronicling the life stories of the Nature Witches.

Jessica Bromley Bartram is a graphic designer, illustrator, bookmaker/writer, and embroidery enthusiast. She has now written and illustrated over seven books of various lengths and wordcounts, all of which will be available at her table on Saturday! Her most recent artistic obsession is risograph printing, and she will be debuting two new riso comics this year.

Canzine Portraits: RAW Zine


RAW Zine is a zine of real, unfiltered stories and thoughts, created by Toronto’s Amy Wang and Mirae Lee. RAW touches on ordinary experiences — ones that we all go through. Wang and Lee say: “Our hope for our zine is to share content not to impose, but to create a space where we can reflect and connect with others.”

For the latest issue, Wang and Lee invited strangers to anonymously share a confession with them. They could be silly, hopeful, heartbreaking, provocative — anything, as long as they were true. Glimpse is a peek into 15 lives and the secrets they keep. Grab it this Saturday at Canzine Toronto.

Canzine Portraits: Read More Comix!


The Toronto-based crew Read More Comix will have issue two of their comic debuting at Canzine Toronto! In their words: “24 pages of full colour comics, full of goofy gags and stupid jokes!” That little beauty will set you back a mere $5! CHEEP!

Read More Comix is James Spencer, David Craig and Robb Mirsky. Their love of comix has brought these three together to try to make the best works they possibly can. Sticking to their bi-annual schedule of new floppy books, RMC has created a whole lot of new content in the one year of their existence, and they can’t wait to get their books in your hands!

Canzine Portraits: Ghost Cats


img_2532 miniadventurecarnival

Just in time for Halloween, we present GHOST CATS!

Ghost Cats is a webcomic and printed comic featuring two silent, phantom cats who haunt people, pass through walls, and get into adventures.
The artist, Arinn Westendorf, lives in Vancouver and loves spooky things. Her art is done both in black & white and colour, using pen & ink as well as watercolour paint. The writer, Brian FH Clement, moved to Toronto from the west coast in 2008 to make horror movies and start a ghost cult, but ended up writing novels. Ghost Cats will be at both Canzine Toronto and Canzine Vancouver, debuting new issues 3 and 4. Check em out!

Canzine Portraits: Shirin Delsooz


Shirin Delsooz is a musician and design entrepreneur based in Montreal. After spending years studying music theory and audio engineering from text books, she decided to simplify all the main concepts in artistic visual form so that it is easy and fun to reference. Her collection, Home in a Metronome, has prints depicting compression, circle of fifths, chord theory, scales, song structure and more. All her designs will be available in a variety of poster sizes and also neatly combined in a book, Sound in Pictures. See more at her Etsy store and pick up copies in person at Canzine Toronto this Saturday!