Podcast: Patreon, Please

Welcome to Read and Distribute: “Patreon, Please” Edition!

This week, Read and Distribute is talking about the crowd-funding platform Patreon. We also have an interview with an eliminated contestant from the 2018 Deathmatch short story contest!

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Zine Review: Whiny Femmes

Whiny Femmes
Zine, Christina Hajjar & Jules Hardy (eds.), 74 pgs,

At 74 letter-sized pages, 68 of which have their own contributor, the first-ever issue of Whiny Femmes is almost overwhelming in stature, but arguably such is the importance of femme voices in print. Editors Christina Hajjar and Jules Hardy begin their compilation with a call to arms, announcing with a refreshing verve that they “believe in a politic that addresses the simultaneity of cis white capitalist colonial heteropatriarchy!”

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Comic: New Steven Kraan Comic

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Zine Review: Introspection Intermittently #3

These are short, personal essays, written by two dudes who have no fear of public self-flagellation.

Contributors C. N. Hubbarde and A. R. Arvelo McQuaig rightfully describe Introspection Intermittently as a “solipsistic journey through a sea of existential despair.” McQuaig, wearing his best curmudgeon hat, complains about smiles and sunny days, and expresses shock (with plenty of exple- tives) that a girl looking at him on the bus might find him attractive (he was appar- ently too dumbstruck to try talking to her). From Hubbarde, we get lamentations on his lonely younger years, and a dissection of his inability to snag a girlfriend.

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Art Holes: Liza Czech

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their workspaces. This issue, artist Lisa Czech gives us a look.

Lisa says, “I Recently moved back in with my parents, since I just returned to Montreal after moving around for a few years. For a workspace, I don’t need much aside from a table to work on, a chair to sit in, and a mirror for facial expressions. Good lighting, too, if possible. Sometimes, I’ll go to libraries to work because I like the quiet noises and access to books for reference pictures — it’s much better than the internet.”

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Lisa Czech is a cartoonist, illustrator, and poster artist from Montreal, QC. “Drawing and reading have always been my escape, and I like to pair the mundane with the surreal or hyper-real.” says Czech. I come from the punk scene, so that motif features prominently in my drawings and comics — often from a satirical angle — but generally I like observing all humans and how we live in this messed up, beautiful world.

Zine Review: Cometbus #58: Zimmerwald

  Zimmerwald takes me back to the ‘90s heyday of the mighty Cometbus, when my friends and I would clamour over a new issue like it was the precious blood of Christ. This story finds Aaron, a 20-something Bay Area punk laying low from the scene and taking refuge in a peculiar coffee shop populated by idiosyncratic old-timers. We get to know a number of them as Aaron tries, and often fails, to win their approval.

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