Excerpts: Prince zine

Jenn Steffey’s zine, Prince, is full of life, colour, music and celebration.

Here are some excerpt pages, and click here for our review.

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Zine Review + Excerpt: Mushroomsss


Art zine, Nattee, 8 pgs, @iamnattee, $3

I ran into Nattee at Zine Dream and picked up a few of their zines, attracted by the colourful washi tape binding and the playful linework. Mushroomsss is what you would expect it to be: studies of various fungi, from morels to button caps to ones that look particularly magical!

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Zine Review + Excerpt: Camgirl


Art zine, Josephine Norman,

Some topics are easily dismissed as controversial and cause folks to speak endlessly about them, even when they don’t understand what they’re talking about. Josephine Norman brilliantly subverts this tendency with her tidy, deceptively simple, and beautifully designed zine entitled Camgirl. In it, she illustrates to the reader the life of a camgirl in hardly any words. She simply defines a camgirl as “a girl who does virtual peep shows for a living, often described as a cross between live porn and a call girl,” and then allows her clients to convey the rest. The digital messages between them and herself are printed throughout the tiny folded zine, overlaid with gorgeous drawings of her body. Wrapped in a frosted vellum, this work is at once sophisticated and charming as hell.

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Podcast: Freedom To Read

Read and Distribute is back with an all-new episode that is talking about censorship, graphic novels, and the upcoming Freedom To Read week.

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The Smell of Our Own: 14-year-old interviews his queer artist mom, Gitanjali Lena

The Smell of Our Own: Interviews with the artist in the family

Gitanjali Lena talks to her 14-year-old son, Zul Lena, about sex, support and sacrifice

Gitanjali is a queer mother, lawyer, and grad student of Sri Lankan origins. She has performed at Desh Pardesh, Word on the Street, the AGO, and with OUTburst and Asian Arts Freedom School. She is published in Fireweed, and Who’s your Daddy? Anthology of Queer Writing on Parenting. She did the VONA Writing Intensive in 2007 and facilitated a poetry workshop about the 2009 Tamil anti-war protests for SAVAC. She performed a dance piece “d3” through Ill Nana DCDC’s Right to Dance Intensive, and later attended the Pink Door Writer’s Retreat 2016. She is developing a play at Nightwood Theatre. In this edition of Smell of Our Own, she is interviewed by her 14-year-old son, Zul Lena.

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Comic Review: Animol Zoo

Animol Zoo

Comic, Shayne Cassidy, 20 pgs,,

This zine may be a harrowing statement of the “mankind vs. nature” variety. In it, variants of humans assail or neglect variants of animals (“animols”). Pull-aparts are needed. A turtle gets fucked up real bad. And so on.

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